Person:John Mullenax (1)

  1. William MullenaxABT 1732 - 1780
  2. Mary Mullenax1733-1740 -
  3. John Mullenax1735 - 1815
m. ABT 1755
  1. John Mullenax, Jr.est 1755-1763 - bef 1784
  2. Jane Mullenax1760 -
  3. James Mullenax1761 - 1814
  4. Mary Mullenax1762 - AFT 1830
m. 1800
Facts and Events
Name John Mullenax
Gender Male
Birth? 1735 near Manakintown, Goochland County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1755 Virginiato Jane 'Jennet' Unknown
Marriage 1800 prob. Pendleton County, Virginiato Mary Mongold
Death? 1815 Pendleton County, Virginia

John Mullenax was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Surveys in Augusta County, VA

  • Mullenax, John - 110 acres - 1781-Crabbottom, adj. Arbogast-P. 1784
  • Mullenax, John - 196 acres - 1785-Jackson's River, adj. Roby and Dinwiddie

[Source: Surveyor's office of Augusta and in the Land Office of Virginia].

Records of John Mullenax in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 403.-(20th September, 1791) - Account of sales of above (Appraisement of Barnet Lance's estate) to, viz: George and Peter Hull, Thomas Galford, Thomas Mullenax, John Mullinax, John Gum, Sr.; Martin Life.
  • Page 113 - Settlement of estate of Bartholomew (spelled Bartholow here) Johnson.
Submitted Sept. 8, 1798 by John wilson, William Dinwiddie, William Crawford, and Stuart Saven, adm.
Payments to William Nottingham, Erwin Benston, Nicholas Sybert, Thomas Robinson, John Mullenax, Joseph Smith, Joseph Barnet - auctioneer, John Roberts, David Ruckman, Adam Boyers, Samuel Moore, William Green, James Vence, Joel Shrewsbury, Charles Cameron - clerk, James Stephenson, Elias Porter, William Landsaw (?), Thomas Galford for Henry Slaven, Moses Houchen, John Meeker, William Dinwiddie and John Boyers. [Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 15].

Information on John Mullenax

According to the Highland Co. Virginia VaGen Web Page at, John Mullenax is first mentioned in what is now Highland Co. in 1781, and settled in the lower Crabbottom Valley and the village, and his male descendants are still found in the area as well as in the Alleghany Shenandoah Family. He is classified as one of the pioneer settlers of the county. According the same website, the information below comes from the Surveyor's Office of Augusta Co. andthe Land Office of Va.: John Mullenax had 110 acres along Crabbottom surveyed in 1781, adjacent to the Arbogasts, and received a patent in 1784. (Patent means he was the first owner of the property, and received it from the government. When the term patent is used, it usually means he received it from the Crown. Other governments usually use the term "grant." So this shows he was the original settler.) In 1785, he had 196 acres surveyed on Jackson's River, adjacent to Roby and Dinwiddie. In addition, the web site lists James asserving in the Revolution, in Capt. Hull's Co., and under 18 yrs. John Mullenax also served.

Note: some sources claim that John's wife was Jane Culbertson (additional research/sources needed).