Person:John Mott (16)

m. 20 Oct 1783
  1. John Rogers Mott1785 - 1856
  2. James Mott1787 - 1871
  3. Deborah Mott1789 - 1792
  4. Sarah Mott1791 - 1829
  5. Jesse Mott1796 - 1845
  6. Job Mott1798 - 1805
  7. Amy Mott1800 - 1853
  8. Samuel J. Mott1802 - 1864
  9. Lafayette Mott1804 -
  10. Amanda Mott1807 - 1823
  • HJohn Rogers Mott1785 - 1856
  • WLaura WilcoxAbt 1780 - 1820
m. Abt. 1810
  1. Horace Mott
  2. Eleanor Mott1813 - 1892
  3. Elizabeth Mott1818 - 1845
m. 30 Jun 1824
  1. Andrew H. Mott1825 - 1844
  2. Ruth H. Mott1826 - 1882
  3. Stephen H. D. Mott1828 - 1909
  4. Thomas D. Mott1829 - 1904
  5. Rebecca Dillingham Mott1831 - 1916
Facts and Events
Name John Rogers Mott
Gender Male
Birth? 27 Oct 1785 Saratoga, New York, United States
Marriage Abt. 1810 to Laura Wilcox
Marriage 30 Jun 1824 Saratoga, New York, United Statesto Abigail Hathaway Dillingham
Will[1] 25 Oct 1848 Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York, United Statesformerly town of Saratoga
Death[4] 14 May 1856 Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York, United States
Burial[2] Schuylerville, Saratoga, New York, United StatesProspect Hill Cemetery
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    Will book, 19, p. 154; 25 Oct 1848
    I John R. Mott of the town & Co. of Saratoga & State of NY of the age of about 63 years considering the uncertainty of this life, being of sound mind & memory do make publish & declare this my last will & Testament in manner following, that is to say:
    1st - I appoint Stephen H. Dillingham and Samuel J. Mott my executors to this by last Will and Testament
    1st - I request my said executors to sell so much of my real and personal property as will pay my debts and funeral expenses from any of my estate either real or personal at private or public sale as my said executors shall deem for the interest of my family.
    2nd - I give the use of my house, out-building and the yards attached thereto if not sold to my wife Abby H. Mott and if sold the use of the proceeds of said sale during her natural life.
    I request my said executors out of my estate to support and provide and give a common education to my Grandson Andrew H. Mott until is of age to provide for himself and at the age of 21 to pay him from my estate $100.
    I give my daughter Eleanor Bassett $50 to be paid her after my said wife's death, also I give to my granddaughter L___orazear? Bassett $50 to be paid after my wife's death.
    The residue of my real or personal of every kind I give to my 4 children equally namely:
    To Ruth H. Mott 1/4 part
    To Stephen H. D. Mott 1/4 part
    To Thomas D. Mott 1/4 part and
    To Rebecca D. Mott 1/4 to be paid to them after my said wife's death, if said balance is remaining in other property than money I request my said executors to sell the same and divide the proceeds of said sale after deducting expenses equally between the said Ruth - Stephen - Thomas - and Rebecca.
    In witness whereof I have here to set my hand and seal this 25th day of Oct 1848
    John R. Mott

  2. Durkee, Cornelius E. (Cornelius Emerson). Epitaphs in Saratoga County, New York. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1941, 1981), 297.
  3.   Find A Grave, John R. Mott.
    "In this village [Schuylerville], on the 14th inst. John R. Mott in the 71st year of his age. John R. Mott, Esq. one of our oldest and most respectable citizens died at his residence in this village on the evening of Wed. of this week. Mr. Mott has filled with credit to himself and benefit to the public, several offices of trust and honor, and was in his younger days a business man of uncommon energy and enterprise. For several years past he has retired from political & business life, and lived in comparative seclusion. Always regarded for his sterling integrity and frankness of speech, he lived, respected by all who knew him."
  5.   Sheriff of Saratoga County 1821-1825; Town Clerk of Saratoga in 1810 and in 1815-1818.