Person:John Montgomery (65)

m. ABT 1715
  1. Margaret MontgomeryAFT 1715 -
  2. Moses MontgomeryAFT 1715 -
  3. John Montgomery1719 - ABT 1795
  4. Daniel MontgomeryABT 1731 -
  5. Col. William Montgomery1736 - 1816
m. 2 JUL 1738
  1. Isabella MontgomeryEst 1740-1750 - 1792
  2. Capt. James MontgomeryBET 1749 AND 1750 - 1809
  3. Alexander MontgomeryBef 1752 -
  4. Rev. John Montgomery1752 - 1818
  5. Margaret "Mollie" Montgomery1754 -
  6. Esther Houston Montgomery1755 - 1807
  7. Ann Montgomery1756 - 1829
  8. Dorcas MontgomeryABT 1758 - 1834
  9. Jane Montgomery1763 - 1843
  10. Robert Montgomery1764 - 1813
  11. Thomas? MontgomeryAFT 1769 -
Facts and Events
Name John Montgomery
Gender Male
Birth? 1719 Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Marriage 2 JUL 1738 Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Esther Houston
Death? ABT 1795 Augusta County, Virginia, United States

John Montgomery was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Montgomery Tapestry


Source:Anderson, et al, 1974 JOHN and ESTHER HOUSTON MONTGOMERY 1719 - 1973, compiled and published by Anderson, et al.1974 Brazos Printing Co., Maryville, Tennessee.


Brigend Montgomery Lineage
General Sam Houston Lineage


1. Identity of John's parents, and their status as members of the Brigend Montgomery's is questionable. See discussion on his father's page.
2. Source:Houston, 1882 identifies a daughter of John Houston (General Sam Houston Lineage) as marrying John Montgomery. The Rev. Stoever lists such a marriage in 1738, in Earl Town, Lancaster County. It is often assumed that this marriage is for Esther daughter of John Houston. If so, that would seem to place the GSH line in Lancaster County at this time, as many believe. However, there's little direct evidence to confirm that they were indeed in Lancaster. Further, as regards to the marriage by the Rev. Stoever, it should be noted that he was a Lutheran minister. The GSH line is thought to be of Scots Irish ancestry, and that does not comport well with Esther getting married by a Lutheran minister.



John Montgomery's land (Borden Tract NE, 2 Tracts: 1) 247½ acres acquired in 1747 and 2) 150 acres acquired in 1754), as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Adjoining John Montgomery's land to the southwest is land of John Houston, father-in-law of John Montgomery.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 361.--20th August, 1747. Benj. Bordin's eldest son, &c., to John Mountgomery (sold in testator's lifetime); 247½ (acres), £7.8.0 current money Virginia, part of 92,100 acres, &c.; corner to Beverley Manor and Borden; corner to John Huston; Samuel Dunlap's line. Teste: Benj. Johnston, James McDowell. Acknowledged, 21st August, 1747.
  • Page 249.--15th May, 1754. Same (From Borden's Executors) to John Montgomerie, 150 acres in Borden's tract. John Montgomerie's old corner in patent line of Beverley Manor and Borden's tract.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 48.--15th November. 1758. John Mountgomery to Samuel Huston, 30 shillings; a piece of meadow 2 A., 1 R., 3. P., in Borden tract. Teste: Mathew Huston. James Henry.
  • Page 221.--17th February, 1761. John Mountgomery to James Montgomery, £40, acres in Borden's tract, the patent line, cor. Mathew Huston, Beverley Manor line. Delivered: John Cunningham, 1st August, 1779. (Note: the number of acres is not listed in Chalkley's transcription).
  • Page 218.--16th March, 1768. John Montgomerie to Mathew Huston, £10, on James River in Borden's tract, 1 acre, 8 roods, 27 perches; corner Jno. Montgomerie and Mathew Huston. Delivered to Mr. Rowan, 14th December, 1790.
  • Page 56.--17th August, 1779. John Montgomery and Esther to David Allen. Teste: John and James Montgomery. Delivered to the son and heir of David Allen, 8th December, 1780.
  • Page 157.--13th September, 1779. John Montgomery and Esther ( ) to James Montgomery. Delivered: Thomas Love, June, 1780.


REF: JOHN and ESTHER HOUSTON MONTGOMERY 1719 - 1973, compiled and published by Anderson, et al.1974 Brazos Printing Co., Maryville, Tennesse.

REF: Robert H. Montgomery, "Montgomery-Houston Family of New Providence, Rockbridge Co., VA", New England Historical and Genealogical Reagister, Vol CXII, January 1958.

REF: JOHN AND ESTHER HOUSTON MONTGOMERY THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN compiled by Erick Montgomery, 606 Oberlin Rd., Augusta, GA 30909, April, 1993.

COMMENT: John who married Esther is most likely the son of James of Antrim, Ulster according to Erick D. Montgomery of Augusta, Ga. Erick points out that the children of Alexander had guardians appointed upon his death indicating they were less than 21 years of age at the time of John's marriage in 1738.

COMMENT Dr. John Fleshman M. on pg 19 of "John & Esther Houston Montgomery 1719- 1793' by quoting pg 661-62 of 'History of Chester County' by Futhey & Cope, 1881' where an Indenture dated 13 Oct, 1761 by John and Esther, Moses and Elizabeth, William, and Margaret Montgomery, heirs of Alexander, release their interest in 650 acres to Daniel. This statement is based largely on research of Erick D. Montgomery who later refutes this conclusion.

MARRIAGE: "Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever, Harrisburg, PA, 1896" Married by Rev. John Casper Stoever in Earl Township, Pequea Valley, Lancaster County, PA, July, 1738. copy in The Presbyterian Historical Center, Philadelphia, PA

REF: Hennings Statutes, Vol 7 states that John Montgomery was paid by the State for services in the French and Indian Wars of 1755 - 1758.

REF: OUR BRANCH OF THE MONTGOMERY FAMILY by William G. Montgomery concludes after interviews with longlived daughters of John that the family came from County Derry in Northern Ireland, a branch of Lainshaw Montgomerys. Their coat of arms being the same, a mailed arm holding a broken lance rising from the top of a shield quartered panels, upper left and lower right with three fleur de lis and upper right and lower left with three rings. Motto underneath is "HONEUR SANS REPOSE". Wm. G. M. concludes that John and Esther are buried in the grave yard adjoining Old(New) Providence Church near their old planatation.

Will probated Oct., 1796, Staunton, VA according to Jane Montgomery Peterson, CMSI 1253, P.O. box 584, Howe, IN 46746, In July, 1993.

  1.   John and Esther Houston Montgomery, 1719-1973, compiled by Beulah Henry Anderson, et al., pub. 1974, by Brazos Printing Co., Maryville, Tennessee, p. 26.