Person:John Moffett (6)

John Moffett, I
b.31 JAN 1731 Northern Ireland
d.10 October 1805 Augusta Co, VA
m. Bef. 1728
  1. Jane Moffett
  2. Martha Moffett
  3. James Moffett, IIAbt 1728 -
  4. John Moffett, I1731 - 1805
  5. Elizabeth MoffettAbt 1732 -
  6. Mary MoffettAbt 1734 -
  7. Rachel MoffettAbt 1735 -
  8. Margaret MoffettAbt 1738 -
  • HJohn Moffett, I1731 - 1805
  • WEsther MoodyBef 1740 - Bef 1760
m. Bef. 1757
  1. Rebekah Moffettbef 1758 - Bef 1779
m. 8 MAY 1760
  1. William Moffett1761 - 1828
  2. Esther Moffett1762 -
  3. James Moffett, III1764 - 1826
  4. Mary Moffett1766 -
  5. Nancy Moffett1769 -
  6. John Moffett, II1771 -
  7. Eleanor Moffett1773 -
  8. John Moffett, III1775 - 1821
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Moffett, I
Gender Male
Birth[1] 31 JAN 1731 Northern Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1757 to Esther Moody
Marriage 8 MAY 1760 Augusta Co., VAto Jane Ledgerwood
Will? 10 FEB 1802 See Moffett Genealogy
Death? 10 October 1805 Augusta Co, VA
Burial? North Mountain Cemetery, Augusta Co., VA

John Moffett was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of John Moffett

  • Page 22.--10th February, 1802. John Moffett's will, Sr.---To wife, Jane; son, John; son, William, daughter, Esther Beard, wife of Charles Beard son James; daughter, Eleanor Moffett; daughter, Mary Brownlee, widow of John Brownlee; to grandson, Wm. McClenachan, son to daughter Nancy, deceased; granddaughter Esther McClenachan, daughter to said Nancy; granddaughter, Esther Woods, wife of Michael Woods; son William has but one child and no probability of having more. Executors, sons William, James, John. Proved, 25th November, 1805

Records of John Moffett in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's: (some records may be for another John Moffett in Augusta County)

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Licenses in Augusta County - 1760--January __, Edward McGarry; February __, James McGaffock; March __, William Davis; April __, Robert Parish; May __, John Moffett. (Note: only the husband's name was listed on the very early marriage licenses).
  • Page 650.--20th June, 1764. Mathew ( ) Edmiston and Margret to Samuel Patterson, £55, 238 acres in Borden's tract, and conveyed to Mathew, 28th May, 1751; corner tract surveyed for William Smith; corner Wm. Cowden's land. Teste: Pat. Martin, James McCleerey, Jno. Mophet.
  • Page 154.--15th November, 1768. Robert Campbell's appraisement (by Wm. McPheeters, Morris O'Freil, John Mophet), recorded.
  • Page 279.--30th January, 1771. Jacob Lockhart's will--To son, James, £10 to be paid by son Jacob Lockhart, and to be allowed a living on testator's plantation if he should be drove away from his home by Indians; to 2d son, Jacob, land on Back Creek; to youngest son, Levy, infant; to daughters Jane and Elce. Eexcutors, John Moffett and son-in-law Mathew Arbuckle. Teste: Wm. Mitchell, Jno. Kirkpatrick. Robt. Clark. Proved, 15th April, 1783, by Kirkpatrick and Clark. John Moffett appeared and refused to execute.
  • Page 61.--21st January, 1773. William McPheeter's, Sr.. will (signed also by Mary McPheeters), farmer--To wife. Mary; to "dearly beloved John McPheeters"; to dearly beloved daughters, Martha and Jannet, 1 book "Willison on Affliction," 1 book "Rise and Progress of Religion"; to heir of daughter Mary's estate; to sons, William and Samuel, executors. Teste: William Brownlee, Robert Peerie, John Moffett. Proved, 16th March, 1773, by Brownlee and Moffett. William McPheeters, Jr., qualified with George Berry, John Findly (Friedly).
  • Page 159.--16th November, 1773. William McPheeters' appraisement recorded, by John Moffett, James McCleerey, John Young--Abraham Jenkin's account, Duval Bosanques account. .
  • Page 350.--21st March, 1775. Recorded. Robert Scott's estate appraisement by James Brown, John Moffett, John Thomas.
  • Page 105.--23d October, 1779. Rebecca (mark) Caruthers' will--To daughter, Esther, all estate, together with £1,200 willed to Rebecca by her husband; mother; care of said child given to executors, for failure then, to John Caruthers; to sisters; to brothers; to brother, William; to brothers. James and John. Executors, father John Moffett. Teste: James Cunningham. James Young, Wm. Moffett. Proved, 16th November, 1779, by Young and Moffett.
  • Page 243.--3d October, 1780. John P. Vance's will (yeoman)--To wife, Martha; to daughter, Margaret; to son, Benjamin; to eldest son, Samuel, plantation on Back Creek; to sons, James and William, tract near Staunton. Executors, John Moffett, Jacob Warrick, John Bailer, of Boutetourt County. Teste: Samuel Vance, Wm. Hutchison, Michael Dougherty. Proved, 21st May, 1782, by Hutchison, and on 18th June, 1782, by Dougherty. Executors have refused to execute. Administration granted widow Martha.
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    Date of Import: Dec 16, 2000

  2. Moffett Bible owned by Dr. M'ledge Moffett, Rodford College, VA.
  3.   Find A Grave, written by his kin, LSP.

    Birth: Jan. 31, 1731
    Death: Oct. 10, 1805

    John Moffett
    (son of James)
    (stone is broken)

    North Mountain Burying Ground, Augusta County, VA
    This John Moffett, the son of James Moffett was born 31 January 1731 and died 10 Oct 1805. He married first, Esther Moody and second, Jane Ledgerwood on 8 May 1760. Jane is buried here too.