Person:John Moffett (10)

John Moffett
d.29 October 1855 Rockbridge County, Virginia
m. 5 NOV 1823
  1. Mary Jane Moffett1824 - 1893
  2. John Tate Moffett1825 -
  3. James Tate Moffett1828 - 1849
m. 30 APR 1835
  1. Infant Moffett1836 - 1836
  2. John G. Moffett1837 - 1837
  3. Margaret Elizabeth Moffett1839 - 1843
  4. William Barclay Moffett1840 - 1901
  5. John Stuart Moffett1842 - 1861
  6. Rachel Louisa Moffett1844 - 1847
Facts and Events
Name John Moffett
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 14 October 1791 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Marriage 5 NOV 1823 to Elizabeth McCleary Tate
Marriage 30 APR 1835 Rockbridge County, VIrginia, USAJohn D. Ewing, Min.
to Margaret Gilleland
Death[1][2] 29 October 1855 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Burial? Falling Spring Presbyterian Cemetery

John Moffett was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Drennen vs. Stuart's heirs--O. S. 17; N. S. 6--Bill filed May, 1832. John Drennen, guardian of James Thompson Stewart, infant, complains that in August, 1831, a certain Jane Stuart, of Staunton, died intestate, leaving heirs sixteen nieces and nephews; the son of a deceased niece and orator's ward, aged 9, who is sole representative of Capt. James Stewart, a deceased nephew of Jane. Orator's ward also owns land in Washington, Shelby and Fayette Counties, Tennessee, as heir of his father. The interest in Jane's estate is derived through the ward's mother. John Drennen lives in Davidson County, Tenn. Defendants, heirs of Jane, are John, Robert S., William, Thomas S., John K. Moore and Jane, his wife, late Jane Moffett; James C. Moore and Ellen, his wife, late Moffett; William McClenachan and Elizabeth, his wife, late Moffett; Montgomery Stewart, Thomas Stewart, James Thompson Stewart (orator's ward), Henry Ruffner and Sally, his wife, late Sally Lyle; William L. Alexander, Jno. B. Hart and Julia, his wife, late Julia Lyle, Alexander S. Hall and Jane, his wife, late Jane Paxton; Elizabeth Paxton, James Paxton and Wm. Paxton, heirs of Jane Stewart, and also Emily R. Drennen, late Emily R. Stuart; and James T. Stewart, who would be the heirs-at-law of said ward in case of his death under 21.

Information on John Moffett

From "History of Augusta County, Virginia", by J. Lewis Peyton, 1882:
John Moffett
This regards John Moffett, born abt 14 Oct 1791 in Augusta Co., VA to 29 Oct 1855 (buried at Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Augusta Co., VA). He first married Elizabeth McCleary Tate (born abt 1794 to 28 Jun 1831) (died at age 21) married on 5 Nov 1823 in Augusta Co., VA and had 3 kids: 1) James Tate Moffett on 6 Jun 1828 to 29 Nov 1849 2) Mary Jane P. Moffett on 11 Aug 1824 to 23 Dec 1893. She married Charles B. McClung on 11 Jun 1846 and had 4 children (John M., James J., Margaret Elizabeth and Chas B., Jr.) 3) John Tate Moffett 25 Nov 1825. He married Sally G. Keen on 12 Dec 1850.
His 2nd wife was Margaret Gilleland, 10 Dec 1799 to 12 Mar or May 1857 (buried at Falling Spr. Cem.). They married 30 Apr 1835 in Rockbridge Co., VA and had 6 children: 1) still born 1836, buried at Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Augusta Co., VA 2) John G. Moffett on 17 Jun 1837 to August 1837 (buried at Falling Spr. Cem.). 3) Margaret Elizabeth Moffett on 6 Jun 1839 to 14 May 1843 (buried at Falling Spr. Cem.). 4) William Barclay Moffett on 21 Dec 1840 to 1 July 1901, buried at New Providence Presby. Cemetery in Rockbridge Co., VA 5) John Stuart Moffett, 3rd Sgt on 21 Jun 1842 to 21 Jul 1861 in the Civil War 6) Rachel Louisa Moffett on 25 Sep 1844 to 10 Sep 1847 (buried at Falling Spr. Cem.).
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