Person:John Milligan (24)

John C. Milligan, Esquire
  • HJohn C. Milligan, Esquire1760 - 1844
  • WMargaret Sloan1764 - 1806
m. 01 NOV 1783
  1. Robert Milligan, Sr.1784 - 1871
  2. David Milligan1787 -
  3. James Milligan1789 -
  4. Helen Milligan1791 - 1816
  5. Alexander Milligan1794 -
  6. Mary Milligan1796 -
  7. John Milligan, Jr.1798 - 1873
  8. Janet Milligan1801 -
  9. Thomas Milligan1803 - 1892
  10. Anthony Milligan1805 - 1807
Facts and Events
Name John C. Milligan, Esquire
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1760
Alt Marriage OCT 1781 to Margaret Sloan
Marriage 01 NOV 1783 Netherwood, Dumfries, Scotlandto Margaret Sloan
Immigration[1][2] 1825 Prince Edward Island, Canada
Census[3] 1841
Death[1] 1844

Hi Gail. I got a lot of my information from 'Along the North Shore' too. I've done some of my own research since then, including a visit to Dumfries when I toured the UK last year. One thing that I found was that the place of origin of the Milligans, which has been recorded as 'Canheath, Kirklavritch, Dumfries,' is actually a rather bad corruption of the real place name, which is Conheath, Caerlaverock Parish (pronounced Car-lav-rock), Dumfries. Obviously, by the time Robert Milligan died on PEI, memories of the old country had faded a bit. I have discovered lots of info on various Milligan families around Conheath in the late 1700's, but unfortunately, I learned from a lady who now lives on Conheath Farm who has researched the local history that the parish pastor in the late 1700's got into a dispute with his congregation, and in spite, destroyed the parish records from that time. Bad news for us, as this caused a gap in the records that includes the time when Robert Milligan was born and when John Milligan and Margaret Sloan were married. As for Elizabeth MacDougall/MacDougald, I did find the record of her marriage with Robert in the Richmond Parish church records. As you probably know, they were married Nov. 25 1830 by Rev. A.V. Wiggens. What you may not know is that the record states that she was from Lot 16, and that one of the 3 witnesses at the wedding was a John MacDougall - he was likely her brother or father. Regarding Margaret Sloan, I've gathered some names, but nothing confirmable yet. I hope that this was of interest to you. Regards, John MacDonald

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    p. 335.
  2. John emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1825 to join several members of his family who had settled there earlier. After arrival on the island, John took up residence at Sherbrooke, Lot 17
  3. Name: John Milligan
    Age: 80
    Estimated birth year: abt 1761
    Gender: Male
    Where born: Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

    Civil parish: Kirkmabreck
    County: Kirkcudbrightshire
    Address: Cansluith Bridge
    Occupation: Ind
    Parish Number: 873
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    John Milligan 80
    Margaret Milligan 77