Person:John Landis (2)

Pvt. John Landis
d.Bef 26 Mar 1822 Augusta County, Virginia
Facts and Events
Name Pvt. John Landis
Alt Name John Landes
Gender Male
Birth[1][5] Abt 1750 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Bef 1770 , , Pennsylvania, USAto Catherine Miller
Other[2][6] 1790 , Rockingham, Virginia, USAMoved
Other[1][8] Bef 1804 Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia, USABought Land Property
Other[1][7] Abt 1804 Seawright Springs, Rockingham Co., Virginia, USABought Land Property
Death[1] Bef 26 Mar 1822 Augusta County, Virginia

A Revolutionary War soldier

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    PVT John Landes
    Birth: 1752
    York County
    Pennsylvania, USA
    Death: Oct., 1819
    Augusta County
    Virginia, USA

    1st BN York County Militia

    Will Book 14 - page 10- Stanton, Virginia
    I, John Landes, being sickly and weak have concluded to make this my Testement in order to dispose of my goods estate after my death, as follows: To my wife, Catherine, one third of my estate, in the following manner; 1 cow, a good bed and drawers, and should she want anything of the like sort which left, it shall be free to her to take. 2nd, One third part of what ever money there may remain after the payment of the outstanding debts, and one third of the bonds hereafter becoming due, to be paid to her.
    My son John, to keep and to render an annual account of the amount for which he can keep and board her yearly. When she is unable to provide and cook for herself for which he shall be paid out of the third part. 3rd, I elect my sons, Christian, Samuel and Henry as my Execurors, who shall take care to secure my wife's part, so that it shall be safely loaned out. After her death the remander to be divided among their heirs. Christian Landes has already received an account of his inheritance, one hundred and four pounds, and Catherine Byerle, twenty two pounds, John Landes, one hundred and twenty four pounds. Magelene Byerly twenty six pounds, Barbara Landes, fifteen pounds and fifteen shillings, Henry Lndes, three pounds but as a debt. Samuel Landes, five pounds, Elizabeth Eppert, forty six pounds, seventeen shillings, Godfrey Bolton's wife (Annie) one hundred thirteen dollars, and one shilling sixpence. John Matthew's wife fifty three dollars and five shillings and three pence. After the payment of the debt, to the heirs shall be paid as follows:
    Magdalene Byerly f100 including what she has already received.
    Barbara Landes f100 including what she has already received.
    Samuel Landes f100 including what he has already received.
    Elizabeth Eppert f100 including what she has already received.
    Godfrey Bolton's wife f100 including what she has already received.
    John Matthew's wife f100 including what she has already received.
    Catherine Byerly f100 including what she has already received.
    My son, Henry, has received his full share of the inheritance in fifty acres of land, and as Ananias Davidson has had a worryout on a slip of land running through the said 50 acres, which lies in controversy in court- should he obtain it, Henry Landes to have no claim on the rest of the heirs, in consequence thereof, by way of damage for the injury- his by the top of the land. After everything shall be paid by my said executors, then the balance of equal shares among their heirs except Henry Landes because he has received his full share in land. John Matthews shall, after my death have sixty dollars to purchase a horse for his use to be deducated from the f100 before mentioned. That the instrument and last Will of my estate has been well considered, and that it is my free will and to be fulfilled after my death as writtnen, I attest the same with name here under written in the presence of witnesses.
    Augusta Co., Virginia, Jan. 9, 1819.

  5. Source had York Co. but it didn't exist until 1749, it should be Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania.
  6. John moved from York Co., Pennsylvania, with his two half- brothers, Benjamin and David.
  7. In The Byerly Family of the Valley of Virginia, it say she bought 515 acres from James Seawright. The property was close to the Croushorn farm, who were later to become relatives of the Byerly's.
  8. In The Byerly Family of the Valley of Virginia, it says John purchased land adjacent to Joseph Byerly (the first), just south of Harrisonburg, Va. between Cooks Creek and Pleasant Run. He sold this land in 1804 to the Cravens and Flory families.