Person:John Howard (167)

John Howard, of Howard's Creek
d.7 November 1834 Fayette County, Kentucky
m. bef. 1730
  1. Benjamin Howardabt 1730 - abt 1772
  2. John Howard, of Howard's Creek1733/34 - 1834
  • HJohn Howard, of Howard's Creek1733/34 - 1834
  • WMary Preston1740 - 1814
m. 2 October 1764
  1. Elizabeth Howard1766 - 1820
  2. Sarah Howardest 1767-1777 - 1822
  3. Mary Howardabt 1769 -
  4. Gov. Benjamin Howardabt 1772 - 1814
  5. Margaret Preston Howard1778 - 1825
Facts and Events
Name John Howard, of Howard's Creek
Gender Male
Birth[1] 22 February 1733/34 near Carter's Ferry, Goochland County, Virginia
Marriage 2 October 1764 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Preston
Burial[1] 1834 "Howard's Grove" Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky
Death[1] 7 November 1834 Fayette County, Kentucky

John Howard was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Jacob Depew vs. John Howard and Mary, his wife, and George Lemon-- O. S. 22; N. S. 7--Appeal from Botetourt. In 1788 Jacob's father, John Depew, entered 50 acres in Botetourt. Shortly after there was smallpox in Botetourt. John and Mary lived in Kentucky. Benjamin Howard was son of John.


From "John Howard of Howard's Creek", by Harry Enoch:

The pioneer who gave his name to Howard’s Creek in Clark County resided not far away—in Fayette County—for over forty years. During his visit to the western country in 1775, John Howard staked out land claims at the mouth of two Kentucky River tributaries. The streams would come to be known as Upper Howard’s Creek and Lower Howard’s Creek. These names were in use as early as 1779. Howard was also the founder of two early Clark County businesses—Howard’s Warehouse and Howard’s Ferry—both at the mouth of Upper Howard’s Creek.
John Howard was a prominent citizen of Fayette County. His son became governor of Missouri, and his daughter the wife of Robert Wickliffe, one of the wealthiest men in Kentucky. In spite of the notoriety of his name, John Howard remains little known outside of Fayette County. He can be positively identified as the pioneer John Howard by extensive documentation. One example is provided in Lewis Collins’ Historical Sketches of Kentucky, written just thirteen years after Howard’s death:
The two Howard’s creeks in Clark County derived their names from the venerable John Howard, a well-known citizen of Kentucky, who died some years ago in Fayette county. He was the father of the late Governor Benjamin Howard, and of the first wife of Robert Wickliffe, Senior, Esq. He held a pre-emption of one thousand acres of land at the mouth of each of these creeks.

From "John Preston, 1699-1747, Smithfield Prestons":
Mary Preston (1732-1814) married John Howard of Virginia. They had five children.
1. Elizabeth Howard married Edward Payne, of Fayette Co., Ky. Among their children were:

Edward G. Payne, lawyer and farmer in Kentucky. Daniel McCarty Payne, lawyer in Lexington, Ky who had eleven children. Some of whom: John Brackenridge Payne was also a lawyer in Lexington. Mary Payne married J. H. Neville, professor of Greek at Univ. of Kentucky.

2. Mary Howard married Alexander Parker of Lexington, Ky. One of their children:

Mary W. Parker married Thomas Turpin Crittenden 1788-1832, circuit Judge and Secretary of State of Kentucky. Thomas was the son of Major John Crittenden. They had 6 children, of whom: Mary Judith Crittenden 1814-1883 married Tod Robinson, a judge of the Supreme Court of California and of their children: Mary Howard Robinson married in 1867 Felix Mercado, of San Francisco. Cornelius Robinson was a lawyer in San Francisco. Alexander Parker Crittenden, second child of Mary Parker and Thomas Crittenden, was a lawyer in San Francisco. Of their children: Laura Crittenden married Mr. Sanchez of San Francisco. James L. Crittenden was a lawyer in New York City. Thomas S. Crittenden Jr. was a brigadier general and a lawyer in Washington and a member of Congress from Missouri.

3. Benjamin Howard, third child of Mary Preston and John Howard, married a Miss Mason in Virginia. He was a member of Congress from Kentucky, 1807-1810, Governor of the Territory of Indiana, 1810, and brigadier general in the war of 1812. He was also Governor of Missouri Territory.
4. Margaret Howard married Robert Wycliffe, lawyer and statesman of Kentucky. They had 7 children of whom:

Sally Howard Wycliffe, married Aaron K. Wooley, a circuit judge and member of the Kentucky legislature. They had 8 children, of whom the eldest, Robert W. Wooley, a lawyer in Louisville, was secretary of the U. S. legation to Spain and Col in the Confederate Army. Mary H. Wycliffe married John PRESTON, formerly of Arkansas, afterward of Trimble County. Margaret H. Wycliffe married her cousin William PRESTON of Louisville, member of Congress and United States Minister to Spain. His daughter Mary Owen Preston married her relative, John Mason Brown, lawyer of Louisville.

5. Sarah Howard never married.
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