Person:John Houghton (27)

  • HJohn HOUGHTONAbt 1665 - 1720
  • WAnn GreggAbt 1670 - Abt 1729
m. abt 1710
Facts and Events
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1665 New Castle, Delaware, United States
Marriage abt 1710 New Castle, Delaware, United Statesto Ann Gregg
Death? 14 Apr 1720 New Castle, Delaware, United States
  1.   Myers, Albert Cook. Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750, with Their Early History in Ireland. (Swarthmore, Penn.: The Author, 1902)
    Pages 319, 320.

    William Dixon and Isabelle Rea, both of Parish of Sego, County Armagh, Ireland, were married at the house of Roger Webb, Parish of Sego, May 4, 1683. Among those who signed the marriage certificate were Henry Dixson, Rose Dixson, Thomas Harlan, and Isabelle Logan. – Marriage Book of Lurgan Mo. Mtg., Ireland.

    This, no doubt, is the same family that came over to New Castle Co., prior to 1690. Henry Dixson, it is said, kept an inn at New Castle and had three children: 1. William was married about 1690 to Ann Gregg, daughter of William Gregg (1st ), who, it is believed, also came from the north of Ireland. William was a weaver by trade and settled on Red Clay Creek, in Christiana Hundred, New Castle County. He made his will January 31, 1708, and it was probated September 20, 1708. He mentions his wife Ann, and appoints his brothers, Michael Harlan and John Gregg, as advisors. The widow, Ann Dixson, then married John Houghton, of New Castle County. 2. Dinah married Michael Harlan, January 1690, at Newark, Mtg. 3. Rose married in 1690, Thomas Pierson, widower, Deputy Surveyer of New Castle County. (See account of Thomas Pierson by the writer in Penna. Mag., XXI., 506-7.)(2nd )

    (1st )William Gregg settled on a tract of 400 acres of land in Christiana Hundred, New Castle County, surveyed to him March 11, 1685. He died “ye 1st of ye 7th month and was buried on his own plantation 1687.” Children: Richard; Ann; John, b. circa 1668, d. 1738, m. November 1694, to Elizabeth Cooke [John Gregg, of Christiana Hundred, New Castle County, yeoman, aged about 67 years, made a deposition about 1735, “that he has dwelt in the said County about 51 years” (No. 175, Penna.)]; George. It is presumed by the writer that William Gregg came from the north of Ireland with the Hollingsworths, Dixsons, Sharplys; but no doubt the point could be fully proven if a diligent investigation were made in Ireland.

    One William Gregg, of Toberhead Mtg., and Ann Wilkinson, of Antrim Mtg., County Antrim, were married at Antrim November 5, 1702; and George Gregg, of Toberhead Mtg. and Alice Richardson, of Ballyhagen Mtg., were married August, 12, 1714, at Ballyhagen, - Minutes of Ulster Province Mtg.

    William Edmundson attended a meeting, in 1700, at the house of Thomas Gregg, at Toberhead, County Antrim. – Journal, 223.

    (2nd )See “Gregg-Dixon-Houghton, of New Castle County, Delaware” in Historical and Genealogical Department of the Literary Era (A. D. 1898) Vol. V., p. 331. (Library of Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia).