Person:John Heywood (2)

m. 17 Aug 1656
  1. Rebecca Heywood1657 - 1657
  2. Rebecca Heywood1660 - 1713
  3. Deacon John Heywood1662 - 1717/18
  4. Persis Heywood1664 - 1694
  5. Benoni Heywood1665 - 1665
  • HJohn Heywood, Sr.1634 - 1700/01
  • WSarah Simonds1644 - 1692
m. 30 Nov 1665
  1. Sarah Heywood1666 - 1741
  2. Judith Howard1667/68 - 1724
  3. Mary Heywood1669 - 1742/43
  4. Abigail Heywood1672 - Abt 1749
  5. William Heywood1674 -
  6. Huldah Heywood1676 -
  7. James Heywood1678/79 -
  8. Joseph Heywood1680/81 -
  9. Benjamin Heywood1682/83 -
  10. Thomas Heywood1686 -
  11. Edmund Heywood1689 -
Facts and Events
Name John Heywood, Sr.
Gender Male
Alt Birth[3][6][11] Abt 1612 Stepney, Greater London, England
Birth[11] 1634 Stepney, London, England
Marriage 17 Aug 1656 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Rebecca Atkinson
Marriage 30 Nov 1665 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah Simonds
Death[5][6][8][9][10] 17 Jan 1700/01 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States



{Heywood History, p. 1-2[6]:} John Heywood came from Stepney, England to America in the "Planter" in 1634, arriving 22 March... [However, this may be a different person, see the comments attached to Pope[3]]

... and settled at Concord, MA in 1635.Citation needed [First documented appearance in Concord is 1650[1]]

{More from Heywood History, p. 1-2[6] It is presumed that he must have been married before his marriage to Rebecca, because the founders of Concord frowned upon unmarried men. No such record has been found. He was 44 at the time of his marriage to Rebecca, which was quite old for a first marriage in those days. Perhaps he lived in another community before he came to Concord, however, according to "The Social Circle Memoirs" 1st series Page 112, John Heywood came to Concord before 1650 and was one of the first settlers of the town.

Life in New England

(Blackman and Allied Families, pp 87-88[5]): John Heywood was of Concord, Mass., before 1650. He married there Aug. 17, 1656 (Concord Vital Records, p. 8), Rebecca Atkinson, daughter of Thomas and Susanna Atkinson. Wife Rebecca died in Concord, Aug. 5, 1665 (Ibid, p. 12), and John Heywood married for a second wife, Nov. 30, 1665 (Ibid, p. 12), Sarah Simonds, who died Sep. 19, 1692 (Ibid., p. 56), daughter of William and Sarah Simonds, by whom he had 9 children. John Heywood died in Concord, Jan. 17, 1700-1. (Ibid., p. 58.)

(Pope, Pioneers of Mass., p. 23[3]): Administration of the estate of William Alline "who married their mother was granted to John Heywood, and Susanna and Hannah Atkinson, Oct. 4, 1659. Susanna and Hannah Atkinson were Heywood's wife's sisters.

(Wolcott's Concord in the Colonial Period, 1884, pp. 139, 140.[4]): "In 1670, the selectmen (of Concord) requested that John Heywood might be allowed to 'keep a house of entertainment for strangers for nights loging, beer and sider,' also that Robert Meriam might be impowered 'to sell wine & strong water to those that are sick or weeke & stand in need of our owne towne, & strangers that want' ... Two years afterwards, 'John Haywood ordinary keeper at Concord renewed his license,' and had liberty granted him 'to retaile strong watters to travellers and sick persons,' upon giving a bond. He lived on the lot that was occupied, until recently, by the Bigelow Tavern, and we first learn of him as keeper of a public house, in the year 1666." In 1672, John renewed his license and had liberty to retail strong waters to the travelers and sick people.

John took the Freeman's Oath in 1670.

John Heywood was Constable at Concord in 1676, which was quite an important office in the early days of this country, and the services of a man of good standing in the community were always desired for this position. An account he, while Constable, gives in a letter to Gov. Leverett is interesting:

"Concord this 13: June 1676
Hono'rd Governo'r Levert,
Inasmuch as heare has been a sad accident befallen us through the ocation of nedglegent persons; which had trust Imposed to them; to keep sentry over three old squas & one papoose, these watchmen fell all asleep, and in the meantime ye squas made their escape; from them; which may produce a great deale of damage to us yt are resident in Concord; because we are afraid they are acquainted with ye Condition of our towne, and what quantyty of me we have gone out; & which way they are gone; which may prove obstructive to our army in their design; we had a Capt. appoynted over the magasine; which I thought to be sufficient to give a Charge of 12 men; to keep senternalls over three old squas; I hope your honor will be pleased to take it into consideration & send us some more strength to support us from our enemies; for we are in dayly fear; yet they will make an assault; so hopeing your honor Cannot Impute any Blame to him; who wish to your honor ye best yet may be; by your Honor most Humble Servant, John Haywood, Constable (Mass. Archives, 113-193.)

{More from Heywood History, p. 1-2[6]

Cutler and Adams[7] in the "Genealogies and Personal Memoirs" Vol III Page 1820 mention a third wife, Priscilla; however nothing has been found to substantiate this


(More from Blackman and Allied Families, pp 87-88[5]):

John and Rebecca (Atkinson) Heywood had 5 children. (Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, 2-408; Pope's Pioneers of Mass., p. 223; Shattuck's Hist. of Concord, 1835, p. 374; Tolman's Hist. of Concord, Mss., in New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc., Boston.)

Additional Sources

1. Sloan, History of Concord

2. Tolman, History of Concord (NEHGS)

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    John Heywood, there by 1650, m. 1656 Rebecca Atkinson, m. (2) 1665 Sarah Simonds, d. 11 Jan 1707 [sic].

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    Heywood, John, Concord, m. 17 Aug 1656, Rebecca, d. of Thomas Atkinson who. d. 5 Aug. 1665, had Rebecca, b. 9 Sep 1657, d. soon; Rebecca, again, 13 May 1660; John, 5 Apr 1662; and Benoni, 31 July 1665, d. in few days. Bef. the end of the yr. he m. Sarah Symonds, had by her sev. ds. and William, 1674; was freem. 1670, and d. 11 Jan 1707 [sic].

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    Hayward, Haward, Heyward, Haywood, Heywood, Howard
    John, ae. 22, cert. from Stepney parish, Eng., came in the Planter March 22, 1634.
    John. Concord, m. 17 Aug., 1656 Rebecca Atkinson; ch. Rebecca b. and d. 1657, John b. 5 April 1661, Persis b. 24 April, 1664, Bennoni b. and d. 1665. The wife Rebecca d. Aug. 5, 1665. He m. Nov. 30, 1665, Sarah Simond; ch. Sarah, b. Aug. 30, 1666.
    [Note: This appears in the printed book to be a single paragraph, even though it seems to have two different starts, each beginning with the name John at the beginning of the line, as if it is two different entries run together by printer error. As the first John was b. abt. 1612, and would have been 44 at the first marriage mentioned, which seems unlikely [children born regularly from 1656 to 1689 when he would have been 77?], unless some information is found to fill the 16 year gap between emigration in 1634 and arrival in Concord in 1650, and tie what appear to be two separate biographies together into one person, it seems most likely these are not the same person.]

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    In 1670, the selectmen requested that John Heywood might be allowed "to keep a house of entertainment for strangers for nights loging, beer, and sider, ....".
    Two years afterwards, "John Haywood ordnary keeper at Concord renewed his license", and had liberty granted him "to retaile strong waters to travellers & sicke persons", upon giving a bond. He lived on the lot that was occupied, until recently, by the Bigelow Tavern, and we first learn of him as keeper of a public house, in the year 1666.

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    John Heywood was of Concord before 1650, d. Concord 17 Jan 1700/01, m. Concord 17 Aug 1656 Rebecca Atkinson, m. (2) 30 Nov 1665 Sarah Simonds.

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    John Heywood was born England abt 1612 ["John Heywood came to America from Stepney Parish, England, at the age of 22. He came on the ship Plater and arrived the 22nd of March 1634", citing PopeS3], d. Concord 17 Jan 1700/01, m. (1) Concord 17 Aug 1656 Rebecca Atkinson, m. (2) 30 Nov 1665 Sarah Simonds. "It is presumed that he must have been married before his marriage to Rebecca, because the founders of Concord frowned upon unmarried men. No such record has been found." Cutter and AdamsS7 mention a third wife Priscilla "however, I have found nothing to substantiate this."

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    Settlement of John Heywood's estate show John Jr., as administrator, to make payments by 1 Apr 1703 to sisters and brothers: Thomas Heywood, William Heywood, Rebecca Simonds, Jacob Kendall, Sarah Baldwin, Judith Waltker, Mary Kidder, Abigail Locke, Huldah Heywood and Edmund Heywood.

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    John Heywood sener Dyed January ye 17th day, 1700/1.

  10. Several sources give a death date of 11 Jan 1707 including SavageS2, CutterS7, and ShattuckS1. This is not found in the Concord VRsS9 which clearly record his death in 1700/01, and probate documentsS8 are dated 1703 confirming that he died several years before 1707.
  11. 11.0 11.1 The birth date of about 1612 in Stepney Parish is based on the entry in PopeS3. However, as mentioned in comments attached to that source citation, the entry has all the appearances of being two separate men run together by a printer error, and the resulting age this implies for John Heywood of Concord seems unlikely. The other birth date shown on this page in 1634 appears to be somebody's bookkeeping error, confusing the alleged emigration with this birth date? If one assumes he was of legal age when he appeared in Concord, 1650, that suggests birth by 1629.