Person:John Hays (21)

John Hays
b.ABT 1720
m. WFT Est 1713-1715
  1. Andrew HaysABT 1716 - 1786
  2. Barbara Hays1716-1726 -
  3. Charles HaysABT 1718 - BET 1797 AND 1799
  4. Joan Hays1718-1727 -
  5. John HaysABT 1720 -
  6. Jennett HaysABT 1722 -
  7. Rebecca Hays1723-1738 -
  8. Robert Hays1723-1738 -
  9. James Hays1726-1735 -
  10. Abigail Hays
m. est. 1745
  1. John "Hermitage" Haysabt 1745 - 1811
  2. Rebecca Haysbef 1746 - abt 1810
  3. William Hays1751 - 1831
  4. Samuel Haysabt 1754 -
  5. Nathaniel Haysabt 1756 -
  6. Henry Haysabt 1757 - 1820
  7. Col. Robert Hays1758 - BEF 1819
Facts and Events
Name John Hays
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1720
Marriage est. 1745 Virginiato Martha Thompson

John Hays was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles


Records for John Hays in Chalkley's Chronicles
Ancestry Public Member Lineages for John Hays d1778
The Wife of John Hays (21)


This article is for John Hays son of John Hays (20) the Oath Taker. Court records later show a John Hay and an Elizabeth Ray having various dealings with property on the Roanoke. This probably the same John Hays who received land on the Roanoke in 1778 from his fathers estate in Augusta. Whether John (21) ever lived on the land on the Roanoke is not obvious. Nor is it obvious what the relationship might be between John Hays and Elizabeth Rea. Possibly Elizabeth is his wife.[1]He is thought to have been the same John Hays who obtained property from Andrew Anderson about 17 on Borden's Grant, near where his father owned property and ran a mill on Hays Creek.



Note: John Hays' 160-acre patent does not appear to be shown on the J.R. Hildebrand Map of the Borden Tract. Two possible locations are shown in the Hildebrand Map above. Alternatively, while the property was ultimately patented by John Hays, the original warrant for the land may have been issued to one of the Anderson brothers, Andrew, Charles, or Isaac.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 261.--8th October, 1765. Same (from Benjamin Borden's executors) to John Hays, £20, 160 acres in Borden's tract; corner Andrew Hays' in John Miss Campbell's line; corner James Anderson. Delivered: Jacob Anderson, 27th July, 1772.

John (21) was given a parcel of land on the waters of the Roanoke, as a bequest in his fathers will. That land had apparently been patented by John (20), in July of 1750, shortly before his death.

Patent Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
Hayes, John. grantee.
Land grant 1 July 1750.
Location: Augusta County.
Description: 265 acres on the waters of Roanoak.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 29, 1749-1751 (v.1 & 2 p.1-532), p. 271 (Reel 27).

  • Jan 6, 1762 Deed Book X, Page 379. John Snelson of Hanover, merchant, and Robert Donald, late of County of Hanover, merchant, by Thos. Buchanan, John McDowell, of Hanover, Peter Belshus, of Louisa, merchants, to Robert Breckinridge, 265 acres conveyed by mortgage by John Hays, of Albemarle, 4th April, 1751, mortgage foreclosed by decree of General Court, 15th October, 1756, 40 paid for use of Snelson and Donald, on Roanoke; cor. to survey made by John Smith. Teste: Francis Smith, Stephen Willis, Francis Smith, Jr., Wm. Anderson. Proved by witnesses. Delivered: Maj. Robert Breckinridge, 9th February, 1771. [csisv3 p.385]
  • Page 137.--14th February, 1763. Same [From Borden's Executors] to Andrew Hays, £50, 200 acres, part of 92,100; corner Samuel McDowell; corner James McDowell. Delivered: John Hays, January, 1770.
  • Aug 20, 1766 Deed Book XIII, Page 15. Joseph Ward and Janet ( ) to John Hays and Elizabeth Ray, 37, 220 Acres conveyed to Joseph by Andrew Brown, 21st May, 1755, on Poague's Draft of James River, Borden's patent. Teste: Archibald Alexander, John Greenlee, Andrew Wilson. [csisv3,443] Ward, Joseph (Jenet) to John Hay and Elizabeth Ray, 200 acres, sold by Andrew Brown, 1753, 37 p, 1766, Poage's Draft on Borden line. [hrcv,363 ]


From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • May 20, 1762 Patrick Hara, Thos. Brannon, John Hays, soldiers, march into court with their hats on and insult the Court. Committed to jail during pleasure. [csisv1,97]
  • Oct 21, 1765 John Hays returned not found in bailiwick. [csisv1,126]
  • May 22, 1773 John Hays has removed out of the county. [csisv1,173]
  • Aug 17, 1773 John Hays Qualified Justice, &c. [csisv1,173] (diff. John?)
  1. , in the late 1600's it was commonplace that the wife would retain the surname of her father, even after marriage. This practice fell out of use about 1700, and would be rare as late as these records.