Person:John Hays (17)

m. 1746
  1. Maj. John Hays1746/47 - 1808
  2. Andrew Hays1748-1750 - bef 1781
  3. Charles Hays1752 - 1810
  4. James HaysABT 1760 -
m. 1777
  1. Mary HaysABT 1777 -
  2. James Campbell Hays1778-1788 -
  3. Dr. John Brown Hays1778-1787 -
  4. Michael Hays1778-1788 -
  5. Andrew HaysABT 1780 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name[1] Maj. John Hays
Gender Male
Birth[2] 2 MAR 1746/47 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Marriage 1777 Northampton County, Virginiato Nancy Ann Christianson
Death? 1808 Rockbridge, Virginia, United States

John Hays was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Source:White, 1902


Will of John Hays, Augusta County Va, 29 May 1808
Revolutionary War Veterans with the surname Hays or Hayes Identifies grave site of Maj. John Hays as "on a hill back of Hays Creek" near Staunton.This is consistent with where John (17) owned land


From White, 1902:510

Major John Hays lived on a farm under the Jump Mountain in Rockbridge County. His sons were:
(1) Michael Hays, of Ohio, who was an officer in the United States Army in 1812 ;
(2) Andrew Hays, a distinguished lawyer of Nashville, Tenn. ;
(3) John Brown Hays, of Columbia, Tenn., whose wife was a sister of President Polk;
(4) James Campbell Hays, of Tennessee and Texas, who was the father of Jack Hays, the Texas Eanger." From Annals of Augusta Co. [3]
There was also one daughter, Mary, and possibly more. Mary Hays m. No. 3539 Joseph Walker^ ( Joseph^ John^) . There was also a General William Hays of the Revolution, who belonged to the Or- der of the Cincinnatus. He was either a brother or son of Major John Hays.


Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 148.--15th November, 1770. Andrew Hays to John Hays, £5, 300 acres of Borden's 92100, below forks of Hays and Moffet's Creeks, corner Charles Hays. Teste: Andrew McCampbell, John Walker, John Walker, Joseph Moore.


  • Will of John Hays of Rockbridge. Son, Michael (land in Ohio); wife, Anne; sons, Andrew, John, Campbell. Dated 9th May, 1808. Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d January, 1809.


From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Sept 16, 1777 John Hays (s. of Andrew and Prudence) married Anne Christian
  • Vol. 2 - Hays vs. Hays--O. S. 187; N. S. 66--Bill August, 1810. Complainants are, viz: David Orestes King Hays and Mary Hays, infant children of David Hays, deceased, by Robert Montgomery, their grandfather. Defendants are, viz: Andrew Hays, executor of John Hays, deceased; Michael, John, Campbell and James Hays. Complainants are children of David Hays, who was son of Andrew Hays, who died March, 1786, in Rockbridge, testate. About 1795 orator's father went to live with his brother, Joseph Hays, at Abingdon in Washington County, where he lived until 1804, when he removed to Nashville, Tenn., where he died, 1806, intestate and without property. He did not come of age until May, 1797. John Hays died the close of year 1808 testate, leaving Andrew, Michael, John and Campbell Hays, his children and devisees, and Anne Hays, his widow, has died intestate. Deed 5th May, 1800, by Joseph and David Hays of Washington County by James Hays of Rockbridge, their attorneys, to John Hays of Rockbridge. Conveys the Stone House plantation in Rockbridge. Will of John Hays of Rockbridge. Son, Michael (land in Ohio); wife, Anne; sons, Andrew, John, Campbell. Dated 89th May, 1808. Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d January, 1809. Will of Andrew Hayes of Rockbridge, dated 9th February, 1786. Eldest son, John Hays; sons, James and Charles; daughters, Prudence Brownlee, Mary Hayes; sons, Joseph and David (infants). Recorded in Rockbridge, 3d May, 1786.


John Hays was the Colonel Commanding in Greene County, Tennessee.

From post:

From Kathleen to Cindy: I was trying to verify this information in this posting on

"Major John Hays lived near Rockbridge Baths, VA at a farm currently known as Indian Bottom. His wife's name was Anne (maiden name unknown) and they had four sons: Michael, Andrew, John Brown, and James Campbell Hays. After the Rev. War, he taught at Mount Pleasant Academy near Fairfied, one of the forerunners of Washington and Lee University. It is believed he died in 1808. He is buried on a hill on the property he owned and his grave is marked with fieldstone. A marker was placed at his grave in September, 1930 by the Colonel Thomas Hughart Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution from Augusta County. This information is included in the Rockbridge County, Virginia Heritage Book 1778-1997. I have personally seen the gravesite."

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  2. Chalkley, - Augusta County, Virginia Court Abstracts.
  3. The connection to Jack Hays of the Texas Rangers is disputed. See:Person:John Hays (19)