Person:John Hall (122)

m. 24 Apr 1744
  1. Jennet Hall1744/45 -
  2. Dr. Isaac Hall1747 - bef 1806
  3. Archibald Hall1749 -
  4. Sarah "Sally" Hall1751 - bef 1799
  5. Thomas Hall, Esq.1754 - aft 1790
  6. Elizabeth Hall1756 -
  7. Alexander Hall1759 -
  8. Benjamin Hall1765 -
  9. Hon. John Hall1767 - 1833
  • HHon. John Hall1767 - 1833
  • WMary Weldon1775 - 1851
m. 25 December 1795
  1. Isaac Hall1805 -
  2. Alexander Hall1806 - 1851
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Hon. John Hall
Gender Male
Birth[1] 31 May 1767 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Education[2] 1782-1789 Lexington, Virginia, United StatesWashington and Lee University
Other[3] 15 Oct 1790 Augusta, Virginia, United Statesnamed in Will of Edward Hall, his father
Marriage 25 December 1795 Warrenton, Warren County, North Carolinato Mary Weldon
Death[2] 29 Jan 1833 Warrenton, Warren, North Carolina, United States

John Hall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Essay on the Honorable Judge John Hall (from

Judge John Hall was a native of Staunton, Virginia, and was educated at the College of William and Mary.[*] He came to Warrenton while a young man to practice law. Hall married Mary Weldon and they had ten children. He was a Mason and held several positions within the Johnston-Caswell Lodge as well as serving as sixth Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Hall was by faith a Presbyterian but several years before his death he became a communicant of the Episcopal Church to which his wife and children belonged.

In 1800 Hall became a Superior Court judge, a position he held until the North Carolina Supreme Court was organized in 1818. The other original members of that bench were Leonard Henderson and John L. Taylor, the Chief Justice. Hall remained on the bench until ill health forced his retirement in 1832. He died the next year and was buried, together with other family members, in a plot near their house. The house in recent years has been demolished but the cemetery plot remains near Hall Spring shopping center.


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[* cos1776 note: Current evidence does not support Staunton and William and Mary College. John Hall was born in Augusta county, Virginia and is listed among the 1782-89 alumni of Washington and Lee University in Lexington.2

NOTE: There is a highway marker dedicated to John Hall, located at NC 158 (Macon St.) at Hall St. in Warrenton, NC.

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