Person:John Greenlee (5)

John Greenlee
b.4 OCT 1738 Pennsylvania
d.BEF 1809
m. 1736
  1. Jane GreenleeAbt 1736 -
  2. John Greenlee1738 - BEF 1809
  3. James Greenlee1740 -
  4. Samuel Greenlee1743 - BEF 1751
  5. Margaret GreenleeAbt 1748 - Abt 1786
  6. Grace "Grizzell" Greenlee1750 - 1823
  7. Samuel "the younger" Greenlee1751 -
  8. David Greenlee1752 - 1820
  9. Mary Greenleeest 1754 -
m. 1767
  1. Elijah Greenlee, MD1767-1783 -
  2. David Greenlee1767-1783 -
  3. James Greenlee1767-1783 -
  4. Mary E. Greenlee1767-1783 -
  5. William Greenlee1767-1783 -
  6. Dr. Samuel Greenlee1767-1783 -
Facts and Events
Name John Greenlee
Gender Male
Birth? 4 OCT 1738 Pennsylvania[likely]
Marriage 1767 to Hannah McClanahan
Death? BEF 1809

John Greenlee was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Greenlee's land (Borden Tract, SW, 400 & 138 acres, 1779) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • John Greenlee acquired two tracts of land in the "Borden Tract" (400 & 138 acres) in 1771, as listed on the J.R. Hildebrand map, above.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's

  • Page 181).—19th April, 1763. John Greenlee to James Greenlee, £25, 250 acres in forks of James River, granted to James Greenlee, Sr., Gent, deceased, who was father to said John Greenlee, who is eldest son and heir-at-law by patent, 20th September, 1745. Delivered: Samuel Greenlee, 1780.
  • Page 192.—19th April, 1763. John Greenlee to David Greenlee, £10, 400 acres on a branch in forks of James River patented to Thomas Williams, 20th June, 1749, and made over by William to James Greenlee, Sr., Gent., deceased, father of John, who is eldest son and heir-at-law by deed prior to this; corner survey of Erwin Patterson's. Delivered: Samuel Greenlee, March, 1780.
  • Page 194.—19th April, 1763. Same (John Greenlee) to Samuel Greenlee, £50, 200 acres; corner James McDowell; corner Ephraim McDowell, purchased by James Greenlee, Sr., from Borclen, part of Borden's tract. Delivered: Samuel Greenlee, 31st March, 1780.
  • Page 130.--15th February, 1773. John Greenlee, of Botetourt, to Adam Reid, lease. Teste: William McKemy, David Tedford. Delivered: Ab. Wilson, 4th June, 1779.
  • Page 131.--Release of above (?). John Greenlee and Hannah and Mary Greenlee, widow and relict of James Greenlee, deceased, to John Reid (recorded as to Adam Reid).

Land Records in Botetourt County, VA:

  • P. 282. Aug. 10, 1784. Wm. McClenachan, atty. in faot for Matthew Arbuckle, to John Greenlee. Con. 300 pounds. 300 acres in Botetourt County. USGenWeb Archives

Records in Augusta County, VA

  • 15 Nov. 17___. (30) Patrick Hays, of Lincoln Co., Virginia to John Greenlee, of Rockbridge Co., Power of attorney to sell tract on Halfway Creek. Teste: Michael Coulter, Hugh Fulton.
  • APRIL 25, 1763 - (90) John Greenlee appointed guardian of Mary Greenlee, orphan of James Greenlee
  • Page 257.--25th April, 1763. John Greenlee's bond (with James McDowell) as guardian (appointed) to Mary Greenlee, orphan of Jas. Greenlee.
  • SEPTEMBER 21, 1763 - (239) John Greenlee qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  • OCTOBER 19, 1765 - (40) John Greenlee appointed surveyor of highway from John Mathews, Jr., deceased, to Sinclair's Gap. Thomas McFarron appointed surveyor Catawlo to Pedlar's Ford.
  • Page 130.--15th February, 1773. John Greenlee, of Botetourt, to Adam Reid, lease. Teste: William McKemy, David Tedford. Delivered: Ab. Wilson, 4th June, 1779.
  • Page 131.--Release of above (?). John Greenlee and Hannah and Mary Greenlee, widow and relict of James Greenlee, deceased, to John Reid (recorded as to Adam Reid).
  • Page 416.--7th November, 1789. John Greenlee of Rockbridge, attorney in fact for Patrick Hayse, Sr., of Lincoln, Kaintuckey, to James Hendry (Henry). Teste: James and Robert Henry.
  • Page 122--Mary Greenlee deposes, 10th November, 1806, she and her husband settled in Borden's Grant in 1737. Her son John (Greenlee) was born 4th October, 1738. She, her husband, her father (Emphraim McDowell, then very aged), and her brother, John McDowell, were on their way to Beverley Manor; camped on Linvel's Creek (the spring before her brother James had raised a crop on South River in Beverley Manor, above Turk's, near Wood Gap); there Benj. Borden came to their camp and they conducted him to his grant which he had never seen, for which Borden proposed giving 1,000 acres. They went on to the house of John Lewis, near Staunton, who was a relative of Ephraim McDowell. Relates the Milhollin story. They were the first party of white settlers in Borden's Grant. In two years there were more than 100 settlers. Borden resided with a Mrs. Hunter, whose daughter afterwards married one Guin, to whom he gave the land whereon they lived. Her brother John was killed about Christmas before her son Samuel (first of the name) was born (he was born April, 1743). Benj. Borden, Jr., came into the grant in bad plight and seemed to be not much respected by John McDowell's wife, whom Benj. afterwards married. Jno. Hart had removed to Beverley Manor some time before deponent moved to Borden's. Joseph Borden had lived with his brother Benj.; went to school, had the smallpox about time of Benj's. death. When he was about 18 or 19 he left the grant, very much disliked, and dissatisfied with the treatment of his brother's wife. Beaty was the first surveyor she knew in Borden's grant. Borden had been in Williamsburg, and there in a frolic Gov. Gooch's son-in-law, Needier, has given him his interest in the grant. Borden's executor, Hardin, offered to her brother James all the unsold land for a bottle of wine to anyone who would pay the quit rents, but James refused it because he feared it would run him into jail. This was shortly after Margaret Borden married Jno. Bowyer. John Moore settled in the grant at an early day, where Charles Campbell now lives. Andrew Moore settled where his grandson William now lives. These were also early settlers, viz: Wm. McCandless, Wm. Sawyers, Rob. Campbell, Saml. Wood, John Mathews, Richd. Woods, John Hays and his son Charles Hays, Saml. Walker, John McCraskey. Alexr. Miller was the first blacksmith in the settlement. One Thomas Taylor married Elizabeth Paxton. Taylor was killed by the falling of a tree shortly after the marriage. Miller removed and his land has been in possession of Telford. Deponent's daughter Mary was born May, 1745. McMullen was also an early settler; he was a school teacher and had a daughter married. John Hays's was the first mill in the grant. Quit rents were not exacted for 2 years at the instance of Anderson, a preacher.
  • Page ___--Mary Greenlee deposes, 10th November, 1802. She is 95 17th instant.
  • Page ___--John Greenlee deposes, 10th November, 1802; aged 64.
  • Page ___--Mary Greenlee's deposition as above.

Records in Botetourt County, VA

  • At a Court held for Botetourt County the 8th of May, 1770. John Greenlee the same [proved a certificate accdg. to law] for three thousand four hundred & fifty six pounds of hemp. USGenWeb Archives
  • At a court held for Botetourt County the 13th of August 1771. John Greenlee proved a certificate for 1,935 lbs. of hemp, which is ord. to be ccrtfd. USGenWeb Archive
  • At a court held for Botetourt County 13th day of April, 1773. John Greenlee presented in court a certificate for 1,913 two pounds of hemp raised by him and proved the same according to law, which is ordered to be certified. USGenWeb Archives
  • At a court held for Botetourt County the 14th day of September, 1773. John Greenlee served on several Jurys in Botetourt Court. USGenWeb Archives
  • At a court held for Botetourt Court the 11th of February, 1777. Ord. that John Greenlee, John Gilmore and James McClure being first sworn do view the way that crosses Potuts Gap at Arnold's to James River at Stepheson's Ford and make report to the court. USGenWeb Archives
  • At a court held for Botetourt Court June 8, 1790. John Tolbot (alias Andrews), a base born child of Elizabeth Talbot, bound to John Greenlee. USGenWeb Archives

Information on John Greenlee

John GREENLEE BIRTH: 1738, Rockbridge County, Virginia DEATH: Y Father: James GREENLEE Mother: Mary Elizabeth MCDOWELL