Person:John Glover (27)

m. Bef 1626
  1. Thomas Glover1626/27 - 1707
  2. Habakkuk Glover1628 - Bet 1692 & 1693
  3. John Glover1629 - 1696
  4. Anna Glover1631 - 1631
  5. Nathaniel GloverEst 1633 - 1657
  6. Rev. Pelatiah Glover1637 - 1692
m. Est 1680
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] John Glover
Gender Male
Christening[1] 11 Oct 1629 Prescot, Lancashire, England
Marriage Est 1680 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States (probably)to Elizabeth Franklin
Death[2] 23 Sep 1696 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Burial[2] Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
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    "John Glover, the third son of John Glover and Anna his wife, was born at Rainhill Parish, in the town of Prescot, Lancashire, England, Oct. 11, 1629 [this is actually the date of his baptism], and died in Boston, Sept. 23, 1696, in his 67th year. He was buried Sept. 25, in the Granary Burial Ground. Judge Sewall attended his funeral, and enters the following notice of it in his diary. '1696. Sept. 23. Mr. John Glover dies.' 'Sept. 25. Mr. John Glover is buried; Col. Pyncheon, Col. Cook, Mr. Peter Sargeant and Mr. Oakes were there.'"

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    "John (Glover), Boston, s. of first John, H. C. 1651, (unless this distinct. belong to a New Haven gent.), a merch. wh. had perhaps, liv. at Swanzey 1683, but at B. d. and was bur. 25 Sept. 1696; in his will names w. Eliz. prob. d. of John Andrews, but no other relat. styles hims. gent. wh. may seem to support his right to the coll. honor.

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