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John Fleischmann
b.14 October 1764 Culpeper County, Virginia
d.25 January 1853 Greenbrier County, Virginia
m. abt. 1755
  1. Samuel Fleshman1761 - 1819
  2. Moses Fleshman1761 - 1847
  3. John Fleischmann1764 - 1853
  4. Mary Fleischmann1765 - 1853
  5. Rachel Fleischmann1767 - 1828
  6. Susannah Fleischmannabt 1770 - abt 1840
  7. Sarah 'Sally' Fleischmannabt 1775 -
  8. Elizabeth Fleischmannabt 1776 - aft 1850
  9. Michael Fleischmann1776 -
  10. Jesse Fleischmannabt 1779 - bet 1812-1815
m. 18 June 1785
m. 23 July 1814
Facts and Events
Name John Fleischmann
Alt Name John Fleshman
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 14 October 1764 Culpeper County, Virginia
Marriage 18 June 1785 Shenandoah County, Virginiato Elizabeth Miller
Marriage 23 July 1814 Greenbrier County, Virginiato Catherine Rinehart
Death[1][2] 25 January 1853 Greenbrier County, Virginia
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    145. John5 Fleischmann (Robert4, (Johann) Peter3, Ziriakus2, Veltin1) was born Abt. 1772 [s/b 14 October 1764] in Culpeper County, VA, and died 25 January, 1853 in Greenbrier County, VA88. He married (1) Elizabeth Miller 18 January, 1785 in Shenandoah Co., Va89. He married (2) Catherine Rinehart 23 July, 1814 in Greenbrier Co., VA89.

    Notes for John Fleischmann:
    The biography of his son, Harrison Fleshman, in Hardesty's HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA, Personal History Department at the end, "Biographies of Greenbrier County, Virginia" page 16 states that Harrison Fleshman of Fort Spring District, Greenbrier County was born November 11, 1812 and married Palmyra Perkins December 17, 1834; that he was the son of John and Catherine (Rinehart) Fleshman; that his father was born in Henrico County, Virginia (obviously an error, as Culpeper County is almost certainly correct) and his mother in Rockingham County, Virginia; and that his father died in February 1857, and his mother November 25, 1859.
    John Fleshman is shown in the tithables of Greenbrier County from 1795 to 1820, always with only 1 tithable. The Census of 1820 shows him with a family consisting of 1 male and 1 female born before 1775, 2 females born 1794-1804, 4 males and 1 female born 1804-1810, and 2 males born 1810-20. In 1823 John Fleshman, Jr. is shown for the first time in the tithables as an independent tithable. He was born in 1803 according to the Census of 1850, which does not correspond too well with John Sr.'s family in the Census of 1820, which shows no son born before 1804. However, census returns are not too accurate, and if this one is, John, Jr., at the age of 17, could have been working in some other family in 1820. It would appear, then, that John Fleshman, Jr. was the eldest son of John. As John Fleshman, Sr. he is shown with 2 tithables 1830-31, indicating a son born by 1814. This was no doubt Harrison Fleshman, above, who was really born late in 1812. John, Sr. is shown with 3 tithables in 1832, indicating another son, perhaps born about 1816. 1833 shows him again with only 2 tithables, but 1834 shows Harrison Fleshman for the first time as an independent tithable, and John Fleshman, Sr. still with 2 tithables, showing a son younger than Harrison. In 1835 John, Sr. is shown with 3 tithables, indicating another son born by 1819, Harrison being still an independent tithable. 1836 shows John, Sr. with only 1 tithable, but a Percy Fleshman, shown right beside Harrison Fleshman in that year as an independent tithable, seems to be the son born about 1816-1819. Percy Fleshman never appears again, and probably died or moved away. John Fleshman, Sr. is again shown with 2 tithables 1837-42, indicating another son born by 1821. This was almost certainly Royal Fleshman, born 1819-1820 according to the census, who appears for the first time as an independent tithable in 1843, right next to John Fleshman, Sr. with only 1 tithable again. The 1830 census in Greenbrier County shows John Fleshman, Sr. with a family consisting of 1 male born 1760-70 (which is too old if the 1850 census is correct), 1 female born 1770-80, 1 male and 1 female born 1800-1810; 2 males and 1 female born 1810-1815; and 2 males born 1815-1820. John Fleshman, Jr. is shown in the same census with 1 male born 1800-1810, 1 female born 1790-1800, and 3 males born 1825-1830. The census of 1850 shows as family No. 1283 John Fleshman, aged 78, and Catherine Fleshman, aged 74.

    Child of John Fleischmann and Elizabeth Miller is:
    310 i. Sara6 Fleischmann, born Abt. 1787. She married Frederick Croan , Jr. Abt. 1812 in Rockingham Co., VA.

    Children of John Fleischmann and Catherine Rinehart are:
    + 311 i. Harrison6 Fleischmann, born 11 November, 1812 in near Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., VA; died 16 September, 1886 in Greenbrier County, VA.
    312 ii. Perry Fleischmann, born Abt. 1816.
    Notes for Perry Fleischmann:
    Percy appears as an independent tithable next to Harrison Fleshman only in the year 1836, and apparently died or moved away.
    Stanley Courtney gives his name as Perry FLESHMAN.

    + 313 iii. Royal Fleischmann, born March 1818; died 05 September, 1865 in Greenbrier County, VA.
    314 iv. Larkin Fleischmann, born Abt. 182190.
    315 v. Elizabeth Fleischmann, born Abt. 182390. She married Andrew Y. Gabbert91.
    316 vi. Daughter Fleischmann92, born Abt. 1825. She married David Carson.
    317 vii. Boyde Fleischmann, born Abt. 182793.

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