Person:John Finch (37)

m. November 8, 1652
  1. John Finch1657 -
m. 25 Mar 1693
  1. John Finch, IV1694 - 1747
  2. James Finch1705 - 1742
Facts and Events
Name John Finch
Gender Male
Birth? 1657 Westchester, New York, United States
Unknown[1] Mariner, Captain
Marriage 25 Mar 1693 New York City, New York, United Statesto Hester Davis
  1. Thummel, Claude B. Descendants of John Finch of Connecticut. (C.B. Thummel, 1965).

    Thummel #311

    He is listed with his father in his activities at Huntington, L.I., and
    received property from his father with his brother-in-law Nicholas Elles
    at that place.

    July 15, 1681 - John Finch of Huntington, husbandman, conveyed to
    Nicholas Elles of Huntington, reserving the liberty to live in the house
    with Nicholas Elles and his wife Mary. If Nicholas Elles sells I want my
    son John Finch Jr. to have first refusal.

    Nov. 31, 1681 - John Finch of Huntington, Mariner, having bought from
    Samuel Davis then of Fairfield, a lot in Huntington and conveyed part to
    my son-in-law Nicholas Elles, I give the remainder after my decease to my
    son John Finch Jr. (Huntington Records.)

    Oct. 6, 1683 - John Finch Jr. sold to Edward Higby.

    March 17, 1684 - Elisha Holly sold to Abraham Finch of Stamford and
    Abraham assigned same to John, son of John of Huntington. [probably his

    June 23, 1690 - John Jr. witnessed a deed signed by Thomas Foreman of
    Jerusalem, L.I.

    Apparently his activities were similar to those of his father as in 1697
    he was designated as "mariner" in a grant of land at Greenwich where he
    moved and established a home. However in 1707 he is designated as of New
    York City. In a transaction there is is designated as "Captain".

    Jan. 1, 1697 - John Finch, mariner, granted land in Greenwich.

    Dec. 22, 1699 - He is listed in assignment of lots in Stamford.

    March 6, 1707 - John Finch Jr., of New York City, shopkeeper, conveyed to
    John Webster of Stamford land "in ye first divident".

    [Cousin John Marsh - relating to John Finch]
    Jan. 12, 1712-3 - John Marsh at present of New York, mill-wright, by Will
    gave all of his estate to "my cousin John Finch of New York, shopkeeper,
    during his life and then to his wife, Elizabeth for life, then to his
    children, Anna and Sarah.

    Sept. 11, 1713 - Margaret Key of New York, widow, by Will proved July
    1714, gave her house, land and other estate to the two children of
    Captain John Finch, merchant, viz, Anna and Sarah and made Captain John
    Finch executor.

    July 10, 1714 - John Finch of New York City, merchant, conveyed to son
    John Finch of Stamford.

    Dec. 30, 1721 - John Elleson Sr. by Will proved, gave 100 pounds to my
    sister Elizabeth Finch and 50 pounds to her two daughters.

    April 5, 1715 - Town of Hemstead granted liberty to Mr. John Finch to set
    up a fulling mill on the stream where John Marsh formerly had a fulling
    mill. Grant of the same was made April 26, 1726 to Henry Seaman "on ye
    same terms that John Finch had it/"

    Sept. 6, 1720 - John Finch Jr. of New York City conveyed to Harry James
    of Stamford, home and lot in Greenwich.

    There is no indication of the date of his death other than the Town of
    Hemstead on April 26, 1726, made a new grant for operation of a fulling
    mill where John Finch previously had one. And on Jan. 4, 1727/8, John
    Finch of Stamford conveyed to John Clock of Stamford right from my father
    Captain John Finch, late of Stamford, being the whole of his right in the
    second division.