Person:John Dugger (11)

m. 24 Dec 1791
  1. John S Dugger1813 - 1883
  2. Mary DuggerBefore 1815 - After 1815
m. 4 Mar 1830
  1. Mary E. Dugger1831 - 1871
  2. Fernando J. Dugger1833 - 1863
  3. Sarah C. Dugger1834 - 1854
  4. Permelia S. H. Dugger1835 - Before 1850
  5. Addison Dugger1837 - 1898
  6. Rebecca Dugger1840 - Before 1850
m. August 18, 1840
  1. Parthena N. C. Dugger1842 - 1859
  2. Narcissa(Nancy) P. Dugger1843 -
  3. William Dugger1846 - 1904
  4. John Fletcher Dugger1849 - 1904
  5. James Thomas Dugger1854 - 1890
m. October 16, 1856
Facts and Events
Name John S Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? May 16, 1813 Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Marriage 4 Mar 1830 Giles, Tennessee, United Statesto Rebecca Cimbro
Marriage August 18, 1840 Giles, Tennessee, United Statesto Adaline Wilson
Marriage October 16, 1856 Newark, Independence, Arkansas, United Statesto Sarah Sturch
Death? November 12, 1883 Newark,Independence Co., Arkansas, United States

John S. Dugger was born May 16, 1813 in Brunswick Co., VA. per tombstone inscription and Family Bible of 3rd. wife, Sarah Ann Sturch. Don’t know if there is any hard proof that he is a son of James Dugger and Nancy Edwards, but he does fit there circumstantially. They did have an apparent son his age (per 1820 census), and he did reside in Giles Co., TN at the same time they did and close by (per the 1830 census). DNA testing of 3 of his known descendants establishes that John Dugger, Jr. is a common ancestor and James is a known son of John, Jr.

John Dugger was listed on the 1830 census in Giles Co., TN near his parents. Analysis:

  • Giles Co., TN page 208 John Dugger, 0001000000000-0002000000000
  • 1 male 15-19 (1810/15)=John S. Dugger (c1813)
  • 2 females 15-19 (1810/15)=1-Adaline (—) (c1817) wife; 2-Unknown

John S. Duger was listed on an 1836 Giles Co., TN tax list.

I wasn’t able to find John on the 1840 census in Giles Co., TN.

John and family are in Giles for the 1850 census

7th Census of the United States - 1850
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Birth Place
Giles Co, TN - District 11
Page 436, House # 429, Family # 429
Dugger John S 37 M W Farmer 1000 VA
Dugger Adaline 32 F W TN
Dugger Mary E 19 F W TN
Dugger Fernandez J 17 M W TN
Dugger Sarah C 14 F W TN
Dugger Adison M 12 M W TN
Dugger Parthena N C 8 F W TN
Dugger Narcissa 7 F W TN
Dugger William H 5 M W TN
Dugger John F 2 M W TN

They were listed on the 1860 census in Independence Co., AR.

8th Census of the United States - 1860
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Pers $ Birth Place
Independence Co, AR - White River
Page 157b, H # 1039, F # 1028 - Sulpher Rock PO
Dugger J S 46 M W Farmer 1500 1500 VA
Dugger Sarah A 26 F W AL
Dugger Narcissa P 16 F W TN
Dugger William H 14 M W TN
Dugger John F 12 M W TN
Dugger James T 6 M W AR
Dugger William T 1 M W AR

FAMILY BIBLE OF SARAH ANN STURCH DUGGER, 3RD WIFE OF JOHN S. DUGGER (Bible in possesion of descendants of James Wesley Scott, a nephew of Sarah Ann Sturch Dugger.)


    John S. Dugger Born May 16 1813
    Rebecca S.H. Cimbro 1st wife B.Jan 18, 1812
    Adaline S. Wilson second wife born Jan 18.1819
    Sarah A. Sturch third wife born Aug 23.1834
    Mary E. Dugger Born April 23 1831
    Fernando J. Dugger Born March 20 1833
    Sarah C. Dugger Born Oct.14.1834
    Addison M. Dugger Born Dec 30, 1837
    Permelia S.H. Dugger Born July 24.1835
    Rebecca A. Dugger Born Feb 14,1840
    Parthena C. Dugger Born May 16.1842
    Narcissa P. Dugger Born Aug 5.1843
    William H. Dugger Born May 29.1846
    John F. Dugger Born Apr.4.1849
    James T. Dugger Born July 14.1854
    William T. Hargus Born Dec 22.1858 (Note from Ralph Dugger:  This is John S. Dugger's grandson, son of Parthena 
                                        died Dec. 16, 1859)


    John S. Dugger died Nov 12.1883
    Rebecca S.H. Dugger died Mar 1.1840
    Addeline S. Dugger died July 14 1856
    Sarah C. Colley died March 6, 1854
    Fernando J. Dugger died Dec 1863
    Mary C. Majors died 1871
    Parthena C. Hargus died Dec.16.1859
    Sarah Ann Dugger died June 11, 1903