Person:John Driskill (3)

John Driskill
b.abt 1740-1750
d.aft 1795
m. by 1751
  1. Mary Driskill (2)
  2. Rachel Driskill
  3. John Driskillabt 1740-1750 - aft 1795
  4. Shadrack Driskillabt 1745-1750 - aft 1796
  5. Adam Driskillabt 1750-1755 -
  6. Vileter Driskillbef 1755 - aft 1808
  7. William Driskill, Jr1756 - aft 1820
  8. Nancy Driskillabt 1760-1765 -
  9. Moses Driskellabt 1770 -
  • H.  John Driskill (add)
  • W.  Unk Unk (add)
Facts and Events
Name John Driskill
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1740-1750
Death? aft 1795

John is definitely present in Worcester Co., MD. He appears on deeds, in Nelms Store Accounts, and the 1783 tax list, but his wife is unknown and so are his children.

We do know John was a son of William Sr confirmed by this deed: Worcester Co., MD deeds Bk I, April 13, 1775, pg. 586 Maryland Know all men by these presents that we William Driskell Sen and John Driskell of Worcester County and province aforesd for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings current money aforesd and the considerations hereafter mentioned in hand paid by Benj Johnson of Worcester County and province aforesd the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge, hath given granted bargained and sold and by these presents do give grant bargain & sell unto the said Benj Johnson all the goods & chattels hereafter mentioned, to wit, two feather beds and furniture, two chests, four sows and thirteen pigs, two iron pots, three puter basons, one saddle, five sheap and one weveing lowm, to one puter dish, two sows and thirteen shots, one cow, one horse bridle and sadle, two sheap, to one pot, one Wornet Table to have and to hold the aforesd bargained goods and chattels with the rights & privilledges to Benj Johnson his heirs & assigns forever, except the said William Driskell and John Driskell shall keep harmless the said Johnson from any lost charge or trouble of a debt due Wm & Isaac Horsey of abt twenty pounds which the B. Johnson became security for given under my hand & seal this 13th day of April 1775.

Rachel (her mark) Driskell William Driskell (seal) Adam (his mark) Driskell John (his mark) Driskell

April 13th 1775 William Driskell Senr & John Driskell his son acknowledged this deed... Before me Ebenezer Handy

My note: Rachel & Adam's signatures appeared on the right hand side of the page and Wm & John on the left. Adam was likely a child of William SR (Rosannah had a brother Adam). There is nothing to say what Rachels' relationship was, but we know he had a daughter named Rachel...who married Samuel Hearn

The 1783 Worcester tax list shows: Neither John nor Adam owned land, at least none is recorded. John had 5 white males and 4 white females in his house. (It certainly looks like he had a family). Adam had no one listed in his household, making it appear he was not yet married. John provided security for Adam and this suggests a close kinship...most likely they were brothers.

From Nelms Store Accounts: DRISKELL, John (10 March, 1775 to 5 June, 1787) Bought a gallon of rum delivered by his father in 1775 for 0/6/0. Paid by a buckskin in 1776 for a credit of 0/7/6. In 1783, bought a pair of shoe buckles and 2 quarts of brandy. In 1786, a frying pan, a case of knives and forks, a doz. Pewter plates, 2 tin pans, molasses and rum. Driskell was to trade wheat, rye, and beeswax for these items but only delivered 2 lbs of beeswax and paid one shilling. Gave a note for the balance due of 3/19/6 in 1787.

Following is the last known mention of John, from Worcester Co. deeds: Bk Q, Jan 31, 1795, pg 97 John Driskell Bill of Sale to Robert Lemmon - I John Driskill son of William of Worcester Co. farmer for and in consideration of fifty pounds current money have sold and make over to Robert Lemmon all my personal estate consisting of one dun colored horse one dun colored mare one bay colt one black pyed cow and two yearlings and one red pyed cow five (sheep?) two sows and thirteen pigs. Four feather beds with the furniture and four bedsteads twenty-five barrels of (?) corn one grinds stone two plows...two grubbing hoes...2 pewter (casons?) 6 pewter plates one gun 3 chests...five stacks of fodder. Signed: John Driskill (his mark) wit: William Handy, Wm. Brighton/Britton

He was definitely giving up farming, but why? Was he ill? Was he moving? Still no clue regarding his wife and children, but he sold 4 beds. It is possible he moved to Kentucky with Adam. This is about the time (late 1790's) Adam set off for Kentucky.