Person:John Dawson (42)

m. 30 Nov 1837
  1. Maj. Byron Dawson1838 - aft 1912
m. 16 Nov 1842
Facts and Events
Name John W Dawson
Gender Male
Birth[2][7] est 1810-1820 Oldham, Kentucky, United States
Marriage 30 Nov 1837 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesto Sarah Ann Johnson
Property[1] 18 Dec 1839 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesagreement to provide for father-in-law in exchange for purchase of land
Census[2] 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United States
Other[3] Mar 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesin court for fight with brother-in-law
Marriage 16 Nov 1842 Marion, Indiana, United Statesto Mary Seburn
Probate[4][1] Feb 1843 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesagreement with deceased father-in-law cancelled
Other[5] 14 May 1844 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesappointed Guardian of son
Property[6] 3 Oct 1848 Johnson, Indiana, United Stateswith wife, sold her share of inherited estates
Death[7] Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United Statesage >85 -
  1. 1.0 1.1 Johnson, Indiana, United States. Deed Records, F:256, Sep 1839-May 1841, Primary quality.

    John W. Danson for the maintenance of Bala Johnson and Anna his wife agree to pay the said Johnson $75 in quarterly installments until the note of $1200 held by said Johnson against me is paid & additional I agree to funish the said Johnson with a dwelling house and a Smoke house built by me on the North 1/2 of a certain 1/4 acre
    Signed 18 Sep 1839 John W. Danson
    Attest A. R. Hinkley, John C. Goodwin
    The above obligation is canceled & rendered null & void by order of Probate Court 15 Feb 1843 as also the noted filed below at the same time. Signed John C. Goodwin, adms
    On or before 25 Dec 1845 for Value Recd I promise to pay Bala Johnson twelve hundred dollars March 5, 1837
    Signed John W. Dawson

  2. 2.0 2.1 Household Recorded, in Johnson, Indiana, United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Publication M704), 91.

    John Dawson,
    1 m<5 [Byron],
    1 m 20-30 [John],
    1 f 20-30 [Sarah]

  3. Johnson, Indiana, United States. Civil Court Order Book, 2:380, 1832-1840, Primary quality.

    March 1840
    State of Indiana vs John W. Dawson & John Snow – Indictment for an Affray
    Defendants plead not guilty
    Trial by judge, who finds the defendants guilty, fined $5 each & costs
    Creed Dawson acknowledges security for John W. Dawson
    William [C]arter for John Snow

  4. Order Book, in Johnson, Indiana, United States. Probate Records, B:261-262, Primary quality.

    February Term 1843
    In the matter of the estate of Baily Johnson deceased
    John C. Goodwin Administrator . . . of Baily Johnson late of Johnson County deceased . . . [says] there has come into his hands an agreement or obligation executed by one John W. Dawson by which said agreement the said John W. Dawson undertook to pay to the said Baily Johnson and Anna Johnson his wife the sum of seventy five dollars each year from the 18th day of September A.D. 1839 until the 25th of December 1845 that upon said agreement he is informed and believes there is now due about one hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents also that there has come into the memorialists hands a note executed by the said John W. Dawson dated March 5th 1839 payable to decd and due on the 25th of December 1845 for twelve hundred dollars – to wit the amount due and owing upon said obligation and note in the consideration agreed upon for the following described tract of land situate in Johnson county to wit. the north west quarter of Fractional section 30 in township 12 Range 5 purchased by the said Dawson from deceased. Your petitioner would further represent that the said John W. Dawson holds decedents bond for a conveyance on [] payment and is in possession under said bond and purchase. There is under fence and cultivation on said land about forty acres and further your petitioner is fully satisfied of the inability of said Dawson to pay the amount now due and that his solvency is at least doubtful unless the land should be worth the money due thereon which is also doubtful. In consideration of the finances your memorialist believes it would be for the benefit of the estate to compound said Claims if it can be done and the notes agreements and bond be cancelled. . . .
    p. 262 February Term 1843 (16 Feb 18430
    John C. Goodwin, Administrator of the estate of Baily Johnson', deceased submits an agreement between himself and John W. Dawson:
    It is agreed by John C. Goodwin the Administrator and the said John W. Dawson as follows. Said Goodwin is to give up all the claims against said Dawson contracted by him in the purchase of the north west quarter of Section 30 Township twelve Range 5 said Dawson is to give up the bond of decedent for a conveyance to the Administrator and heirs and give up entire and peacible possession of the land on the first day of March A. D. 184[?] and give possession now of the garden [spot] north west of the Millhouse, the house smoke house and meadow field adjoining the same said house being on the north half of said quarter and a four acre [str…] field east of said house – It is however especially understood that said Dawson does not by this agreement in any manner dispose of the Still House on said tract of land
    Signed 15 Feb 1843, John C. Goodwin, John W. Dawson

  5. Estate File #3697, Sarah Ann Dawson (1844), in Johnson, Indiana, United States. Probate Records, Primary quality.

    Guardian Bond, John W. Dawson, filed 14 May 1844, Probate Court
    The undersigned would respectfully represent unto your honor that he is the father of Byron Dawson who is aged about 6 year. His mother Sarah Ann Dawson now deceased was the daughter and one of the heirs at law of Baly Johnson, late of said county deceased, who died intestate seized of 140.0 acres of land situate on the Madison and Indianapolis State road about 2 and 1/2 miles south of Franklin – the rental value of which land is about $60. That there are 5 heirs of said Baly none [sic] entitled to one equal [“one equal” inserted above line] share of said land one of whom is the said Byron son of your petitioner. Your petitioner wishes to be appointed guardian of his said son so as to enable and authorize him to take full charge of this interest and share of his said son in said estate
    Signed John W. Dawson

  6. Johnson, Indiana, United States. Deed Records, J:251, Mar 1842-Jan 1849, Primary quality.

    John W. Dawson and Mary Jane Dawson his wife
    Were paid $150 by Samuel S. Seaburn
    For the undivided 1/5 part of the E1/2 of the NE1/4 of S7, T12, R4, except 1/2 acre on the NW corner deed to John D. List
    And Warrant the sale except the right of Dower of Catherine Seburn widow of John V. Seaburn deceased
    Signed 3 Oct 1848 John M. Dawson, Mary J. Dawson
    Witness G. Tomlinson JP

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    [cos1776 Note: does not mention a 2nd wife Mary Seburn.]