Person:John Davidson (112)

John Davidson
b.bef. 1733
  • HJohn Davidsonbef 1733 - 1802
  • WMary Allisonabt 1736 -
m. Bef. 1753
  1. Agnes Davidsonest 1753 -
  2. Sarah 'Sally' DavidsonAbt 1765 -
  3. John DavidsonEst 1766-1770 - 1798
  4. Jinny DavidsonBef 1781 -
  5. Robert DavidsonBef 1781 -
Facts and Events
Name John Davidson
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1733
Marriage Bef. 1753 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Allison
Death? 1802 Rockbridge County, Virginia

John Davidson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 232.--34th July, 1769. Robert (mark) Allison's will--To son James, has received his part; to daughter Mary Davison, has received her part; to son John, 10 shillings; to daughter Agness; to son Robert, infant, testator's home plantation; to son Francis, infant, 250 acres on Mill Creek; to son Halbert, received his part already; to wife Hannah; to daughter Janet. Teste: Alexander (mark) McClure, Arthur McClure, Joseph Walker, Joseph Walker, Jr. Proved, 15th August, 1769, by all except Joseph Walker, Jr. Hannah Allison qualifies, with Alex. and John McCluer. (Note: Robert Allison was the father-in-law of John Davidson).

Information on John Davidson

From post of Bill Davidson:

Mrs. Mary (Allison) Davison was the wife of John Davison (shown on some records as "Davidson"). John Davison left his will in Rockbridge Co., VA in 1802, and his children with Mary were Sarah "Sally" Davison (married James Gilmore in the 1780s), Jinny Davison (married William Davidson, Junior in 1799 in Rockbridge Co., VA....William "Junior" was from an almost certainly different/unrelated Davidson family that had come into that area of VA from the Buckingham/Prince Edward Co., VA area around 1769), Robert Davison (married Sarah "Sally" Davidson in 1801 in Botetourt Co., VA....this Sarah "Sally" Davidson was a sister of the above William Davidson, Junior) and John Davison, Junior (he married Sarah "Sally" Rootes; John "Junior" was not mentioned in his father's 1802 will, because John "Junior" had already died about 1798, leaving several children).

It also APPEARS that John and Mary (Allison) Davison had another daughter who was named Agnes Davison (though she was not mentioned in the 1802 will; Agnes was probably named for Agnes Allison). Agnes Davison married Richard Shanklin, and Richard left his own will in Botetourt Co., VA in 1800, and the witnesses included a John Davison. The other witnesses on that 1800 will were the above William Davidson, Junior, his brother Baker Davidson and their father William Davidson, Senior (whose wife was Martha Baker). Richard Shanklin and the "William Davidson, Senior family" were neighbors in Botetourt (and that may be how/why William Davidson, Senior's family came to know...and ultimately marry into...the John Davison/Mary Allison family of "next-door" Rockbridge Co., VA).

I have more information if you are interested. There were five UNRELATED Davidson/Davison/Davisson families in the Augusta/Botetourt/Rockbridge area of VA in the 1700s who currently have living male DNA donors in the Davidson/Davison/Davisson DNA testing project (including the above William Davidson, Senior family). The above John Davison who married Mary Allison represents a POSSIBLE sixth such family in that area, and we currently have no DNA donor who "traces back" to that John Davison (so we do not know at this time if he was related to ANY of the other five families in that area of VA in the 1700s with that same general surname). We hope to someday find a living Davi(d)son male from that family who will join the DNA testing project. Comments/questions?