Person:John Cowan (35)

John Cowan
b.31 AUG 1770
d.3 June 1846 Barbour, Alabama
m. BEF 1762
  1. James Cowan1757-1779 -
  2. Susan Cowan1757-1779 -
  3. Eleanor Cowan1757-1779 -
  4. Archibald 'Archie' Cowan1757-1779 -
  5. Mary Cowan1757-1779 -
  6. John Cowan1770 - 1846
  7. Samuel Cowan1777 - 1854
  8. Elizabeth Cowan
  • HJohn Cowan1770 - 1846
  • W.  Susannah Glover (add)
  1. John Franklin Cowan1806 -
  2. Sarah Cowan1808 - 1849
  3. Samuel Cowan1810 - 1835
  4. John G. Cowan1812 - 1869
Facts and Events
Name John Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? 31 AUG 1770
Death? 3 June 1846 Barbour, Alabama


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Seven Brother Cowans
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Notebook. Cowan's in Chalkley's Chronicles, Alphabetical and Date Ordered
Ancestry Lineages for John Cowan=Susannah Glover


From: Glover Family

John Cowan (August 21 1770- ?) and Susannah Glover married sometime before 1806 when their son John GLover Cowan was born in 96 District, South Carolina. John Sr. was the son of John Cowan, Sr (1739-1792) and Margaret who are said to have come to 96 District during the late 1760's from Augusta County, VA. John Sr. owned land on both sides of the Savannah River, and operated a ferry (Cowan's Ferry) there during the Revolution.

Susanna Glover was born March 6, 1779 in North Carolina, probably Stokes County, since her parent's marriage records are there. Her father was John Glover, a Revolutionary War veteran who moved to Old 96 District shortly after the Revolution.


There are commonly two John Cowans both identified as the sons of John Cowan=Susannah Glover. One is given the middle name of "Glover", the other "Franklin". Both are sometimes given the DOB of 1806 and sometimes as 1812. It appears that this is an example of name recycling, with one son John born in 1806 and dying before 1812, and the second born in 1812 using his name, but distinguished with a different middle name. There is a Franklin Cowan, who some identify as John Franklin Cowan, in the Ancestry census rendition, born in Florence, Stewart Ga, in 1812. If this is, indeed, the same person as John Franklin Cowan, then it is John Glover Cowan who died young.


YDNA test results for two persons claiming descent from this John Cowan match the YDNA signature for the Seven Bother Cowans. The lineage referenced above traces the ancestry of this John Cowan to James the immigrant fide Source:Fleming, 1971. Others, however, identify this John's parents as John Cowan b 1739, Old Chester, PA. and Margaret.