Person:John Cochrane (9)

John Cochrane
  1. John Cochrane1712/25 - bef 1765
  • HJohn Cochrane1712/25 - bef 1765
  • WMargaret Sampleabt 1715 - bef 1759
  1. Samuel Cochran1750 - 1837
  2. Hugh Cochranebef 1752 - 1829
  3. Mary 'Mollie' Cochranaft 1751 -
  4. Elizabeth Cochranaft 1751 -
m. est. 1750-1756
  1. John Cochran, Jr.1757 - 1833
  2. Robert Cochran1759 - 1824
  3. James Cochran1768 -
Facts and Events
Name John Cochrane
Alt Name John Cochran
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 1712/25 County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Marriage est. 1750-1756 to Susannah Donnelly
Death[1] bef. 21 August 1765 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia
Burial[1] 1765 Stone Church Cemetery, Augusta, Virginia, United States

John Cochrane (Cochran) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Cochran's land (just outside of Beverley Manor NE on Big Meadow Run, 224 acres acquired from James Hughes and Euphemia, and Andrew Greer and Ruth in 1762, which was previously acquired from Samuel Kerr [his original 1756 patent] in 1760) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: the map depicted above shows the approximate location of the patent of Samuel Kerr, sold to James Hughes and Andrew Greer in 1760, and later sold to John Cochran on 18 August 1762, based upon the description provided in Chalkley's).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 532.--18th August, 1762. James Hughes and Euphemia, and Andrew Greer and Ruth ( ) to John Cochran, £122, 224 acres on Big Meadow Run, a branch of Cathey's River, line of Beverley Manor. Acknowledged and privy examination, 19th August, 1762. Delivered: Henry King, September, 1775.

Estate Records

  • Page 415.--21st August, 1765. Susanna Cochran's bond (with John Stewart) as administrator of John Cochran.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1765. - (448) Susanna Cockran qualified administratrix of husband, John Cockran.
  • Page 421.--27th September, 1765. John Cochran's estate appraised, by Jno. Anderson, Thos. Stevenson, Jas. Allen, Sr., James Allen, Jr.
  • Page 124.--22d March, 1768. John Cockran's estate settled--Paid John Gentry, James Maurry, Mathew McCullough, Alexander Baine.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 22, 1769. - (89) John Stewart, security for Susanna King, admx. of her deceased husband, John Cockrain (wife of Henry King), asks counter security. Henry and Susanna also summoned to show cause why they do not provide for their children.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 27, 1769. - (302) John Cockrain, son of John Cockrain, deed., to be bound to Hugh Allen, he teaching him the trade of a wheelwright and joiner.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 27, 1769. - (302) Following orphans of John Cockrain, deed., to be bound according to law, viz: Robert, James, Elizabeth and Mary.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 20, 177l - (183) On complaint of Henry King and Susanna, Hugh Allen summoned to show cause why he illegally detains and does not teach his apprentice, John Cockrane, his trade and give him sufficient clothing. [Note: record refers to John Cochran, Jr.]
  • Page 397.--26th March, 1771. Henry King's bond (with Saml. McKee) as guardian to John Cockran, orphan of Jno. Cockran.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1771 (B). - Henry King and Susanna, his wife, late Susanna Cochran, administratrix of John Cochran, deceased, vs. John Smiley.--Defendant, in 1771, lives in Botetourt.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 19, 1782. - (364) Commissioners to lay of the thirds of the lands whereof Robert Cochran is possessed, as heirs-at-law of John Cochran, deceased.
  • Vol. 2 - 1783--Page 1, Soldiers' wives, (October), page 65, Henry King and Susanna, his wife, late Susanna Cochran, administratrix of John Cochran, deceased.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 52.--21st May, 1754. James Brown's sale bill of household goods to John Cochran. Teste: Robert Hastings, Wm. McClintock.
  • Page 423.--17th March, 1757. Joseph ( ) Mays and Rebeckah ( ) to Jno. Stewart £59, lot 3 in Staunton, woodland lot 8. Livery by a latch of door of house on the premises. Teste: Wm. Lusk, Jno. Cochran. Delivered: Jno. Stewart, June, 1759.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 21, 1757. (414) John Cockrane vs. George Lewis } Geo. Lewis appeared and swore he was not the person indebted--alias summons awarded.
  • Page 396.--28th May, 1760. Thomas Thompson's appraisement, by Wm. Johnston, John Graham, John Cochran.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1764. - (400) Sarah Wilson, servant woman of John Cockrane.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE, 1764 (C). - Cochrane vs. Low (In the Forks of James River).--John Low's note, 22d June, 1763, to John Cochrane. Test. John Robinson, John Blear, 29th May, 1764. Low is not in the County.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1765 (A). - Howell vs. Steel and Cochran.--John Steel and John Cochran, Chapmen, 1757.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 22, 1765. - (452) Samuel Howell vs. John Cockrane.--Abates by death of defendant.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1767. - (218) John Grenby bound to peace towards Susanna Cockrain.
  • Page 21.--25th August, 1767. Samuel Cowdon to Mathew Willson and James Cowdon, chairs and beds in trust to secure payment of £20 to Samp[son] and George Mathews for which Mathew and James are security for Samuel. Teste: Susanna ( ) Cockran, John Murray, Pat. Lockhart.
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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 John Cochran, in Find A Grave.

    John Cochran
    Birth: 1725, Ireland
    Death: 1765
    Augusta County
    Virginia, USA

    Taken from Inscriptions from Augusta Stone Church (oldest cemetery), Ft. Defiance, Augusta Co., Virginia, by Mrs. C. F. Rudolph, Washington, DC., 1953.

    (New stone erected). This stone marks the grave of John Cochran, born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1725, came to America in 1740, settled in Stone Church neighborhood in Augusta Co., VA, where he lived until his death in 1765. He was a man of intelligence, high character, and sternly worth qualities which he transmixed to his number of able descendents who are settled throughout the United States.

  2.   Peyton, John Lewis. History of Augusta County, Virginia. (Staunton, Virginia: Samuel M. Yost and Son, 1882), Page 312.

    The Cochran Family
    The first of this family who settled in Augusta about 1745 was John Cochran, who came to Pennsylvania and thence to Augusta. He settled in Staunton as a merchant, and worshiped at the Old Stone Church. He married Susannah Donnelly, likewise of Covenanter stock, and from the north of Ireland. They left issue: James and Robert, and several daughters. He died on his estate, near the Stone Church, now owend by the heirs of Thomas W. McCue, deceased.

    James Cochran, the elder son of the original John, m. Magdalen, a daughter of Col. George Moffett, of Revolutionary fame. At his death, which occurred in Staunton in 1836, he left issue: 1. John Cochran, of Charlottesville; 2. Geroge M. Cochran, of Augusta; 3. James A., of Loch Willow, Augusta; 4. Magdalen, wife of Benjamin Crawford. It is not necessary to follow out the descendants of James Cochran’s children, as they appear in other pedigrees in this volume.

    Robert Cochran removed to Kentucky., m. ?, and left issue: one son, John Cochran, who m. Ann Buskirk, and has issue: Jno. B. Cochran, a lawyer of Colorado, who married in Virginia his cousin, Magdalen, a daughter of James A. Cochran, of Loch Willow. 2. Thomas Cochran, who died circa 1876, Judge of the Louisville, Kentucky Chancery Court. 3. Robert, an officer of the Chancery Court of Louisville, Ky., and daughters.

    John Cochran, the emigrant, was a man of great spirit and enterprise, and though he died young, left a handsome inheritance to his children. His son, the late James Cochran, Esq., was distinguished for the soundness of his judgement, the acuteness of his intellect, and the persistency with which he pursued his plans. He accumulated a large estate, was long a magistrate of the county, and died beloved and respected by all.

  3. Spofford, Ainsworth R, and William Wirt Henry. Eminent and representative men of Virginia and the District of Columbia of the nineteenth century: with a concise historical sketch of Virginia by Hon. William Wirt Henry and of the District of Columbia by Ainsworth R. Spofford. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1969).

    From Biographical Sketch of John Lewis Cochran, great-grandson of this John Cochran:

    Mr. Cochran's great-grandfather, John Cochran, was born in county Antrim in the north of Ireland in 1712, emigrating to this country about the year 1742. He settled in Augusta county and married Miss Susanna Donelly. a native of Antrim county, Ireland, with whom he was acquainted in his native country. He carried on merchandising in Augusta county for many years and there he died.

  4.   My COCHRAN Research
    by Wanda Burch Armstead

    Kathrine Evers , 4th great granddaughter of our family's immigrant ancestor JOHN, had written a book of the memories and traditions of the COCHRAN FAMILY. Katharine is the same relation to the immigrant JOHN as myself.

    When I was in Salt Lake, UT at the Mormon Library, I found a little book and through it, Kathrine (the author) and I have pieced together our COCHRAN family history.

    I have the old family bible which my mother had after Grandma COCHRAN died. This was helpful to Kathrine and the information she had from her mother was helpful to me.

    Some excerpts from Kathrine's book are as follows: The Cochrans, my maternal grandfather's forbears, descendants of JOHN, Earl of Dundonald, of Paisley, Scotland, who went over to Ulster in the north of Ireland before 1570 with his three sons-HUGH, JOHN, and JAMES, believing they would be free to follow their faith in the Presbyterian church. But this was not to be. They were not allowed to worship openly and their marriages were not honored unless done in the State Church. They were taxed heavily and had no rights in government. So they fled Ireland to save their wealth, if not their lives, and came to America, very likely before 1720. Before 1724 COCHRANS first settled on the Susquehanna river, then the frontier. Scotch Irish fighters served as a shield to Penn's pacifist Quakers.

    JOHN COCHRAN born ca 1720 married Margaret Sample. They had 3 children; JOHN, HUGH, and MOLLIE.

    In Egles Historical and Genealogical Series he shows, in Capt. James Murray's Co. 4th Batt. of Lancaster Co., PA, commanded by James Burd, Esq. on March 13th 1776, shown under privates, was JOHN COCHRAN Sr., and JOHN COCHRAN Jr.

    About HUGH, the second son of the immigrant JOHN, and our 3rd great grandfather. In 1772 at age 20 he was in Londenderry twp. Lancaster Co., PA. He had 65 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow, tax 3.0 In 1773 he had no land in Pa.

    We have no record of him until 1776 when the family record, written by his daughter, Margaret, and finished by his son, Allen, about 1880 say: HUGH and Hannah Herron were married about 1776. their Ist child, JAMES, was born 19 April 1778. (bible)

    HUGH signed the oath of allegiance in Lebanon, PA, Sep. 27, 1777. In 1779 he, Hannah and baby started to Kentucky. They stopped on the Monongehela river where, owing to the severity of the winter they were forced to remain until spring. This was known for many years as the "hard winter". During this time a second child, Elizabeth R. was born in 1779.

    At this time Richard Henderson and North Carolina speculators signed a treaty with the Indians to buy all the territory south of the Ohio river, between the Kentucky and Cumberland rivers. it was named Transylvania. HUGH and HANNAH no doubt thought it was a great opportunity to buy good land for $2.25 per acre. So in the spring they continued their journey and settled on 400 acres on Floyd's creek on April 16, 1781.

    Here they lived until 1796 when the following children were born: JOHN in 1781, MARGARET in 1783, DAVID in 1786, HUGH in 1788, ANDREW in 1793, ALLEN in 1798, the last child born to HUGH and HANNAH in Ross Co., Ohio.

    March 11, 1782, payroll papers signed by John Logan, by order of Col. Benj. Logan, lists HUGH CORGHAN as having served 31 days in Ensign David Cooks Co. of Militia on the Frontiers of Lincoln Co., KY. We believe this to be our HUGH COCHRAN. The book "Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution- Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, 1775-1783" by John H. Gwathmy, page 161 shows COCHRAN, HUGH as a Pvt. in the Virginia Volunteers. (Kentucky still belonged to Virginia at the close of the Revolutionary War in 1783.

    The following was written by Margaret, 2nd daughter of HUGH and HANNAH, of their experiences in Kentucky and Ohio.
    "Such glowing descriptions of the beauty of the scenery and the fertility of the soil in Sciota County, Ohio, having been circulated by Massie and others who had explored it in 1792, my father HUGH COCHRAN together with portions of the Presbyterian congregations at Cane Ridge and Concord, in Bourbon Co., KY., under the Rev. Robert Finley, determined to emigrate there in a body. They were, in a measure, induced to take this step by their dislike for slavery and the uncertainty that existed in regard to the validity of land titles in the state.

    In the spring of 1795, a large concourse of people who wished to engage in the enterprise, assembled for the purpose to fix a date to meet at the three islands in Manchester to proceed on an exploring expedition. My father, together with about 60 men, met according to appointment. They proceeded on their way without interruption until they reached the falls of Paint Creek in Ross county, Ohio. When they had gone a short distance down the stream they found themselves in the vicinity of some Indians who had encamped at Reeves Crossing (now Seymours), east of Bainbridge.

    The Indians were the ones who had refused to attend Wayne's treaty and it was decided to give them battle, it being too late to retreat with safety. The Indians, being attacked, soon fled with the loss of two dead and several wounded. The Whites gathered up all the plunder and retreated as far as Sciota Vrush Creek, where they were, as expected, attacked the next morning. One white man, Allen Gilfillan, was wounded. The next day they reached Manchester and returned to their homes.

    My father sold his place for $30.00 an acre. After Wayne's Treaty, my father, Col. Massie, and several of these explorers again met at the home of the Rev. Mr Finley, Organized a company and agreed to form a settlement the ensuing spring, 1796,to raise a crop of corn at the mouth of Paint Creek in Ross Co., Ohio. According to agreement they met at Manchester in the latter part of March, to the number of 40 or 50 families from Mason and Bourbon. They packed their goods and effects on pack horses as there were no roads larger than the Indian path from Manchester through to their destination at the Prairie Station in the Sciota Valley at the mouth of Paint Creek. They arrived April 2, 1796."

    HUGH COCHRAN bought a great amount of land near Bourneville and Chillicothe which he and his boys farmed, and were active in community affairs. July 29, 1810 HANNAH died, and August 27, 1816 HUGH married again. REBECCA COONEY was his 2nd wife. HUGH sold the land that he owned in Ross County and bought land in Champaign county where he and REBECCA made a new home. They had 3 children: George Washington, born 1817; William Henry Harrison, born 1819; and Andrew Jackson. We do not have the date of Andrew Jackson's birth. This family lived in Champaign County Ohio until HUGH'S death, August 2, 1829.

    HUGH and HANNAH'S oldest son JAMES was my 2nd great grandfather. He was the oldest child of 8 that HUGH and HANNAH had. As previously mentioned, he was born in Pennsylvania 19 April 1778, lived in Kentucky until he was 18, and went to Ohio with his parents and brothers and sisters in 1896. Near Chillicothe, Ross Co. Ohio he farmed on land he and his father had bought. August 30,1804 he married Rachel Kerr. Their children were: HUGH,born 27 July, 1805; William K. born 28 Aug. 1807; HANNAH born 8 AUG. 1810; MARTHA C. born 25, Nov. 1812; MARGARET C. born 18 May 1815; JANE C. born 25 Aug. 1817; Elizabeth C. born 20 Jan. 1820; JAMES H. born 25 Aug. 1822, died 29 Aug. 1823; DAVID A. born 13 Apr. 1825, died 15 July 1828. JAMES served as a private in the War of 1812. At that time he had 4 or 5 children.

    As his father and grandfather before him, JAMES had the desire to conquer new frontiers. So in 1827 he took his family and went with several of his brothers to Tippecanoe Co., near Lafayette, Indiana. There, between 1827 and 1829, land tract records show he bought 760 acres of land and built, what he describes in his will as, "a mansion." A large Indiana map in our Boulder Library has the name COCHRAN printed on the area where his land was."

    HUGH, JAMES oldest son and our 1st great grandfather, (the 1st son was usually named for his paternal grandfather) was born 27 July, 1805 near Bourneville, Ross Co., Ohio. Here he lived and worked on his fathers farm until his marriage to MARIAH STOCKTON, 29 Aug.1826. Soon after his marriage he and MARIAH left for Indiana with his father and uncles. The lst tract book of Tippecanoe Co., Indiana shows that HUGH bought 80 acres May 21, 1827. They lived there, farming their land until sometime between Nov. 1838 and 1840. HUGH and William K., his brother, were named administrators of their father's estate which was settled 29 Nov. 1838, after which and before 21 Sep., 1840, HUGH succumbed to the urge to migrate farther west.

    They went first to Clay Co., MO. where their last 4 children were born. The first 5 children were born in Indiana. Their children were; JOHN S. b 17 Dec.,1827 and d 9 Oct. 1846. RACHEL b 27 Nov., 1829; MARY JANE b 3 Jan., 1832; MARGARET E. b 23 May, 1834; HANNAH M. b 14 May, 1838; EVELINE b 21 Sep.,1840; EMELINE, b 21 Sep., 1840; JAMES ALLEN b 31 May 1843. (My grandfather); WILLIAM B. b 13 Apr. 1846

    In 1848 or 49 HUGH'S sister JANE and her husband, WILLIAM E. MARQUAM bought property in Caldwell Co. and platted and established a town called Mirabile. Soon after this HUGH moved his family there (I assume HUGH bought land and farmed, although after HUGH'S death, 12 May, 1857, the 1860 census shows his wife and 2 daughters and 2 sons living in the town of Mirabile.

    The COCHRANS were staunch Presbyterians and helped to organize a Presbyterian church in Mirabile.

    Now we are down to JAMES ALLEN COCHRAN, the father of a son JOHN and 2 daughters, NELLIE BURCH and SARAH (SADIE) SMITH. He was the grandfather of WILLIAM JAMES BURCH; GRACE IRENE BURCH; WANDA BURCH and NEVA SMITH; BYRON SMITH; and FRONA SMITH.

    He and his wife, GRACE RANNELLS COCHRAN settled in Colorado permanently in 1868. They were married in Valmont Colorado July 21, 1864. He served in The Caldwell County Missouri Home Guards and was discharged on the 12th of October 1861. He and Grace had known each other in Missouri before the Rannells family came to Colorado.

    Author: Wanda Burch Armstead discusses her Cochran research ; also Pioneer Families in Boulder County, Colorado (Burch, Carter, Cochran, Rannells)