Person:John Carpenter (109)

John The Elder Carpenter
m. ABT 1545
  1. James CarpenterABT 1538 - AFT 1588
  2. John The Elder CarpenterAbt 1538 - Aft 1572
  3. William Carpenter1540 - 1659
  4. John The Younger CarpenterABT 1546 - 1587
  5. Alexander Carpenter1546 - aft 1613
  • HJohn The Elder CarpenterAbt 1538 - Aft 1572
  • WAnn UnknownAbt 1540 -
m. ABT 1559
  1. Johan CarpenterABT 1560 -
  2. Ann or Anne CarpenterABT 1561 -
  3. Elizabeth or Ales CarpenterABT 1563 -
  4. William CarpenterABT 1565 -
  5. John Carpenter1569 - 1657
Facts and Events
Name John The Elder Carpenter
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1538 Dilwyn, Herefordshire, England
Marriage ABT 1559 Holm or Dilwyn, Herefordshire, Englandto Ann Unknown
Burial? 1572 Kinnersley, Herefordshire, EnglandSt. James Church
Death? Aft 4 Nov 1572 Kinnersley,Hereford,England

!Child per Harry Rogers. NOTE: Not mentioned in the 1558 will of vicar John Carpenter! No children mentioned either!!! AND the John Carpenter b. 1538 of Wrington, Somerset, England has different parents!!! JRC 12/2002 (SEE RIN 29059)

WILL: Will dated 4 Nov. 1572. Probated 1572. John appears about 35 in this will. The will is in poor condition on the right side. It is assumed that the the three daughters were born first followed by two sons. The youngest son, John who was born 1659 died at age 88 in 1657 and was of Upcott. His mother was still alive per his will. Excerpts of the will follows: "I give to my daughters Johan and Ann, a yearling heifer apiece." "I give to my three daughters, three standing beds, with all the furnishings of the same belonging, and that my wife shall have the arranging of the same -------- the church of Kinnersley." "I will that Anne my wife, shall have the occupation of all those lands, meadows, leaseholds and pastures, together with -----------------of a lease made to me and one John Meeth, by Hugh Whitney, and which I have assigned to my son, William, and that my wife, shall have the arranging of the same ----------- answering, paying and accomotating the profits of the same to my executor, at the end of four years next ensiuing, and that my wife and my executor -------------- come unto take some lease or other bargain with the same stock, where they shall be most necessary, to the use of my Son William, and in case they cannot --------------------- the same stock, until the said Willliam, shall come to the age of 16 years, and then my executor, to yield and pay the same stock to my son William." "I will that Anne my wife shall be good to Ann my maid." "I will that my wife shall have all my inmovable goods and give to William my son, 6 oxen, 6 taynes, 2 ironband waynes." "I give to J----- the Heriots (?), if any be due upon my lands, all the rest of my cattle, young beast, calves and sheep, I give my wife and sons to be equally divided amongst them." Several times the phrase, "... after my mother's decease." is used. Outstanding money to be paid to his daughters and his sons. "I give pounds which I have in the hands of John Edwards to my brother William ------ land wherin the said John Watkins is bound to the said William." More to brother William and then to brother John. John basiclly gets land in Norton and William gets land in Kinnersley. "All my good unbequeathed I give to Ann my wife." "I do make and ordain John Carpenter my brother executor ---------------- to see this last will and testament truly performed and John Baskerville Esq., William ----------." Witnesses include Thomas Carpenter Clerk (Vicar)