Person:John Blaisdell (8)

John Henry Blaisdell
m. 22 JAN 1867
  1. William M Blaisdell1871 - 1901
  2. John Henry Blaisdell1871 - 1955
m. 28 NOV 1894
  1. John Errold Blaisdell1896 - 1982
  2. Emma Frances Blaisdell1898 - 1984
  3. Winifred Gertrude Blaisdell1900 - 1940
  4. Edward Arthur S Blaisdell1903 - 1926
  5. William Frederick Blaisdell1905 - 1999
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] John Henry Blaisdell
Alt Name Harry J Blaisdell
Gender Male
Birth[9] 24 SEP 1871 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
Residence? 1880 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, United States
Marriage 28 NOV 1894 New York, New York, USAto LYDIA GERTRUDE SYNNOTT
Residence[3] 1900 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, United States20 Richardson St
Residence? 1900 Manhattan, New York, New York, USARiver Front, New York
Residence[1] 1910 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA20 Richardson St
Residence[5] 1920 Phippsburg, Sagadahoc, Maine, USABlaisdell Farm, Fiddler's Reach
Residence[6] 1930 Phippsburg, Sagadahoc, Maine, USABlaisdell Farm, Fiddler's Reach
Residence? 1934 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA657 Washington St.,
Residence[10] 1940 Phippsburg, Sagadahoc, Maine, USABlaisdell Farm, Fiddler's Reach
Burial[4] FEB 1955 Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine, USAOak Grove Cemetery Section J West Lot 1 #1S
Death[4] 09 FEB 1955 Phippsburg, Sagadahoc, Maine, USA

Bath Independent and Enterprise 7 Feb 1903, p. 5: "Harbor Drift" column

While coming through Stage Island gut early Sunday morning the little steamer Leo, owned and oommanded by Harry Blaisdell, went ashore and immediately sank. The Life Saving orew rendered their assistance, but Capt. Blaisdell found it neoessary to send to Bath for a tug and the wreoking sloop Stephen Orr. With this apparatus the boat was floated and brought to this city for repairs. This is the second time the Leo has tried to navigate by sub-marine methods this winter.

Bath Independent and Enterprise 30 May 1903, p. 5:

Harry Blaisdell has made extensive repairs on the steamer Leo and has her now in readiness for the lobster business. He has 35 traps ready to place and 75 more will be added to the list by next week. Mr. Blaisdell intends to supply all the merohants along the river. The boat will make her first trip as soon as the inspector arrives and inspects the oraft.

Bath Independent and Enterprise 30 Nov 1904, p. 3 "City Chat"

The little steamer Leo owned by Harry Blaisdell and used as a lobster smack, sunk at her dock on Commercial street Saturday night. On Monday she was raised and from a thorough inspection it is believed that the damage can be speedily and effectively repaired.

Bath Independent and Enterprise 13 Jun 1908, p. 5 "City Chat:"

Steamer Lucy Neff which left Detroit on June 20 for San Francisco and was obliged to put into this port in July for repairs, remaining here until the middle of February when she sailed for New York to take on a load of carbide and set sail from there March 4, has been heard from at San Pedro wjth a broken crank shaft. Harry Blaisdell of this city is engineer and as the craft had been out for so long a time without being reported, fears were entertained for her safety.

Bath Independent and Enterprise 1 Aug 1908, p. 5 "City Chat:" J. Harry Blaisdell, who went to San Francisco as chief engineer on the steamer Lucy Neff, arrived home Saturday. He came overland. The trip of the Lucy Neff from New York to San Francisco occupied 102 days, and she arrived in 'Frisco June 13th. Robert Shea of this city, who went as assistant engineer, remained in California with his sister who resides in Bakersfield. Mr. Blaisdell says that the trip was uneventful with the exception of the breaking of the shaft. The Neff is at present hauled up in Oakland Creek. It is reported that the purchase price of the. craft with the expense of the trip from Detroit stands the owners upwards of $120,000 which is nearly double the amount that a new craft of her size would cost.

The San Francisco Call 10 Jun 1908, p. 15 "Lucy Neff at San Pedro" The steamer Lucy Neff, bound from New York for this port, reported by the British steamer Crown of Galleria, which arrived June 4, as having broken its shaft, arrived yesterday at San Pedro and will be towed here from the southern port. Upon arrival at San Pedro the Lucy Neff reported that the crank shaft cracked in latitude 3 north and that the vessel was detained for four days making repairs. After getting underway again the Lucy Neff proceeded under quarter speed for San Pedro, arriving there yesterday.

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    Vital: White, Male, parents married
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    Mother: Emma A Leeman; white; Born Bath, resides Bath. Housewife
    First born child
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