Person:John Ball (186)

m. 16 Jan 1693/94
  1. James Ball1694/95 - 1756
  2. Nathan Ball1695/96 -
  3. John Ball1697 - 1756
  4. Elizabeth Ball1699 - 1703
  5. Sarah Ball1700 -
  6. Abigail Ball1702 - 1775
  7. Elizabeth Ball1705 -
  8. Susanna Ball1707/08 -
m. Bef 1721
  1. Grace Ball1721 - 1738
  2. Amity Ball1722/23 - 1738
  3. Anna Ball1724 -
  4. Samuel Ball1726 - 1726
  • HJohn Ball1697 - 1756
  • WMary Clark1697/98 - 1738
m. 12 Nov 1730
  1. James Ball1731 - 1797
  2. Mary Ball1732/33 - 1732/33
  3. Samuel Ball1734 - 1799
  4. Nathan Ball1737 -
  • HJohn Ball1697 - 1756
  • WLydia Perry1711 - Aft 1760
m. 4 Oct 1739
  1. Lydia Ball1740 - 1740
  2. Mary Ball1741 - 1814
  3. John Ball1742 - 1814
  4. Josiah Ball1742 -
  5. Isaac Ball1744 -
  6. Jonathan Ball1747 -
  7. Jonas Ball1748 - 1803
  8. Joseph Ball1750/51 -
Facts and Events
Name John Ball
Gender Male
Birth[1] 22 Jul 1697 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage Bef 1721 Based on birth of eldest known child
to Abigail Harrington
Marriage 12 Nov 1730 Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Clark
Marriage 4 Oct 1739 Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Lydia Perry
Death[2] 11 Jan 1756 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Historical Society of Watertown (Massachusetts). Watertown Records. (Watertown, Mass.: Press of Fred Barker, 1894-1939)
    Vol. 2, p. 9.

    John Ball son of James. &. Elizabeth Ball : was born July : 22 : 1697 :

  2. Wall, Caleb A. (Caleb Arnold). Reminiscences of Worcester from the earliest period, historical and genealogical: with notices of early settlers and prominent citizens, and desciptions of old landmarks and ancient dwellings, accompanied by a map and numerous illustrations. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Tyler & Seagrave, 1877)
    p. 204.

    Burials on the Old Common.
    John Ball, Jan. 11, 1756, aged 59.
    [Birth about 1697.]

  3.   Massachusetts. Probate Court (Worcester County). Probate records 1731-1916, index 1731-1881. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971, 2001)
    Case 3040: Ball, John. Worcester. 1756.

    Will of "John Ball of Worcester ... Gent.", dated 9 Jan 1756, proved 3 Feb 1756, names daughter Anna wife of Eben'r Bartlett of Newton, Eldest Son James Ball [Silver Tanker which his mother Brought me at marriage], sons Samuell & Nathan Ball [things "which I had by their mother at marriage"], wife Lydia real estate for four years, then one third while for her life, the residue divided between James Samuell Nathan John Josiah Isaac Jonathan Jonas & Joseph and my Daughter Mary. Wife and son James to be executors.
    16 Jan 1755 [sic, 1756]: Citation to heirs to appear to consider will
    21 Jan 1756: Inventory of the Estate of John Ball Late of Worcester
    23 Oct 1757: James Ball's charges for "the Cost of putting the house into Comfortable repair and diging a seller
    16 May 1758: Accounting of Lydia Ball and James Ball Executors of the Last Will and Testament of John Ball Late of Worcester Gent Dec'd.
    21 Feb 1759: Lydia Ball of Worcester Widow, that whereas John Ball Late of Worcester in will dated 9 Jan 1756 gave her use of all his property for four years to bring up children, then one third with the rest divided equally between his children, "James Samuel Nathan John Josiah Isaac Jonathan Jonas & Joseph & Mary", and whereas children are desirous of dividing it now, she consents.
    20 Mar 1759: Inventory of real estate of JOhn Ball Late of Worcester, and set off one third to the Widow of said Deceased
    26 Feb 1760: Accounting of Lydia Ball, assented to by the following people giving receipts, judge ordering distribution to them
    26 Feb 1760: receipt of James Ball "for my Self and as Guardian to my Brother John & Josiah" from " Estate of our Dec'd Father Jn'o Ball of M'rs Lydia Ball"
    26 Feb 1760: receipt of Nathan Perry "for Isaac Ball as his Guardian"
    26 Feb 1760: receipt of John Chaddick "as Guardian to Mary"
    26 Feb 1760: receipt of Nathan Ball "for myself and as attorney to my Brother Sam'll"

  4.   Bond missed one birth to John and Mary Ball, and as a result, credits a marriage to the wrong man and confuses the children of John-37 and John-44 even though both men left wills naming their children and it is impossible to reconcile them based on Bond's information.

    The missed birth is Mary, d/o John and Mary, b. 22 Feb 1732/33. This is too close to the birth John and Mary Ball's twins Daniel and Hannah in Jun 1733, and shows there were two couples named John and Mary. John-44's first wife Abigail d. 1728, and it is not reasonable to think he waited until 1739 to remarry, and since the one John and Mary have children mentioned in John-44's will, and none that can't be accounted for, John-44 must have married 3 times (Abigail, Mary, then Lydia), not the two shown by Bond.

    And since that birth in 1732/33 creates a Mary that goes with the death of a Mary one month later, that means the daughter Mary of John-37 did not die. She is the Mary Ball, b. 1725/6, m. 1745 Samuel Child, and d. 1748, leaving the grandchild Hannah Child mentioned in the will of John-37. Incidentally, clearing up one of Bond's question marks from his list of unmatched Ball's at the end of the section on this family by identifying the Mary Ball that married Samuel Child.

    This is explained in more detail at The Children of Two John Balls of Watertown.