Person:Joao Marques Arrais (1)

b.BET 1545 AND 1555 Santana, Madeira, Portugal
m. BET 1545 AND 1555
  1. Joao MARQUES ARRAISBet 1545 & 1555 -
m. 1 OCT 1571
  1. Joao MARQUESBet 1585 & 1595 - Bef 1647
  2. Manuel CALDEIRA GILBet 1585 & 1595 - Bef 1676
Facts and Events
Gender Male
Birth[2] BET 1545 AND 1555 Santana, Madeira, Portugal
Marriage 1 OCT 1571 Parochial Church of Santa Ana, Santana, Madeira, Portugalto Catherina ALVARES
Unknown 2
Catherina ALVARES

Joao Marques Arrais per das artes & Paulo The Marques is probably a Marques Arrais, thought I don't know yet if > there is a relation with the famous Arrais family from the mainland which > passed to Madeira, Portugal by way of the Arrais de Mendona-per Paulo

He also could be Joao Arrais that we have in database (or connected to him)

at least 4 of their children married children of Marcos Gomes Caldeira e Beatriz Soares

later addendum per Paulo: One final note. This couple João and Catarina also carry the surname MATA, which may have come from Catarina. This hints that Álvaro Anes de Azevedo is possibly from Caniço, where an Azevedo family exists, as well as the Mata. On the other hand Arrais is also a Stª Cruz/Agua de Pena/Gaula surname, so it may bring the Mata as well... One or the other bring in the Mata surname (I would bet on Marcos Gil) which, as we all know, has its roots in Gaula.

  1. Gomes Soares. (Familias da Madeira e Porto Santo -pgs 163-167)
    163, 163 .163.163.

    Pedro Gomes Soares c 1613 c Maria Gil filha de Joao Marques e Catarina Alvares.
    Isabel Soares c 1610 c Francisco Marques filho de Joao Marques e Catarina Alvares.
    Catarina da Rua c 1617 c Manuel Gil, filho de Joao Marques e Catarina Alvares.
    Manuel Gomes Soares c Porto da Cruz c Maria Marques filha de Joao Marques e Catarina Alvares. Teve: Manuel Gomes Soares.

  2. Paulo Gomes Jardim. Paulo Gomes Jardim-Fellow Researcher & Cousin.

    João Marques is documented as João Marques Arrais, there's no doubt about being him the one who brings the surname into the family.
    He is from Santana, son of Marcos Gil, the root of this family and of the Marques name itself.