Person:James Morrow (13)

James Morrow, of Orange Co, NC
b.abt 1735 North Carolina
  • HJames Morrow, of Orange Co, NCabt 1735 -
  • WAnn MebaneBET 1746 AND 1750 - BET 1789 AND 1800
  1. Robert MorrowABT 1779 - 1845
  2. John MorrowABT 1780 -
Facts and Events
Name James Morrow, of Orange Co, NC
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1735 North Carolina

BROTHER = William Morrow of Orange Co.

Sold 3 acres of land in 1793 to trustees of Cross Roads Meeting House. Vincent Morrow sold them land in 1839 as he prepared to go to Missouri. That deed says he got the land from his (Vincent’s) father Robert. (

Cross Roads is in what is now Northeastern Alamance Co. NC. Family legend says that James was a Scotch Irish Immigrant who came to Orange Co with his brother William, who had land on Cane Creek in Southern Orange Co, just east of Alamance county.

DNA confirms that this man and the William listed here as his brother are closely related. Descendants 7-8 generations removed match closely enough to yield a probability of 90% that they are related within 12 generations.