Person:James Love (60)

James Love
b.est. 1734 Ireland
d.Bef. 5 June 1792 Poss. South Carolina
m. Abt. 1734
  1. James Loveest 1734 - Bef 1792
  2. Robert LoveEst 1738-1745 -
  3. Margaret Love1743 -
  4. Violet LoveAbt 1746 -
  5. John LoveAbt 1748 -
  6. Mary Love1750 -
  7. Hezekiah Love1752 - 1833
  8. Samuel LoveAbt 1755 -
  9. Joel LoveAbt 1756 -
  10. William Franklin Love1764 - 1821
  • HJames Loveest 1734 - Bef 1792
m. abt. 1754
  1. Thomas Love1755 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name James Love
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1734 Ireland
Marriage abt. 1754 Irelandto
Death? Bef. 5 June 1792 Poss. South Carolina

James Love was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of James Love in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 518.--4th October, 1773. William Gray and Katharin to Moses Whitesides. Delivered to James Love, June, 1780.
  • Vol. 2 - McCullogh vs. Love--O. S. 224; N. S. 79--Bill, 1808. Complainants are, viz: John McCullock and Rachel Shields; John, Patsy, Joseph, Sally, William Shields; Polly and John Sloan, heirs of James Shields, deceased. In 1792 John McCullock and James Shields become surety for Thomas Love on his administrator bond of his father, James Love, deceased, who bequeathed personally to his granddaughter, Susannah Love. Will of James Love of Rockbridge, 26th September, 1791. Granddaughter, Margaret; granddaughter, Susannah; son, Thomas Love. Recorded in Rockbridge, 5th June, 1792.


According to the Revolutionary Pension file of James Love's son Thomas Love, he came to America abt. 1763 from Ireland (age 8), which provides the probable emigration date for James and his family.