Person:Isaac Trimble (5)

Isaac Trimble
b.24 October 1753 Augusta County, Virginia
d.6 November 1836 Rockbridge County, Virginia
m. est. 1740
  1. Joseph Trimble1740 - 1808
  2. Jane Trimble1741 -
  3. Agnes Trimble1751 - 1822
  4. Isaac Trimble1753 - 1836
  5. Moses TrimbleAbt 1754 - 1828
  6. James Trimble1755 - 1779
  7. John Trimble1756 - 1838
m. 6 January 1783
  1. Sarah "Sally" Trimble1787 - 1813
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Trimble
Gender Male
Birth[1] 24 October 1753 Augusta County, Virginia[area later Rockbridge County in 1777]
Marriage 6 January 1783 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Frances 'Fanny' Crow
Death[1] 6 November 1836 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Isaac Trimble was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 5, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Trimble, Isaac - born 10/24/1753 in Rockbridge [then Augusta] County, Virginia, where entered service in 1780 as substitute for brother John (dec'd in 1832) in Virginia regiment; received Pension there in 1832; clergyman John D. Ewing, Edward Graham & Andrew Alexander made affidavit there then per County Justice of the Peace Joseph Steele & County Clerk of Court Samuel McD Reid; William Lyle made affidavit there then he had served in Revolutionary War with soldier in 1780, per County Justice of the Peace John F. Caruthers; James Harrison made affidavit there then he had served in Revolutionary War with soldier in 1776-77, per County Justice of the Peace William Paxton. F-S6268, R2413.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Isaac Trimble, James McLaughlin, John Mathews (of Greenbrier County), Francis McLaughlin, ____ McLaughlin and ____ McLaughlin, the three latter children and heirs of Sally McLaughlin, late Sally Trimble, deceased, who sue by James McLaughlin, their father and next friend, vs. Graham--O. S. 48; N. S. 16. Sally Trimble was daughter of Isaac. Rev. William Graham died intestate, leaving children and heirs. Jane Graham married James Murdock and lives in Pennsylvania. Polly Graham married Reid Bracken and lives in Pennsylvania. Susannah Graham married ____ Rice and live in Kentucky. William Graham. The other children died without heirs.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).
  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension application of Isaac Trimble S6268 fn17VA
    Transcribed by Dylan Trimble, T. J. Price, Colton Kinser, Matt Brown, and Haley Hunter
    Mr. Wilson’s US Military History Class
    Edgewood High School
    Ellettsville, Indiana
    Service Number
    Va. Trimble, Isaac. S.6268
    Virginia 16185
    Isaac Trimble
    Of Rockbridge in the State of Virginia
    Who was a Pri[vate], En[sign], Lt [Lieutenant] in the company commanded by Captain Moore of the Regt commanded by Col. Bowyer in the Virginia line for 15 Months.
    Inscribed on the Roll of Virginia
    At the rate of 100 Dollars ------ Cents per annum
    To commence on the 4th day of March, 1831
    Certificate of Pension issued the 16th day of July ’33 and sent SMD Reid, Lexington, VA
    Arrears to the 4th of March ’33- 200
    Semi-anl. Allowance ending 4 Sept’’ 50
    Revolutionary Claim;
    Act June 7, 1832
    Recorded by William Miller Clerk
    Book E. Vol. 6 Page 28
    State of Virginia 3rd September, 1838
    Rockbridge County
    This day personally appeared before me. Joseph Steel, a Justice of the peace for sd County Isaac Trimble, a resident in sd County, aged 77 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
    That he entered the service of the United States, under the following named officers and served as herein stated. This Applicant states that he volunteered as a militia man for 3 months under Col. Bowyer, then of sd County, now dead, in the months of June or July 1780. That he marched from sd County, under the sd Col. Bowyer [William Bowyer] and Capt. Wm. Moore [William Moore] of sd County, now living to Charlottesville, thence to Richmond, having joined the main army near Deep Run Church, under the command of Gen. Muhlenburg [Peter Muhlenberg] -- that shortly after he joined Muhlenburg’s troops, he was ordered by Col. Willis to take 24 men and march over to “The Back Road”, about 3 miles distant and conceal his men in the Pine bushes for the purpose of firing when Tarlton [Banastre Tarleton], who (it was reported) was coming round upon sd road to take Muhlenburg by surprise. Willis's orders to this Applicant were to fire and retreat to where Muhlenburg’s troops were stationed, consisting as he believes of 700 or 800 men. Tarlton did not come as it was expected, and this Applicant returned to the troops next morning.
    This Applicant was discharged a short time afterward having been ordered by Col. Bowyer to return home and bring the draughted men who remained in Rockbridge. But received counter orders, after having arrived at home from Col. Bowyer, and did not return. He received no written discharge as be believes he can not say, how long he served in camp this Tour, having returned home upon orders, before his term expired, and there remained in pursuance of his Col’s. order, to act as a Deputy Commissary in Rockbridge, for the purpose of sending flour, to the troops at Richmond.
    This Applicant further states that immediately after this tour, he was called upon as a Lieutenant under Cpt. David Gray, then of sd. County now dead—that he marched with another company under Cpt. Charles Campbell of sd. County, now dead to Richmond – Thence to Cabin Point, 30 miles below Richmond, on the River [James River] where the Companies remained about two weeks under Col. Richardson [Holt Richardson], a Militia officer. Thence marched to Petersburg, there joined the main army. Then returned to Richmond , and there received a discharge, which he has lost. This Applicant served three months in this tour, he cannot recollect any if the regular officers under whom he served during this tour.
    This Applicant further states that he volunteered as a Substitute for his brother John Trimble, now dead, under Cpt. William Moore, mentioned in the foregoing part of this Declaration, and marched about the latter part of August 1781, from sd. County of Rockbridge, to Charlottesville –thence to Richmond, and there received orders to march to York where this Applicant served as a Rifleman, under Col. Lewis [Samuel Lewis]. After the battle fought there, Col. Vance [Samuel Vance], of the Rifle Regiment, was ordered to take 6 or 700 Prisoners and deposit them at Winchester, in which service, this Applicant volunteered as a guard and did not return home, until the last of November, in the same year. He does not recollect of having received a discharge. He served, in this tour he thinks, 3 months.
    This Applicant further states that he served 3 tours against the Indians, during their disturbances upon our frontiers. To wit one tour under Cpt. John Monroe of Bottetourt County [Botetourt Count] now Rockbridge in 1774 against the Shawnee at Point Pleasant [10 October 1774], under an order of the Governor [John Murray, Lord Dunmore, Royal Governor of Virginia], to Col. Lewis [Andrew Lewis], to call out 1000 men, from Shenandoah Augusta & Bottetourt Counties in the valley of Virginia.
    in which tour this Applicant served 3 months.
    This appointment further states that in the year 1776, he served as an Ensign under Col. Skillern [George Skillern] of Bottetourt against the Shawnees at Point Pleasant, where he witnessed the death of the 6 Shawnee Hostages; then in the fort, consisting of Cornstalk, Ellenepsico [Elinipsico], & others.1 He couldn’t say how long he served in the tour.
    This Applicant further states that he served as a Private under Col. Christie [William Christian] of Bottetourt County, VA against the Cherokees in 1777 for the term of 3 months.
    This Applicant declares that he was born in the sd County of Rockbridge2 on the 24th Oct. 1753.
    He has a record of his age in his father’s handwriting, now in his possession and exhibited to the Justice before whom he makes this declaration.
    He was living in sd County of Rockbridge when called into service, where he has since continued to live.
    This Applicant refers to the Rev. John D. Ewing, Edward Jackson, & Andrew Alexander of his neighborhood as evidence in his behalf.
    He hereby relinquishes any claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity, except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any state.
    Sworn to and subscribed the day & year above written.
    Isaac Trimble
    [John D. Ewing, a clergyman, and Edw. Graham and Andrew Alexander gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

    Materials added by Will Graves 2/16/11
    Rockbridge County State of Virginia} to wit
    On this 7th day of June 1833, personally appeared before me, Joseph Steele a Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid, Isaac Trimble a Resident in said County and an applicant for a Pension, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath, make the following amendments to his Declaration for a Pension.
    He states that in the Tour at Point Pleasant, mentioned in his Declaration as having taken place in 1776 and in which he served as Ensign, he served 3 months, being induced to believe so, from the Recollection of others as well as from his own memory. He states that his service, during the Revolutionary War as mentioned in his Declaration, amounts in all to Fifteen months for which period, he claims a Pension. Three months in this period he acted as a Lieutenant – and three months as and Ensign as mentioned in his Declaration. For evidence of this service as Lieutenant & Ensign, he refers to the Testimony of Captain William Lyle and James Harrison, both of Rockbridge County aforesaid, herewith exhibited. He further states that he was commissioned, and that he received his commission as Lieutenant from the court of the County of Rockbridge and as Ensign from the Court of Bottetour [sic] County and that he acted under these commissions as above stated. He further states that if the proof of his having been commissioned, and having acted under his commissions, the not considered sufficient, by the Commissioner of Pensions, he only claims for the time, he served under his commissions, as a Private, to wit for 15 months as a private. Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year above written.
    N. B. This applicant further states that he may be mistaken as to the year, mentioned in his Declaration in which he served at Point Pleasant as an Ensign. He thinks it may have been in 1777, instead of 1776.
    S/ Joseph Steele
    Rockbridge County State of Virginia
    On this 3rd day of June 1833, personally appeared before me William Paxton a Justice of the Peace for said County of Rockbridge, James Harrison,3 of said County who being first duly sworn deposeth and saith that he is well acquainted with Isaac Trimble, an applicant for a Pension, and a Resident in said County – that he served with said Isaac Trimble, in an expedition against the Shawnees at Point Pleasant in 1776 or 77 (he is confident though it was 77). – That he knows from his own personal knowledge that said Isaac Tremble was Ensign in this Expedition, and acted as an Ensign, during the whole Tour of 3 months. I further certify that the said James Harrison is a credible witness.
    Given under my hand the day and year above written.
    S/ Wm Paxton
    Rockbridge County State of Virginia} to wit
    On this 3rd day of June 1833 personally appeared before me, John F Caruthers a Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid William Lyle4 of said County, who being first duly sworn, deposeth and saith, that he is acquainted with Isaac Tremble of the County aforesaid, who is an applicant for a Pension – that he served with him one Tour viz. the Tour mentioned in said Trimble's Declaration as having taken place in the Fall of 1780 in which he, said Trimble, served as a Lieutenant under Captain Gray and Colonel Richardson – that he knows from his own knowledge that said Isaac Tremble acted as a Lieutenant in this Tour, and he presumes he must have received a Commission – that he does not think he (William Lyle) remained in the whole Tour, having left the said Trimble, with the Troops encamped at Petersburg, as he thinks. In this Tour this witness states that he acted as Commissary for the Troops from Rockbridge, and he also thinks, as quarter Master. He further certify [sic] that the said William is a credible witness, being a man of unblemished name & one of the oldest magistrates in the County.
    S/ John F Carothers

    1 C. Leon Harris notes: In Nov 1777 Chiefs Cornstalk (Hokoleskwa), his son Ellinipsico, and Red Hawk were being held hostage at Ft Randolph at Point Pleasant. They were murdered in retaliation for the killing of Lt. James Gilmore by person or persons unknown.
    2 C. Leon Harris notes: Rockbridge County did not exist until it was formed in 1778 from Augusta and Botetourt counties.
    3 James Harrison S5496
    4 There is no record of a veteran by this or any similar name filing for a federal pension based on service rendered in Virginia. A Capt. William Lyle is listed in McAlister's roster of Virginia militia as serving from Rockbridge County, VA. Consequently, this may be the only record of this veteran's service in the federal pension records.