Person:Humphrey Griffin (2)

Humphrey Griffin
b.Est 1605 England
d.Bef 19 Nov 1661
m. 17 Oct 1562
  1. Humphrey GriffinEst 1605 - Bef 1661
m. Est 1637
  1. John GriffinCal 1640 - 1688
  2. Elizabeth Griffin1641 - 1702
  3. Samuel GriffinEst 1642 - Bef 1691
Facts and Events
Name[2] Humphrey Griffin
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1605 England
Marriage Est 1637 Englandto Elizabeth Unknown
Death[1] Bef 19 Nov 1661 Before date of probate.
Probate[1] 19 Nov 1661 Administration to widow Elizabeth.
Alt Death[2] 16 Sep 1662 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Estate of Humphry Griffen of Ipswich.

"Administration on the estate of Humphry Griffen, granted Nov. 19, 1661, to his widow, Elizabeth, by Mr. Samuell Symonds and Major Genll. Denison. It was ordered that an inventory be brought into the next Ipswich court. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 97.

Administration having been formerly granted to Elizabeth Griffen on the estate of her late husband, Humphry Griffen, by the Honered Mr. Samuell Symonds and Major Genrll. Denison, the clerk being present, and now an inventory, amounting to 71li., clear estate, being presented to court Mar. 25, 1662, the estate was ordered to be divided as follows: To John Griffen, the eldest son, 20li.; to the two younger sons, 10li. each; and the rest of the estate to the widow. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 104.

Inventory of the estate of Humphry Griffin, late deceased, appraised by James Davis and Theophilus Shatswell, allowed Mar. 25, 1662, in Ipswich court: Wearing apparell, 7li.; beding, boulster, sheets, hanging or curtaines, 9li.; brass. Iron pot, pewter, tinn & leaden waites, 2li. 10s.; gun, pistoll & powder, a rapier & belt, 2li. 10s.; 2 corsletts & another raper and houlsters, 3li. 5s.; a bible, 12s.; axes, beetle rings, wedges & sides & Irons for fire, 1li. 10s.; chests, payles, bowles, trayes, dishes, beer barrells, chaires, 2li. 15s.; beefe, 3 fatt swine & 3 leane swine, 10li. 10s.; In corne English & Indian in the straw, 40li. 6s.; cart plows, plow Irons, yokes, chaines & timbrell, 4li. 10s.; hows, forks, a spade, shovells, 18s.; a fan, a halfe bushell, 14s.; a yoak of oxen, 15li.; 2 cowes & 2 calves, 11li.; 2 horses, 24li.; in land, upland & meddow, 100li.; debts dew by bill or promise, 52li. 7s.; in cotton woole & a horse coller, 10s.; an ox hyde & a cow hyde, 1li. 3s.; total, 290li. 6d. Debts dew from Griffen to severall men when he dyed was 190li. Copy made, Apr. 1, 1669, by Robert Lord, cleric. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 14, leaf 149."[3]

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