Person:Henry King (37)

Henry Basil King
m. 12 Mar 1809
  1. John Rhodes King1816 - 1898
  2. Henry Basil King1818 - 1868
  3. William George King1823 - 1901
  • HHenry Basil King1818 - 1868
  • W.  Mahala Day (add)
m. 2 May 1838
  • HHenry Basil King1818 - 1868
  • W.  Eliza Culbertson (add)
m. 6 Apr 1859
Facts and Events
Name[3] Henry Basil King
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 Dec 1818 Stewart, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 2 May 1838 Gonzales, Texas, United Statesto Mahala Day (add)
Marriage 6 Apr 1859 Caldwell, Texas, United Statesto Eliza Culbertson (add)
Death[1][2] 5 Dec 1868 Cuero, DeWitt, Texas, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Pate Family Bible.

    Births: Henry B King son of William and Rachel King Born Dec 12, 1818.
    Deaths: James W King Dec 5 1868. [sic, should be Henry, since James died during the Civil War]

  2. Henry B. King, in Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas (

    Henry B. King, s/o William King and Rachel Petty, b. Stewart County, TN, 12 Dec 1818, d. DeWitt County, Texas 5 Dec 1868. "The exact cause of his death and the exact location of his grave remains a mystery."

  3. Various sources give Henry's middle name as Basil or Brasil. Documents that apply directly to Henry (such as some probabte documents, or documents related to his guardianship when his father died, or his membership in Ranger units) seem to merely say "H.B. King" or "Henry B. King". The only documentary evidence either way seems to be the death certificate of his daughter Sarah Elizabeth Harwood in 1923 which identifies her father as "Basil King" [no Henry!]. Given that the informant, Sarah's son William, was born after Henry died, and this was recorded 55 years after his death, it is very second-hand and will not stand in the face of other evidence, but there isn't any yet. One could wildly speculate that Basil might originate from Bazzell's Salt Creek, the location of Henry's fathers homestead. Likewise one could speculate Brasil might originate from Braswell, possibly the maiden name of his mother's grandmother (Soundex treats Brasil as equivalent to Braswell).