Person:Henry Holsapple (5)

Johan Hendrick 'Henry' Holsapple
d.3 January 1813 Northwestern, Ohio
m. 14 February 1738
  1. Johan Jacob Holtzapple1739 - 1739
  2. Johan Adam Holtzapple1740 - Bet 1800 & 1810
  3. Anna Maria 'Mary' Holtzapple1742 - 1816
  4. Johan Hendrick 'Henry' Holsapple1742 - 1813
  5. Johan Jacob Holtzapple1744 - 1793
  6. Johan Bernet Holtzapple1747 - 1822
  7. Erasmus Holtzapple1749 - 1798
  8. Elizabeth Holtzapple1751 - 1765
  9. Maria Barbara Holtzapple1753 - 1822
  10. Catherina Holtzapple1755 -
m. 1761
  1. Christine Holsapple1766 - 1827
  2. Philip HolsappleAbt 1767 - 1858
  3. Isaac HolsappleAbt 1769 -
Facts and Events
Name Johan Hendrick 'Henry' Holsapple
Alt Name Johan Hendrick 'Henry' Holtzapple
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 June 1742 York County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1761 to Susannah Lefebvre
Death? 3 January 1813 Northwestern, Ohio[killed by Indians]
Estate Inventory? October 1822 Greenbrier County, Virginia[some have mistakenly placed Henry's date of death in 1822 since that is when his estate appraisal took place, but he died in 1813, some nine years earlier]

Estate Records

  • Vol. 5 pages 541-43 20 May 1814; Michael Coffman and wife Mary Coffman 54 acres for $5.00 to Susannah Holsaple widow and relict of Henry Holsaple dec'd, Catharine Holsaple, Isaac Holsaple, Charles Holsaple, Elizabeth Holsaple, Mary Holsaple, Sally Holsaple, Adam Holsaple and Samuel Holsaple, children and heirs of Henry, part a 100 acre tract granted to John Bowman and George Myers, Peter Eversole.
  • Will Book Vol. 1 pages 564-66 Henry Holsapple Sr, Appr, 8 Oct 1822 by Phillip Sydenstricker, James H Arbuckle. Notes on/other; George Cart, George Daugherty, Jacob Feckler, Wm Hoke, Alexander Holsapple, Henry Holsapple Jr., Philip Holsapple, Frederick Hoover, Berryman Jones, John McDowell, Jacob Osborn, Michael Ott, George Shanks, John Stewart, George Stuart, Philip Sydenstricker, Jacob Vance (Wantz), Adam Wantz (Vance), Henry Wilson. Adm; Frederick Hoover. (Note: it was somewhat unusual for an estate appraisal to take place 8-9 years after a death, perhaps there was disagreement over Henry's division of assets or some other reason. More research may be necessary).

Military Records

  • Henry Holsapple was listed as a private on the muster roll of a Co. of Infantry commanded by Capt. Solomon Taylor and/or Capt James Robinson of Greenbriar (sic) County. For the period Sept 19, to Nov. 19 he was paid for two months service at $6.66 per month for $13.33. From Nov. 20 to Dec 12 he received $5.03 for 23 days service. He is shown to have enlisted Sept 19, 1812 and "Dyed the third day of Jan'y 1813". He received from Dec 13 to Jan'y 3 the sum of $4.73 for 32 days service. 2nd Regt Virginia Militia." [Source: General Services Administration, War Record of Henry Holsapple].
  • Henry Holsapple was a member of Solomon Taylor's Virginia Militia Company between November 1812 and January 1813. While on a mission with the Company chasing marauding Indians he was captured and burned at the stake January 3, 1813 (near Fort Deliverance, Ohio). I find no records of such a Fort. After this Henry's death his widow and their eight children went back to Pennsylvania to live. [Source: letter of Herman Holsapple, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, dated August 16, 1977].

Land Records

From "Greenbrier County Deeds & Wills 1750-1833:

  • Vol. 1 pages 682-83 26 Jul 1803: John Couier 185 acres for 5 sh to Michael Ott adj land of Frederick Couier, Henry Holsaple, Thomas Edgar, Jacob Kuhn
  • Vol. 1 pages 245-46 25 Dec 1804; John Holsclaw and wife Elizabeth Holsclaw 51 acres for 5 sh to John Comber adj Henry Holsaple, James Greasy, land part of 300 acres granted Wm Hugan
  • Vol. 1 pages 318-19 10 Oct 1805; John Rodgers of Kanawha Co 100 acres for $5.00 to Jacob Chestler part of 265 acres deed to Gregory by Wm Huggins which part was granted to Huggins? adj Henry Holsaple, Lewis Bhelman, Jacob Clingman, Wm Arbuckle
  • Vol. 2 pages 22-23 14 Apr 1808; James Gregory and wife Eleanor Gregory (deed of mortage) 114 acres for $100.00 to Andrew McCleland adj Henry Holsaple. Gregory must pay by 14 Apr 1810. Wit: Peter Anderson, George Masters, James Masters.
  • Vol. 2 pages 64-65 28 Jul 1807; Frederick Comber and wife Catharine Comber 20 acres for 5 sh to Frederick Hoover adj Henry Holsaple
  • Vol. 2 pages 102-03 20 May 1807; John Harpole 77 acres for (English pound sign)200 to Henry Holsaple at foot of Muddy Ck Mts. Wit; James Anderson, George Lewis, John Miller.
  • Vol. 2 page 310 24 Apr 1810; Henry Holsaple, cooper, and wife Susannah Holsaple 5 acres for 5 sh to George Whitzel near Lewisburg and disposed of by lottery from Denis McLaughlin to Holsaple.
  1. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable primary source).
  2.   Henry Holsapple/Holsopple, son of Johann Adam Holtzapple. Johann Adam Holsapple was Johann Hendrick's brother. This Henry is reported to have been "burned at the stake by Indians at Deliverance, Ohio" in the War of 1812-- (d. 1814). This Henry's wife, Susannah, then took the family to Somerset County, PA, where the town of Hollsopple, PA now stands. The town was named for their son Charles.