Person:George Ramsey (8)

George Ramsey
m. Abt. 1743
  1. William RamseyBET 1743 AND 1744 - 1832
  2. James Ramsey1745 - Bef 1783
  3. John Ramsey1747 - 1790
  4. Mary Ramseyabt 1747 - 1817
  5. Alexander Ramsey1749 -
  6. Andrew Ramsey1751 - 1832
  7. Daniel RamseyBet 1752 - 1760 - Bef 1784
  8. George RamseyBet 1752 - 1760 -
Facts and Events
Name George Ramsey
Gender Male
Birth? Bet. 1752 - 1760 prob. Augusta County, Virginia

Records of George Ramsey in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 284.--15th February, 1783. John Ramsey's will--To son, Andrew, tract between John Patrick and Jno. Black, also money lent to Andrew to pay Robt. Estham; to son, George, land in Cantuckey; to son, John, 1 French Crown, Patriotism (?); to son. Alexander, 1 French Crown, Patriotism (?); to son. William, 1 French Crown, Patriotism (?); to grandson, John Ramsey, 1 French Crown; to grandson, Alex. Ramsey (?), 1 French Crown; to granddaughter, Mary Ramsey; to grandson, John Steele; to wife, Marey; to son, Daniel, residuary legatee and devisee. Executors, wife Mary, Andrew Ramsey, and Andrew Steele. Teste: John Patrick, John, and Samuel Black. Proved, 15th April, 1783, by Patrick and Samuel Black. Executors qualify. (Note: John Ramsey was the father of George Ramsey)
  • Page 420.--1st September, 1783. Daniel Ramsey's will--To mother, amount in appraisement bill of father; to brother, John Ramsey, Andrew Steel, Alex. Ramsey, Andrew Ramsey, Wm. Ramsey, George Ramsey, Jno. Ramsey (son of James, deceased), equal proportion of remainder; to brother, Andrew, all real estate; of land willed to testator at mother's death to brother Andrew, to be appraised by James Steel, Wm. Finley, Jr., Wm. Gilespey, Jno. Finley; to John Ramsey, son of James, infant; to Alex. Ramsey, son of James. Executors, Andrew Steel, John and Andrew Ramsey. Teste: John Black, Martha Black, Samuel Black. Proved, 15th June, 1784, by John and Samuel Black. John Ramsey and Andrew Steel qualified. Andrew Ramsey refused in persona. (Note: Daniel Ramsey was the brother of George Ramsey).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 17, 1784. - (264) George Ramsey is appointed guardian of Alexander Ramsey.
  • Vol. 2 - 17th August, 1784--George Ramsey, ditto (guardian for) Alex. Ramsey, ditto (guardian for) Jas. Ramsey.
  • Page 545.--30th December, 1785. Mary Ramsey's will, of Parish of St. Anne's, Albemarle County--To Alexander Ramsey, son to James Ramsey, infant; to six sons, viz: John, Alexander, Andrew, William, George Ramsey, and Andrew Steele; to Mary Ramsey, daughter to James Ramsey, infant. Executors, son John Ramsey and Andrew Steele. Teste: Samuel Black, Alex. Cummin, James Perthulls. Proved, 17th October, 1786, by Black and Perthulls. Executors qualify. (Note: Mary Ramsey was the mother of George Ramsey).
  • Page 279.---22d September, 1791. Alexander, Andrew, William, and George Ramsey, Andrew Steele to John Ramsey.
  • Page 281.--77 acres and 98 acres patented to John Ramsey, deceased, and become property of John Ramsey, son to James Ramsey, heir-at-law to said deceased and conveyed to Andrew Steele and Andrew Ramsey by said heir-at-law. Teste: John, James and Andey Ramsey.