Person:George Coiner (1)

George Coiner
b.Bef. 1722
d.Bef. 1780
m. Bef. 1720
  1. Michael Koiner1720 - 1796
  2. George CoinerBef 1722 - Bef 1780
  • HGeorge CoinerBef 1722 - Bef 1780
m. Bef. 1742
  1. Anna Margaret CoinerAbt 1742 - bef 1816
  2. Mary CoinerAbt 1744 - Bef 1821
  3. Jane CoinerAbt 1746 - Bef 1821
  4. Betsy CoinerAbt 1749 - Bef 1821
Facts and Events
Name George Coiner
Alt Name George Koiner
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1722
Marriage Bef. 1742 to
Death? Bef. 1780

George Coiner was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Ancestry of George Coiner

George Coiner is thought to be a brother, or possibly a cousin, of Michael Coiner of early Augusta County, Virginia. George is clearly too old to have been the son of Michael, since he was married and had children born between about 1742-1751, supposedly in the Augusta County area, according to There is a "Georg Frederich Keinat", born to Hans Michael Keinat and Barbara Heimberger on 8 September 1709 in Mockmuhl, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg and married Anna R. Schumacher on 8 November 1739 in Germany (familysearch) that could be this George Coiner (seems to fit datewise), but additional research is needed to make any connection or prove that this is the same George Coiner that migrated to Virginia.

The children of George Coiner children intermarried into several other families in the early Augusta County area (Mowry and Kaiser, among others), possibly located in the Linville's Creek area (more research needed). The wife of George is unknown and since few records exist, it is difficult to positively prove his ancestry or relationship to Michael Coiner (Koiner) who left many records in early Augusta and Shenandoah County, Virginia records. Michael Coiner did name one of his sons George, which seems to indicate that the name was prevalent in the Coiner (Koiner) family. George Coiner may have died prior to 1780 (as listed in familysearch), but additional research is needed to prove if he left a will or if estate records exist to help document his family.

Additional information on George Coiner


Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19

Husband's Name
George A COINER (AFN:1VL1-F8P)
Born: Abt 1700 Place: , Va, Augusta Co
Died: Bef 1780 Place:
Father: COINER (AFN:1VL1-FGX) Family
1. Sex Name
F Anna Margaret COINER (AFN:1VL1-F7H)
Born: Abt 1742 Place: Augusta Co, Va
Died: Bef 1821 Place:
2. Sex Name
Born: Abt 1744 Place: Augusta Co, Va
Died: Bef 1821 Place:
3. Sex Name
Born: Abt 1746 Place: Augusta Co, Va
Died: Bef 1821 Place:
4. Sex Name
Born: Abt 1749 Place: Augusta Co, Va
Died: Bef 1821 Place:
5. Sex Name
F Catherine COINER (AFN:1VL1-FFQ)
Born: Abt 1751 Place: Augusta Co, Va
Died: Bef 1821 Place:
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