Person:Georg Fahrnlucher (1)

Georg Wilhelm Fahrnlucher
m. 23 APR 1771
  1. Kunigunda Fahrnlucher1772 - 1790
  2. Georg Wilhelm Fahrnlucher1775 - 1845
  3. Conrad Fahrnlucher1781 - 1783
Facts and Events
Name[1] Georg Wilhelm Fahrnlucher
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 MAY 1775 Haus Nr. 4, Frimmersdorf, Germany
Other? 27 MAY 1775 Christened in Lonnerstadt Fact 1
Marriage JUN 1803 Lonnerstadt,Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria, Germanyto Margaretha Barbara Schorr
Death[1] 19 JUN 1845 Frimmersdorf, Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria, Germany
Burial? Lonnerstadt,Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria, Germany
Other? a farmer in Frimmersdorf Fact 2
Other? Lutheran Fact 3
Other? lived in House Number 4 in Frimmersdorf Fact 4

In 1789, a new house was built in Frimmersdorf in Mittel Franken which is a part of Bavaria. The reason we can record this date is not because of any record-keeping, but because the year was cut into the wooden beams that were used in its construction. This was a common practice throughout Europe. The new house was disignated as Frimmerdorf's "Haus Nr. 4" (House Number 4). Its construction is of large stone blocks with a stucco finish. As were many farm houses of this time, Haus Nr. 4 was about equally divided between living area for the family and space for the farm animals. In the many small Bavarian villages that were supported by farming, there were no street numbers. Houses were numbered in the chronological order in which they were erected. Once a house had been built and numbered, any succeeding house that would replace it, would also be referred to by the same number. Although Haus Nr. 4, which is two hundred years old, is no longer used as a dwelling, it was in use, as such, until just a few years ago. It was in a bad state of disrepair and would require extensive restoration. It is currently being used as a workshop and for storage. Because of its age, Richard (Farnlacher, of Munich) said that it might be on a protected government list of houses. The house of 1789 has been replaced with a new Haus Nr. 4 which is now serving as the residence. We also know that another Haus Nr. 4 preceeded the one built in 1789. Nikolaus' father (Georg Wilhelm Farnlucher) was born in 1775, also in a Haus Nr. 4, in Frimmersdorf, fourteen years before 1789. Could this have been the Haus Nr. 4 that Blasius built? (Part of "Haus Nr. 4" from "A Genealogical History for the Farnlacher/Farnlucher Families, 1989" by Karl Farnlacher)

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