Person:Francis Mabury (2)

Francis Mabury, III
m. Est. 1709-1715
  1. William MaburyEst 1712 to 1722 - 1750
  2. Francis Mabury, III1715 - 1774
  • HFrancis Mabury, III1715 - 1774
  • WMary EppesEst 1718 -
m. abt. 1737
  1. Francis Mabry, IV1738 - 1785
  2. Jesse Mabry1748 - 1791
  3. David Mabry1749 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name Francis Mabury, III
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1715 Surry County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1737 to Mary Eppes
Will? 15 April 1773 Bute County, North Carolina[Will Written]
Death? 18 April 1774 Bute County, North Carolina[later Warren County, NC]
Estate Inventory? May 1777 Bute County, North Carolina[Estate Inventory Returned]


Will/Inventory of Francis Mabury

  • 1773 Jun 15, Bute Co NC - Francis3 Mabry (Francis2, Francis1) died in Bute County, NC in 1773. On June 15th of that year he wrote a will condemning his wife and children and leaving everything including his lands, Negros, stock and whatever I have any title to & to his dutiful and well beloved grandson, John Mabry &(It is my) desire that the Negroes and stock be kept on the land and that the said John Mabry be schooled and maintained out of the profits thereof until he be 21 years of age and the remainder if any to be freely enjoyed.
  • 1777 May; Bute Co NC - Inv. of Francis3 Mabry estate returned by Wm. Cole for and in behalf of Robert Turnbull, adm.; included are `1 negro fellow, Botswain, 1 wench, Diana, 1 wench, Patty sundry plantation utensils which were burnt.' [Source: Bute Wills & Inventories, Pt I I,p. 32]. This is Francis3 Mabry (Francis2, Francis1).

Records of Francis Mabury

  • 1744 Sep. - Surry Co VA; Francis Mabry alleged that he was challenged on his horse and assaulted by Robin, a negro man slave of Daniel Epps; court declared Robin guilty; to be taken to public whipping post and receive 30 lashes on bare back. This is Francis3 Mabry (Francis2, Francis1).
  • 1755 - Granville Co NC, Francis Mabry on tax list with 3 polls: 1 white and 2 negroes, Josh and Pat.
  • 1770 - Bute County, NC - DB-3, page 74. 15 March 1770. Robert Moseley & wife Mary to Osborn Jeffreys, all of Bute Co.; L65 proc. money, two adjoining tracts in Bute County south of Tarr River on BS Buffalow Run & where Robert Moseley now dwells: (1) 100 acres, the upper part, bought from Thomas Smith of Buffalow Feb. 14, 1763, having been sold to him 11 Nov 1760 by William Moseley who had bought it 11 Mary 1757 from Francis Mabry, being part of a 639 acre grant to him from Earl Granville; (2) 250 acres bought from Thomas Person 2 June 1767. Wits: William Jeffreys, Simon Jeffreys, William Moseley.

Information on Francis Mabury

From "Matthews Genealogy":

There is a 1753 record of a Granville grant given to a Francis Mabry in Granville County, NC. This Francis Mabry is known to be the son of a Francis Mabry that Matthew Matthew's father James had known at least as early as 1702 when their names appeared together on the militia roll for Charles City County. The two families lived beside each other for at least 25 years in Brunswick County. Matthews Genealogy Website


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    Francis Mabry, III
    Birth 1715
    Surry County, Virginia, USA
    Death 18 Apr 1774 (aged 58–59)
    North Carolina, USA

    Francis Mabry, III
    Birth 1715
    Surry County, Virginia, USA
    Death 18 Apr 1774 (aged 58–59)
    North Carolina, USA
    Burial Unknown
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    Maybury/Mabry Grandfather's name Maybury and Father's Mabry. Depended on the record taker.

    Married Mary Eppes in 1737.

    Died in Bute County, North Carolina. In 1779 Bute County was abolished and Warren and Franklin Counties evolved.

    Father of:

    Francis IV(Sarah ? Christian): 1738-1785
    Angelica: 1742-
    Amy: 1744-
    Elizabeth: 1747-
    Jesse(Sally ?): 1748-1791
    David(Jean Bledsoe):1752-1834