Person:Florence Molesworth (1)

Florence Molesworth
m. 1731
  1. Florence Molesworth1735 - 1769
  2. Captain Robert Molesworth1744 - 1803
m. 17 Jul 1759
  1. Harriet Colclough1764 - 1832
  2. Florence Colclough
  3. Ceaser Colclough - bef 1792
Facts and Events
Name Florence Molesworth
Gender Female
Birth? 1735 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, , Ireland
Marriage 17 Jul 1759 to Rev. Thomas Colclough
Death? 1769

Within five generations in Florence's pedigree we reach ancestors who all have well documented linage from English royalty. Looking at that pedigree there is only one gap at the sixth generation which appears to be universally accepted that there is no documentation naming the wife of Hugh Cuffe. Going Onto the Seventh Generation this is where the gaps become considerable in the pedigree chart.

Her great grand daughter Florence Molesworth Hawtrey wrote a family history book.

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