Person:Charles Campbell (43)

Charles Campbell
d.21 August 1843 Hinds County, Mississippi
m. 8 September 1785
  1. James Campbell1786 - 1848
  2. Robert Campbell1788 -
  3. Mary Campbell1789 - 1875
  4. Esther Ann Campbell1792 - 1873
  5. Hugh Campbell1793 - 1871
  6. John Campbell1795 -
  7. George William Campbell1797 - 1846
  8. William F. Campbell1798 - 1884
  9. Rachel Campbellabt 1799 - 1873
Facts and Events
Name Charles Campbell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1759 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 8 September 1785 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Alexander
Death[1] 21 August 1843 Hinds County, Mississippi

Charles Campbell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Some Ancestry Member Trees have Charles Campbell as a son of Hugh Campbell and Esther McGill. In support of this supposition, Charles and his wife Mary Alexander did name two of their children Hugh and Esther, assuming traditional naming patterns may have been followed. Additional research necessary.

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Service Record

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 1, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Campbell, Charles - entered service 1777 in Augusta County, Virginia, where born in 1759; moved to North Carolina, thence to Tennessee, thence to Lauderdale County, Alabama, where granted Pension in 1833; died 8/23/1843 in Hinds County, Mississippi, leaving widow & several children, including George W. of that County; widow died 9/1843; surviving children in 1847 were Hugh, William, John, Mary King; query letter in file from descendant Miss Irene Shipp, Rome, Mississippi. R455.

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  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of Charles Campbell S12686
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris

    The State of Alabama Lauderdale County S.S.
    On this [illegible] day of May 1833 personally appeared before the county court of Lauderdale County Alabama Charles Campbell a citizen of said county aged about 75 years who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration on his oath In order to obtain the Benefits of the act of Congress passed 7 June 1832. That he enlisted th in the year 1777 in the county of Augusta in the State of Virginia for the Term of three years in the 10 Regiment in the virginia line in the Service of the united states. whether Termed State Troops or united states Regulars he cannot say. that the following as well as he recollects were part of his officers. viz he inlisted under captain Lard [sic: David Laird] in the company commanded by him, But which company was afterwards commanded by Captain Nathan Lamb [sic: Nathan Lamme] as well as he recollects. the Regiment was commanded by col Stephens [sic: Edward Stevens] and afterwards by Colonel Samuel Hause [sic: Samuel Hawes] from the place of their enlistment they were marched to or neare Baltimore was thur Enockulated for the Small Pack; was marched from thur to Philidilphia and from thur to the Jerseys to Middlebrook as well as he recollects and joined General Washington’s Army – was marched through the country on several rauts with the Army But cannot designate particulars But well recollects he was in the Battles of Brandywine [11 Sep 1777] and at the Battle of momouth [sic: Monmouth, 28 Jun 1778] was sick not able to Be on duty, was taken to Trenton & on recovering he was marched toward newyork and joined the Main Army at the white Plaines [sic: White Plains], two years of his Time he served in the Infantry under General [Anthony] Wayne and while under that officer was at the Taking of Stony Point [16 Jul 1779]. he served a part of his Time under a Captain [Thomas] Blackwell (as well as he now recollects) he cannot recollect his other officers. all were caled waynes Troops. and from the many scouts excursions, expeditions and changes and the lenth of Time past puts it out of his power to give the particulars & more especially as to dates he was Transfered from Waynes to Green [sic: Nathanael Greene’s] Army And was marched into South Carolina and was discharged at Camden (as well he now recollects) and having served out the full Term of his enlistment being three years & infact serve some months over the Term. He cannot say who was the officer who discharged him as his discharged has long since been lost or destroyed But well knows he was discharged & Received a written discharge.
    As to his pay Masters he can say But little he does not recollect who they were. he did not receive pay for more than half his Term & then in funds worth But little. as such he cared but little about the pay masters and has no recollection who they were.
    He farther states that under the Term of his enlistment H was to have had land But whether from the State of virginia or the united states he cannot say. But so it is he never has reced his land or any thing in liu thereof directly or indirectly or any authority to recve said land by warrant or otherwise and has long been under the impression that the Lands stated for the payment of the soldiers had been exausted But has lately been informed that there are lands yet in reserve for the satisfaction of his claims & others & prays department war to procure him a warrant for the same.
    He states that he has no documentary of evidence to prove his services nor does he know of any living witness in his reach by whom he can prove his services except William Jackson an old revolutionary soldier and who has long been a revolutionary pensioner and whose Testinony is herewith anexed.
    He is informed and believes that there is living in the state of Tennesse a man by the name of Lester Morriss [sic: Lester Morris, pension application S2003] & by whom he thinks he could prove his services; but is too feeble to attempt to Hunt up Testimony this afiant being very old & In Bad Health.
    He herby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an anuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any state. Sworn to and subscribed in open court this 1 day of June st 1833.
    [signed] Charls Campell

    And the said Charles Campbell makes the following answers To the interogatoeries propound under the instruction of the war department as To the first he answers he was born in the year 1759 in Augusta virgina.
    2d. has no record of his age
    3. [when he entered service was living] in Augusta county virginia – moved from Augusta to north Carolina & from there to Tennesse & from Tennesse to Lauderdale County Alabama where he has resided ever since.
    4– refers to his narative
    5. Refers to his narative.
    6. Refers to his narative
    7 [Neighbors who can testify to his veracity and reputation as a soldier of the Revolution] Alexandr H Wood Charles Manor James H Makly, James Sample
    [signed] Charls Campbell

    NOTE: On 6 July 1843 George W. Campbell stated that his father, Charles Campbell, had moved to Hinds County MS. A document in the file states that Campbell died there on either the 23rd or 31st of August 1843.