Person:Catharine Woodworth (1)

Catharine Woodworth
b.19 JUN 1899 Lowell, MA
d.8 SEP 1990 Milton, MA
m. 8 JUN 1891
  1. Pauline Woodworth1893 - 1964
  2. Elizabeth Woodworth1894 - 1962
  3. Brooks Woodworth1895 - 1918
  4. Rachel Woodworth1896 - 1966
  5. George Hovey Woodworth1897 - 1898
  6. Catharine Woodworth1899 - 1990
m. 24 APR 1923
  1. Jr. Harold Truscott Davis1924 - 1945
Facts and Events
Name Catharine Woodworth
Gender Female
Birth? 19 JUN 1899 Lowell, MA
Marriage 24 APR 1923 Lowell, MAto Harold Truscott Davis
Occupation? Housewife
Death? 8 SEP 1990 Milton, MA
Burial? Lowell, MA

Catharine was born at 14 Oakdale St., Lowell, MA, and was a very sick baby. After a fruitless stay at a hospital on Baker Island in Salem Harbor, her grandmother found a recipe for rice gruel, which Catharine took greedily and was healthy by age 1. She attended Vassar for one year and Radcliffe for 3 years until she met Harold. They married and she quit college with not enough credits to graduate in Chemistry. They were divorced in July 1955, after which she lived near her daughter Eleanor in Quincy and Brockton.

It was thought for years that Catharine's 21 times great grandmother was Elizabeth Holland, daughter of Thomas DeHolland, Earl of Kent and his wife, Joan Plantagenet making Catharine of royal descent by Joan. This appears to be untrue. Thomas DeHolland and Joan Plantagenet did not have a daughter named Elizabeth. However, there was an Elizabeth Holland who married Oliver Carminow, who turns out to be the brother of Catharine's ancestor, Roger Carminow.

She was the SISTER of Thomas DeHolland, both children of Robert DeHolland and Maud De La Zouche, meaning that Catharine's 20 times great aunt was the niece of Joan Plantagenet by marriage only.

Another brother of Thomas and Elizabeth was Otho Holand, who was made a Knight of the Garter.

Sir Roger Carmynow m. Sara de Hornicote; Roger Carmynow (BROTHER of Sir Oliver) m. Joana Dinham; Sir John Carmynow m. Johana Glynn; Sir Walter Carmynow,sheriff of Cornwall m. Alice Tynton; Sir William Carminow m. Margaret Kelly b. 1372; Walter Carminow b. 1400 m. Jane Resperin; John Carminow m. Pillippa Trenwith; Nicholas Carminow m. Catherine Wolvedon; Phillippa Carminow m. Hugh Boscawen; Mary Boscawen m. Peter Coffin; Nicholas Coffin m. Joan Avent; Peter Coffin m. Joane Kember; Governor Thristram Coffin m. Dionis Stevens; Deacon Thristram Coffin m. Judith Greenleaf; Nathaniel Coffin m. Sarah Brocklebank Dole; John Coffin m. Judith Greenleaf; Abigail Coffin m. Aaron Whittemore; Peter Whittemore m. Elizabeth Baker; Caleb Whittemore m. Dorcas Taylor (Mayflower descendant); Peter Whittemore m. Elizabeth Kimball Woodworth; Amy Florence Whittemore m. Henry Phelps Woodworth; Catharine Woodworth m. Harold Truscott Davis