Person:Arthur Connely (1)

Arthur Connely
m. BEF 1756
  1. Arthur Connely1756 - 1813
  2. Robert Connely1760-1777 - ABT 1790
  3. James Connely1761 -
  4. Thomas ConnelyBEF 1763 - BET 1775 AND 1781
  5. Sarah Connely1768 - 1842
  6. John Connely1770 - 1830
  7. Mary ConnelyBEF 1771 - 1841
  8. David ConnelyBEF 1779 - 1827
  9. Jane 'Jean' ConnelyBEF 1787 -
m. 4 NOV 1784
  1. Margaret Jane 'Peggy' Connely1785 - 1848
  2. Jean "Jeanne" Connely1787 -
  3. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Connely1790 -
  4. Robert 'Roley' Connely1790 - abt 1821
Facts and Events
Name Arthur Connely
Gender Male
Birth? 2 JUL 1756 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 4 NOV 1784 Augusta County, Virginia[Family Bible as listed in Revolutionary Pension File]
to Martha Connely
Death? 4 NOV 1813 Boone County, Kentucky

Arthur Connely was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 1, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Connely, Arthur - entered service in Virginia; born 7/2/1756; died 11/4/1813; married Marthew [Martha] 11/4/1784; widow born 6/19/1781, & granted Pension 1839 in Boone couinty, Kentucky, as Martha; children's births: Peggy 11/19/1785; Jeane 12/18/1787, & Poley/Coley 1/3/1790; in 1839 Peggy Black applied for Pension in Boone County, Kentucky, that she was eldest child of soldier & wife Marthew. R628.

Information on Arthur Connely

1. Arthur CONNELY, b 2 July 1756, Augusta Co VA, d 4 Nov 1813, Boone Co KY, bur ________, m 4 Nov 1784, Augusta Co VA, to a daughter of Thomas CONNELY & Margaret (Walker) Connely, namely, Martha CONNELY, b 19 June 1761, Augusta Co VA, d _____ 18??, __________, bur ________:

1. Margaret Jane 'Peggy' CONNELY, b 19 Nov 1785, ________ VA, d 11 Dec 1848, __________, bur _____ Cem, Boone Co KY, m 21 June 1802, Boone Co KY, to a son of Benjamin(?) Black & Cynthia(?) (____) Black, namely, James McNitt Black, b _________, ________ DE, d 16 Jan 1833, __________, bur (see elsewhere for family).
2. Jeane CONNELY, b 12 Dec 1787, __________, d _____ 1???, __________, bur ________.
3. Robert 'Roley' CONNELY, b 3 Jan 1790, __________, d ca 1821, __________, bur ________, m 15 Apr 1817, Boone Co KY, to a daughter of ____ Hughes & Rachel (____) Hughes, namely, Polly Hughes, b _________, __________, d _____ 18??, __________, bur ________.
4. Betsey CONNELY, b ca 1790, ________ KY, d _____ 18??, __________, bur ________, m 8 June 1812, Boone Co KY, to a son of John(?) Adams & Mary(?) (____) Adams, namely, Robert Adams, b _____ 1792, __________, d 23 Dec 1853, Boone Co KY, bur ________.
  1.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of Arthur Connely W8626 Marthew Connely VA
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris

    County of Boone
    State of Kentucky
    on this day personally appeard before me James Records a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid Marthew Connely a residenter of the county of Boone & State of Kentucky who Cannot attend the court by reason of Bodily infirmity Age Seventy Eight years next June, who being First duly Sworn according to Law doth on her oath make the Following declaration Inorder to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July the Seventh Eighteen Hundred and thirty Eight entitled an Act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows, that she is the Widow of the late Arthur Connely who was on the Virginia Continential or State line During the war of the Revolution officers not Recollected she Further declares that she was married to the said Arthur Connely on the fourth day of November Seventeen Hundred and Eighty four and that her Husband the afore said Arthur Connely died on the fourth day of November Eighteen Hundred and thirteen. In consequence of her great age and loss of memory she don’t Recollect wheather he was in the regolar service or not or wheather he held any commision before he was commisiond Ensign which commition he obtained in April Seventeen Hundred and Eighty two but do well recollect of his being in the service during the whole of the war. the commition of Ensign is heare to attached, She does well know that her marriage took place prior to the First day of January Seventeen Hundred and ninty four Viz at the time above stated and that she has remained a widow eversence her Husbands death the aforesaid Arthur Connely and she farther declars that he husband the afore said Arthur Connely was in the service of the revolution war at least five years from her own personal knowledged and Refers to her Famaly Record which is in the hand right of her husband the afore said Arthur Connely which is heare above attached which is her true famaly Record and from her great age and laps of memory she cant Recollect the peticlers and Refers to other proof which is here to attached given from under my hand this seventh day of May in the year of our lord Eighteen hundred and thirty nine
    Marthew [sic, prob. s/b "Martha"] [hir X mark] Connely
    The Commonwealth of VIRGINIA
    TO Arthur Conoly Gent greeting.
    KNOW you that from the special trust and confidence which is reposed in your fidelity, courage, activity, and good conduct, our GOVERNOR, with the advice of the Council of State, and on the recommendation of the worshipful court of the county of Augusta doth appoint you the said Arthur Colony [sic] Ensign in the militia of the said county of Augusta. IN testimony whereof, these our letters are made patent.
    WITNESS, Benj’a. Harrison [Benjamin Harrison] Esquire, our said Governor, at Richmond this 17th day of April 1782
    Registered in the WAR-OFFICE.
    Benj Harrison
    William Davies/ April 17th 1782 Sworn to in Court/ Richard Madison Clk A.C.
    I Mary Berry do state that I have Examined the declaration made by Marthew Connely and do most fully concur in the truth of it I do State that I livd a near neighbour to the said Arthur Connely during the war of the Revolution and do know that he was from home in the survice of the Revolution War. cant Recollect the precise time that he was in the service but do believe that he the s’d Arthur connely was in the service at least five years and do farther state that she dose know that the said Arthur Connely and the said Marthy Connely was married at the time stated by her in her declare Viz on the fourth day of November Seventeen Hundred and Eighty four She further states that she believes that the said Arthur Connely served a part of his time under Capt William Roberson [William Robertson] and Major John Cambell [sic: John Campbell] She farther states that he the said Arthur Connely died at or near the time stated by her given under my hand this seventh day of May Eighteen Hundred and thirty nine
    Mary [her X mark] Bery
    [George H. Berry (g. h. Berrey, as he signed) made a similar declaration.]
    State of Virginia
    Augusta County to Wit
    This day Major James Allen appeared before me a Justice of the Peace for the said county of Augusta and made oath That in the year 1781 Arthur Connelly served a three months tour in the company of Capt Joseph Patterson and in the Regiment of Coln Sampson Mathews of the Virginia Malitia and that the said Arthur Connelly was a private in said company And this deponent further states the he the said Arthur Connelly were in the same mess
    And further the deponent sayeth not
    May 29th 1840 James Allen
    NOTE: The family record was certified by Peggy Black, eldest daughter of Arthur and Martha Connelly, and by George H. and Mary Berry, and is transcribed below.
    Arthur Connly Was Born in the Year of our Lord God 1756 the Second Day of July about six of Clock in the Afternoon
    Marthew Connely was Born in the year of our Lord God 1761 the 19 Day of June in the Evining
    Arthur Connely and Marthew Was marred the forth Day of November 1784
    Pegey Connely was was Born on Satterday Evining November the 19th 17[illegible: typed summary says 1785]
    Jean Connely was Born on Wednesday Evining December the 12 17 [summary says 12 Dec 1787]
    Poley Was Born in Jenarey[?] 1790 the third day on Sunday abo[edge of page] three Aclock in the morning. [Note: other sources have this as "Roley", short for Robert]