Person:Andrew McComb (3)

Andrew McComb
b.Bef. 1716 Scotland
d.Bet. 15 Mar - 17 Jun 1788 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Bef. 1713
  1. William McCombBEF 1713 -
  2. Andrew McCombBef 1716 - Bet 1788
  3. Robert McCombEst 1720-1730 - 1781
  4. David McCombBef 1727 - Bef 1753
  • HAndrew McCombBef 1716 - Bet 1788
  • WJane ReyburnBef 1719 - Aft 1788
m. Abt. 1736
  1. Elizabeth McCombabt 1748 - BEF 1788
  2. Agnes McComb1739 - AFT 1788
  3. Barbara McCombABT 1744 -
  4. Jean McCombABT 1746 - BEF 1788
  5. Sarah McCombABT 1754 -
  6. Martha McCombABT 1757 -
  7. William McComb1762 - 1808
Facts and Events
Name Andrew McComb
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1716 Scotland
Marriage Abt. 1736 Poss. Pennsylvaniato Jane Reyburn
Death? Bet. 15 Mar - 17 Jun 1788 Augusta County, Virginia

Andrew McComb was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Land Grant Surveys in Virginia:

  • Page 37 - Andrew McCom, 460 acres. November 25, 1763. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 15].
  • Page 208 - Andrew McComb, 40 acres, branch of Naked Creek. December 24, 1772. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 75].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

Listed consecutively:
  • Page 204.--Part of 460 acres patented to Andrew McComb, 20th July, 1768.
  • Page 206.--9th September, 1778. Adam ( ) Reaburn, of Monongalia County, to Andrew and William McComb, power of attorney to convey to Robert Mathews.
  • Page 207.--31st March, 1780. Adam Reaburn (by Andrew McComb), of Westmorland County, to William Mathews.

Will Abstract of Andrew McComb

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 56.--15th March, 1788. Andrew McCombe's will--To wife, Jane; to son, William; to daughter, Barbara Curry; to daughter, Agness Reburn, Mary Young, Jean Curry, deceased (to her 3 daughters), Sarah Gardner, Martha Dickey; to son-in-law, formerly Robt. Curry, the land Robert lives on that he purchased from testator's son, William, 130 acres; to Robert Curry's children that he had by daughter Elizabeth, viz: Andrew, Margaret, Jean, William, Mary, Robert, Elizabeth, Agnes; to all daughters, viz: __. Executors, wife and sons James Young, Robt. Curry. Teste: Samuel McKee, George Glenn, David Gibson. Proved, 17th June, 1788, by the witnesses. Executors qualify, widow refuses to execute by writing 14th April, 1788.
  • Page 108.--Jean McCombe's estate in account with James Young, executor.
  • Page 110.--Andrew McComb's estate in account with James Young and Ro. Curry, executors.
  • Page 128.--16th September, 1788. Andrew McCombe's estate appraised.

Will Transcript

Andrew McComb of the parish and County of August being now under bodily affliction but perfect in mind and memory thanks to almighty God who gave it and calling to mend the uncertainty of Life and the certainity of Death it being appointed for all men one to Die and after Death the judgement I do herby make this my Last will and testament in maner and from following and first I Recommend my Soul to God who gave it and Body to the Earth from Whence it was taken to Buried in a Christian Like and Decent maner at the discereshen of my Executors hereafter named and as for what wordly goods it hath pleased God to Bestow upon me in this Life it is my will and desire it be disposed of as follows and first I Leave and Bequeath to my Beloved wife Jane the whole of the profites arising of the Plantation to gether with the Benifits of the Negro to be for her own use together with as mutch of the Stock as She thinks proper to Keep During her ____Life and after her Deceas I allow my son William McComb to get the fortune to Be for him and his heirs for Ever providing he pay to his sister Barbara Curry the sum of ten pounds in property shortly after he receives Said negro as for what moveable property She Doth not See proper to Keep to be Sold at publik auction.
Shortly after my Deceas and to be Equally divided Between five of my Children Agness Reburn, Mary Young, Jean Curry Deceased I alow her three daughters to Receve theer Mothers part~Sarah Gardner, Martha Dickey Likewise and as for my Real Estate to wit my lands, I Leave and bequeath unto my son in law formerly Robert Curry that part of my Plantation he now Lives on that he purchased from my Son William Computed to Be one hundred and thirty acres to be for him and his heirs or asigns for Ever with twenty trees of my orchard to Bestruck of that side next to his own Land and the Plantation that I live on I alow to be sold By my Executor at my wife's decea and I do hereby this my Last will and testament impower them one of them make a clear title for said plantation to the person or persons purchasing the same the one half of the price to fall in the hands of Robert Curry to Bee Equally Devided among all his children nowin. Being that he had by my Daughter Elizabeth namely Andrew, Margret, Jean, William, Mary Robert, Elizabeth, Agness and the other half of the price of the Said plantation I alow to be Equally Divided among all my daughters allowing it in Barbara her part the ten pound Before mentioned she is to receive from her Brother William McComb their names are Agness Reburn, Mary Young, Jean Curry Deceased and her three daughters to receive their mothers part as Before Described Sarah Gardner, Barbara Curry, Martha Dickey and I do hereby nominate and apoint my truly and Beloved wife and sons, James Young and Robert Curry Executors of this my Last will and testament and I do hereby Revoke and Disanull and disalow of all wills heretofore made whether by word or wrighting, aproving Qualifing and Confirming this onley as my last will and testament and in witness whereof I have here unto fit my hand and seal this fifteenth day of March the year one thousand, seven hundred and Eighty Eight
Signed Sealed Andrew McComb (Seal)
in presents of: Samuel McKee, George Glenn, David Gibson
At a Court held for Augusta County June 17, 1788 This last will and Testament for Andrew McComb Deceased was presented in court by James Young and Robert Curry two of the Executors therein named and proved by the oaths of Samuel McKee, George Glenn & David Gibson witnesses thereto am is order to be Recorded and on the motion of the Said Executors who made oath according to Law certificate is granted them for obtaining probate thereof in Due from they having entered into Bond with security, according to Law & Jane McCom the executrix named in the said will having certified under her hand attested by two witnesses that she will not to be upon herself any part of the Execution of the Said Will which also ordered to be recorded.
Teste ______________
To The Worshipfull Court of Agusta County Gentlemen it appears to me that I am unable to attend by the failty of human nature it Being mutch impaired in order to administer to the Estate of my Late Deceased husband it appears best to me to decline and Leave the business wholly to the two Exthrs mentioned in the will as the Evidences here named Can Certify as witness to my hand this fourteenth Day of April the year one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty-Eight.
Jane (X) McComb
Teste: George Glenn, David Gibson
This relinquishment was proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto and is ordered to be Recorded.
Teste ____________

Records of Andrew McComb in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (unless otherwise listed)

  • Vol. 2 - 1751-1752: Petition for road from John Davis's Mill to Woods's Gap, or to the road now clearing over the mountain near said Gap: Andrew Erwin, Robert Fowler, Edward Erwin, Francis Ervin, Charles Campbell, Michael Dickey, Hugh Diver, John Davies, John Francis, Andrew McCombe, John Magill, Hugh Campbell, Robert Carskadan, William Frame, Robert Campbell, Robert Brown, Charles Diver, Daniel Smith, William Alexander, James Patterson, William Magill, John Erwine, Edward Erwine, Benjamin Erwin, William Brown, Henry Smith, David McCammis, James Anderson, Robert Gamble, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens.
  • Vol. 2 - 1753-1754, Pt. 1. - To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting: We, the inhabitants of this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money is drained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh supply to pick our pockets. We, your petitioners, humbly pray your worship to put a stop to the said liquors, which would encourage us to pursue our laborious designs, which is to raise sufficient quantities of grain which would suffciently supply us with liquors and the money circulate in this County to the advantage of us, the same. We hope that your worships will discover to us that you have a real regard for the good of the County, and lay us under an obligation to pray for your prosperity. Robert Stevenson, James Hamilton, Alexander Walker, James Robertson, James Stevenson, John Christian, Alexander Blair, Thomas Shiels, Robert Christian, Thomas Stewart, James Allen, Joseph Hanna, Francis Beaty, Mathew Lyle, Archibald Reah, John Walker (?), Samuel Downey, Daniel McAnair (McEvear), Robert Spears (Syers), Daniel Danison, Robert Moffet, Alexander Henderson, Andrew Hamilton, John Finley, Thomas Beard, Archibald Armstrong, William Mackan, James Campbell, John Vance, John Archer, James Reburn, Alexander Gibson, William Lewis, George Scott, Joseph Bell, James Coyl, William Logen, Samuel McCune, John Caruth, Patrick Hays, Robert Sayers, Andrew McCombe, James Montgomery, James Scott, George Crawford, John Allen, Edward Spear, James Brown, John King, John Anderson, William Logan, Patrick Campbell, Jacob Lockhart, Sam Wallace, James Knox, John Carlile, Charles Campbell, Mathew Harper, John Jackson, James Miller, John Hutcheson, William Palmer, Samuel Love, James Miller, John Henderson, Zachariah Bell (Belche), Andrew Ewin, John Thompson, Loftus Pullin, James Gay, Alexander Craig, Thomas Teat, William Wallace, John Wilson, Alexander Ritchey, James McGee. John Thompson, Samuel Calhoon, John Trimble, Alexander Thompson, William Snodon, Newman McGonigle, John Trimble, Archibald Allison, John Brown, William Thomson.
  • Page 312.--12th September, 1763. James Leeper's estate appraised, by Michael Dickey, Jno. King, Andrew McComb.
  • Page 84.--17th November, 1772. John Poage to Rev. John Craig, John Anderson, Robert Poage, Alexander Blair, James Allen, Sr., Alexander Walker, Michael Dickey. James Henderson, Andrew McComb, James Allen, Jr., George Moffett, being the session and regularly chosen for the Congregation of Augusta or Stone Meeting House and appointed as Commissioners to act in behalf of said congregation and to accept and take a title for a tract of 27 acres for the sole use of a Dissenting Presbyterian Congregation as a place of Public Worship. Patent to John Poage, 14th July, 1769, corner old brick kiln.
  • Land Grant Survey: David Gibson, 260 acres, Drafts of Naked Creek. Adjoining John Stepheson, John King, Andrew McComb. November 27, 1772. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 75].
  • Vol. 2 - Tithables, 1783; in Capt. Givens's and Campbell's Companies: James Allen, Sr., and sons Francis and James, Anthony Ailor and son George; Samuel Bell and sons Samuel and David, Alex. Blair and son John, Francis Brown and son Hugh, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, James, James Craig and son George, James and George Crawford and brothers Robert, William, John, George Campbell and sons John, Jacob, George, Hugh Campbell and son Robert, Robert Curry and sons James and Robert, Arthur Conoly and sons Robert and James, Thomas Conoly and sons Arthur and Thomas, Hugh Donaho and son John, James Givens and sons Robert, Samuel, James, John Givens and sons Samuel, James, William, John Gasper and apprentice John Martin, Thomas Graham and sons John, Thomas, James, Robert, John Garvin and sons David, Joseph, Thomas, George Glenn and son James, James Henderson and brothers William, David, John King and sons John, Samuel, James, Henry Lyner and sons Christopher, Adam, Samuel McKee and sons William, James, Robert McMahon and apprentices Robert Reburn, Jacob Lemon, Robert Campbell, John McMahon and son John, William Patterson and son William, Richard Rankin and sons Richard, Isaac, Joseph, John Rankin and brothers James, Robert, Robert Reid and son Robert, Jacob Sheits and son John, William Wilson, Parson; Nicholas Wilkinson and wife Milly, Robert Young and sons Robert, William, James Young and son Andrew McComb.

Information on Andrew McComb

Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Download GEDCOM

Husband's Name Andrew MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8HF) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1720 Place: , , , Scotland Died: Bef Apr 1788 Place: , Augusta Co, Va Married: Abt 1740 Place: , , , Scotland

Wife's Name Jane REABURN (AFN:1NWN-8JM) Pedigree

Born: Abt. 1719 Place: <, , , Scotland> Died: Abt 1790 Place: , Augusta Co, Va Married: Abt 1740 Place: , , , Scotland

Father: Mother:


1. Sex Name F Barbara MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8KT) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1744 Place: <, , , Scotland>

2. Sex Name F Jean MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8L2) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1746 Place: , Augusta Co, Va Christened: 4 Apr 1746 Place: Augusta Church, Augusta Co, Va Died: Bef 1788 Place: , Augusta Co, Va

3. Sex Name F Agnes MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8M8) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1747 Place: , Augusta Co, Va

4. Sex Name F Mary MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8NG) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1748 Place: , Augusta Co, Va Died: Bef 1804 Place: , Augusta Co, Va

5. Sex Name F Elizabeth MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8PN) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1750 Place: , Augusta Co, Va Died: Bef 1788 Place: , Augusta Co, Va

6. Sex Name F Sarah MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8QV) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1754 Place: , Augusta Co, Va

7. Sex Name F Martha MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8R3) Pedigree

Born: Abt 1757 Place: , Augusta Co, Va

8. Sex Name M William MCCOMB (AFN:1NWN-8S9) Pedigree

Born: 1762 Place: , Augusta Co, Va Died: 5 Sep 1808 Place: , Rockbridge Co, Va

Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 15:43:13 -0500 Reply-To: Maggie Phillips <dcmyp@@AOL.COM> Sender: "Research and writing about Virginia genealogy and family

             history." <VA-ROOTS@@LISTLVA.LIB.VA.US>

From: Maggie Phillips <dcmyp@@AOL.COM> Subject: Andrew McCOMB, Augusta County, VA My 6th great grandparents were Andrew McCOMB and Jane RAEBURN. He was b. before 1715 in Scotland; d. in Augusta County, VA between 15 March & 17 June 1788; m. about 1737. Jane died after 15 March 1788.

Andrew McComb came to America with a land grant from King George II. He and his wife were members of the Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church in Augusta where they were baptized in 1748. Andrew saw civil service in the Revolutionary War and is a DAR Patriot.

Anyone wishing to share information, please contact me.

Regards, Maggie Phillips

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 19:55:11 -0400 Reply-To: Maggie Phillips <dcmyp@@AOL.COM> Sender: "Research and writing about Virginia genealogy and family

             history." <VA-ROOTS@@LISTLVA.LIB.VA.US>

From: Maggie Phillips <dcmyp@@AOL.COM> Subject: Andrew McCOMB & Jane RAEBURN - 1700s Augusta County, Virginia Looking for the parents of Jane RAEBURN. She m. Andrew McCOMB circa 1737; she d. In Augusta County, VA after 15 March 1788. Andrew McCOMB d. Between March 15 and June 1788 in Augusta.

Their children were:

Agnes (m. Unknown RAEBURN) William (m. UNKNOWN) Elizabeth (m. Dr. Robert CURRY, she was his first wife) Jean (m. Unknown CURRY) Barbara (m. Unknown CURRY) Mary (m. James YOUNG, s/o Robert YOUNG, Sr.)

Other surnames are:


Will be most happy to share information.

Regards, Maggie Phillips