Person:Aelfgifu Adela (1)

Facts and Events
Name[2] Ælfgifu
Alt Name[2] Ealdgyth
Alt Name Edgiva
Gender Female

Disputed Relationships

There is no general agreement on the identity of Ælfgifu's husband. Baldwin discusses the various conjectures. He concludes, "Much ink has been used speculating on the identity of this Alpine son-in-law of Eadweard, and numerous candidates have been put forward, none of whom can be accepted with a great deal of confidence."

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    According to William of Malmesbury, Elgitha married "a certain duke, near the Alps."

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    Ethelwerd states that Edgitha and her sister [Ælfgifu, not named by him] were sent by Athelstan to Otho, "that he might choose which of them he liked best to be his wife. He chose Edgitha...and united the other in marriage to a certain king near the Jupiterean Mountains, of whose family no memorial has reached us, partly from the distance and partly from the confusion of the times."