Flint in Caldwell County, Kentucky

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Caldwell County, Kentucky

There are two John FLINTs in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

First John Flint

John FLINT born 9 Aug 1765 died 5 Feb 1817 He is buried in Hill Cemetery.
On the 1812-1814 tax lists he has 60 acres of land on Livingston Creek. In 1815 there isn't a John FLINT on Livingston Creek, but there is one on the Skinframe with 200 acres. The number of slaves on the tax lists point to this John FLINT moving from Livingston Creek to Skinframe Creek that was entered in the surname of KENNEDY and Surveyed by GOLLERHAN. In 1817 this land is taxed to Benjamin W FLINT. This John FLINT lives near people with the surname FORD.

In 1815 a James FLINT, who is 21+, doesn't have land, has 2 horses is listed between Hezekiah and John FORD. He is not listed after the 1815 tax. He may be a son of this John.

This John FLINT's property inventory is presently in the file of the second John FLINT. Each entry is listed with a number, i.e. 1, whereas on the other John's inventory each is listed with the word,i.e. ONE. The inventory is as follows:
I certify that Hugh McVey, Wm Ford and Wm Johnson was sworn according to Law to appraise the Estate of John Flint deceast and this is the inventory returned by said appraisers. Given under my hand this 28th day of Aprile 1817
George Robison

Inventory of the Estate of John Flint Deceased Made on the 5th day of March 1817 the undersigned Being sworn & have mad the following inventory to Wit
George Robison JP
23 hogs------------------------32.00
7 sheep @ $2------------------14.00(faded copy has 7 @ $2 = 14.00, darker copy has 1 @ $2 = 2.00)
1 Rain Moreno------------------2.50
1 cow & Ea?tens---------------10.00
1 Brown Mare------------------50.00
1 Black Mare-------------------50.00
1 sorrel Horse-------------------25.00
1 Bay Yearling Colt------------15.00
1 Bay do do-------------------15.00
1 (?fat) Hog--------------------4.50
1 Lot of Carpenter Tools-------12.00
1 old Muskit--------------------5.00
1 ship Carpenter Mall------------1.00
1 Matax-----------------------2.50
6 hand saw files-----------------.75
1 shue nife & ?ince?-------------.62
1 belt---------------------------.50
1 Bare Sheer plow & Cotter-----4.00
1 shovel plow-------------------2.00
1 ox yoke----------------------1.00
1 Iron wedge-------------------1.00
1 Clevis & Pin-----------------.75
2 We?ing hoes------------------1.2?
1 Lot of old Irons--------------.50
1 Powder Horn-------------------.50
1 tool chest--------------------2.00
1 small Trunk-------------------2.00
1 Lot of Books------------------5.50
1 Lot of plotting instruments----3.00
1 set shaving utencils----------2.50
1 ceg---------------------------.50
1 candlestick & snuffers----------.50
1 pair of spurs-----------.75
1 Close Brush-------------------.50
1 tea pot-----------------------.75
2 volumes Morses Geography-----4.00
one mullad & 2 chissels----------.50
5 Chears?----------------------1.87
One saddle---------------------5.00
1 Bead & Furniture------------25.00
1 Bedstead & Mat---------------3.00
1 Parcel of Feathers-------------4.00
1 pear sadlebags--------------1.00
2 ax---------------------------3.25
1 Grindstone ------------------1.50
1 Lot of puter------------------3.50
1 Tea Kittle-------------------2.00
1 Lot of pots-------------------4.50
1 Dutch oven------------------1.50
1 Spider------------------------1.50
1 lott knives & Forks--------------1.00
1 Lot of tumblers-----------------.372
1 Grid Iron----------------------.372
1?ad Iron
1 churn-------------------------1.00
1 Lott coopers ware------------1.50
)not legible)------------------1.00
1 Slide---------------------------.50
4 Barrels-----------------------.75
3 Beahives---------------------3.00
1 old negro man Jim------------20.00
1 negro Woman & child----------450.00
1 do____girl--------------------400.00
1 _do___do---------------------325.00
1 do____boy-------------------400.00
1 Mollo____do------------------300.00
1 negro girl---------------------250.00
1 do____boy-------------------500.00(this one on a similar faded copy, but not the darker copy)
1 Black & White stear-----------5.00
1 Brindle cow & yearling-----------12.00
1 Barran Cythe------------------2.00
1 Pair Streachers & three swing?trees-- 3.00
1 Pair truck wheels-------------1.00
1 wedging hoe------------------1.00
1 Looking Glass-----------------8.00

A note in the file
*Test 17 Oct 1817 J W Ford Nine months after date we or Either of us do promise to pay Joseph Thompson or his assign Seven Dollars forty five cents or Sa?? Red of him witness our hands and
John Flint seal
Wm Morse seal

Benjamin W and Nancy Ann (FORD)FLINT's son Alexander FLINT's 1880 census lists his father as born in Maryland.

In 1790 and 1800 John and Charity/Wid FLINT (she a widow of Joseph) were listed in Linton Hundred (later Allegheny County) Washington County, Maryland. This area is across the border from Hampshire County, West Virginia (then Virginia) where a Mary FLINT, who married Archibald WIGGINS, was born. I'm leaning towards this John being the male over 16 living with Charity in 1790 (there are 3 free white females and 5 slaves). Also living and dying in this county was Benoni Swearingen. The Virginia Commonwealth sold land to him that was originally granted to men who served on ships in the Revolutionary War- One being a John Flint, carpenter. This land was in present day Barren County, Kentucky, which is where Benoni was taxed for land, but did not appear there on the census.

A Sally FLINT married a Francis BOYD in March 1818 in Christian County. 1850 Christian County, KY is a Sarah BOYD, who could be Francis' widow. She is 82 years old. She was born in Virginia. She lives next door to Geo H and Martha A (BOYD)FULLER.(see Martha A.L. BOYDin this database)If Sarah/Sally was married to John FLINT and moved to Christian County, Kentucky after his death, it is very possible Nancy FLINT who married Henry JONES in May 1820 is a daughter. Henry and Nancy moved to Cooper County, Missouri, which can be found in the biography of their son Samuel T. Jones.

Databases including Benjamin W and Nancy Ann (FORD) FLINT [1][2]
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Second John FLINT

John FLINT born 1762/1763 died 29 Oct 1819 can be found at We Relate and in this rootsweb database This John FLINT also lived on Skinframe Creek. The tax records show the land was entered and surveyed by PERKINS. He previous had land on the Tradewater, which was recorded in Livingston County, Kentucky. The evidence of this is that his son Thomas (who is listed right after John FLINT-PERKINS survey) was listed on the Tradewater on the 1813 Tax List-The land Entry and Survey in the name of John FLINT. --Grandmakr 02:06, 18 August 2006 (MDT)