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From John Alden and Hannah Bartlett (1): Misreading of source? [23 July 2009]

Most sources don't mention a second wife for John Alden, so I was looking for support of this assertion. I also found it curious that there are few watchers of this page, although there are lots of watchers of John Alden's page.

Source:Ancient landmarks of Plymouth : part 1, historical sketch and titles of estates; part 2, genealogical register of Plymouth families, p. 85 has a line "Thomas, m. Mary, d. of John Alden, and wid. Hannah Bartlett". I assume this is the source of this page's existence, but that is a guess, there not being any sources identified.

If Mary was a daughter of John Alden and John's 2'd wife, wid. Hannah Bartlett, there would not be a comma after his name. The presence of the comma tells us that "d. of John Alden" is the complete qualifier of Mary, and hence "wid. Hannah Bartlett" is the second wife of Thomas Delano.

This is confirmed on the next page, when it says, "Thomas, Duxbury, son of 1st Philip, m. Mary, d. of John Alden, had <list of children>. He m., 2d, wid. Hannah Bartlett, 1699." The structure of these sentences are somewhat clearer that it was Thomas Delano that married Hannah Bartlett, but also, since it says the marriage was 1699, this could not mean John Alden, who died 1687.

--Jrich 14:44, 23 July 2009 (EDT)