Family talk:John Lowry and Unknown Spouse (1)

I am looking for the John Lowry who is the father of Elizabeth whom married a mccaleb. [7 December 2013]

I am trying to find the father of Elizabeth Lowry Mckalip/ McCaleb . I also wondered which John Lowry was the Attorney General of Hamilton District listed in Godspeed:


BLOUNT COUNTY lies between the Tennessee River and the great Smoky Mountain, and south of Knox County. It has an area of about 470 square miles, one-sixth of which is mountain land. It is abundantly supplied with water and water power. The principal stream is Little River, which receives the waters of Crooked Creek, Pistol Creek, Nails Creek and Ellejoy. In the southern and western portions of the county are Abram, Nine Mile, Six Mile, Four Mile, Baker and Boyd Creeks. The mineral resources are abundant. In addition to iron and marble, silver and gold are found in paying quantities. The settlement of Blount County was begun in 1785. The first fort or station was established by Robert McTEER. "It stood about one and one-half miles south of Eusebia Church. It soon became the nucleus of an excellent neighborhood of intelligent, worthy, and patriotic citizens, emigrants principally from the valley of Virginia, who brought with, and diffused around them, Republicanism, religion, intelligence and thrift."………………….…………………………… The circuit court for Blount County was organized February 5, 1810, by James TRIMBLE, who appointed Robert HOUSTON clerk. The chancery court was not organized until February 14, 1853, the business of this court having previously been transacted at Madisonville. Among the first lawyers resident in the county were John LOWRY, Samuel GLASS, John WILKINSON, John GARNER and Enoch PARSONS. GLASS was a member of the constitutional convention of 1796, and afterward was elected to the State Senate. John LOWRY was the first attorney-general of Hamilton District, and one of the leading lawyers of his time. SOURCE: tennessee genwebdotorg. He had this position from 1796 - 1801.--Danakochan 18:14, 7 December 2013 (UTC)