Family:Thomas Wieiland and Mary Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1711 Willsbach, Württemberg, Germany

Descendants of Thomas Wayland

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 WAYLAND was born WFT Est. 1682-1693. He married MARIA BARBARA SEPPACH 1711 in Willsbach, Württemberg, Germany.

Notes for THOMAS WAYLAND: From "Germanna History", notes Nr. 1390:

When Thomas Wayland filed for head rights on 4 Nov 1729, he stated he came with a wife, Mary, and a son, Jacob, and a daughter, Catharina. These are the names in the church book at Waldbach, so there should be no question that the right family has been identified. Jacob must have died as a young man, and the fate of Catharina is unknown. The sons, John and Adam, were born in Virginia.

Nr. 1447: One of the early families in the Robinson River Valley was the Wayland family. According to his application for head rights, which was made in 1729 in November, Thomas Wayland said he came with his wife Mary and children Jacob and Katherine. His land patent was issued in 1728, two years after the majority of the Second Colony had their land patents. It is assumed that Thomas Wayland probably came about 1719.

Cerny and Zimmerman found Thomas Wieland who had married Maria Barbara Seppach in 1711 at Willsbach, Württemberg. Their first two children were born at Waldbach, Württemberg, in 1713 and 1715. Their names were Hans Jacob and Anna Catharina Clara . All of these names can be matched to the names in the head right application.

It has been doubted that Wieland would become the name Wayland since Wieland could be expected to be pronounced as Vee-lant. The choice of the "d" or the "t" is not that significant. Other individuals say that in the southwest region of Germany, where Thomas Wieland came from, that the Wie could be pronounced as Vay. In the German community,the name was probably pronounced as "Vay•land", which became, in time, "Way•land" in pronounciation.

The photo page which George Durman maintains has a few photos of Waldbach, which is about fifteen miles east of Heilbronn. (Although there are no maps of Waldbach yet, you may check the "Map" page occasionally and see the maps when they are added.

Except for the head right application, there is no record of Jacob or Katharina in Virginia. They could have been dead by the time of the application even. The two children, by whom he had two more children.


  • i. HANS JACOB2 WAYLAND, b. 1713, Waldbach, Württemberg, Germany; d. probably died young.
  • ii. CATHERINA WAYLAND, b. 1715, Waldbach, Württemberg.
  • iii. ADAM WAYLAND, b. 1723, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. 1777, prob. Virginia; m. (1) ELIZABETH BLANKENBAKER, WFT Est. 1745-1749, Virginia; b. WFT Est. 1724-1726, Virginia; d. 01 Apr 1774, Virginia; m. (2) MARIA "MARY" FINKS, Abt. 1776; b. 1753; d. Abt. 1830, Virginia.

Notes for ADAM WAYLAND: From "Germanna History", notes Nr. 1389:

Thomas Wayland's son, Adam Wayland, married first, Elizabeth Blankenbaker, the daughter of Balthasar Blankenbaker, a 1717 immigrant. They had six children, it is believed. Elizabeth died, and Adam married Mary Finks, and they had two children.

There was a famous lawsuit among the heirs of Adam Wayland. When he was still married to Elizabeth Blankenbaker, he wrote a will. Then he married again and failed to update his will to note the second wife. The guardians of Mary’s children brought suit to claim a portion of the estate. Thomas Jefferson even submitted an opinion in the case, and it was decided that the second family had a claim to a portion of the estate. After Adam died, Mary married Daniel Utz, about 1784.

Adam's son, John Wayland, married Catherine Broyles, the daughter of Jacob Broyles. They had a large family of eleven children. We will start looking at the grandchildren in the next note.

Nr. 1390:

Adam Wayland, who married Elizabeth Blankenbaker, appears in the Hebron Church communion lists until 1778, but by then Elizabeth had died, and Adam was then married to Mary (Finks). At Christmas 1776, and at Easter 1776, his wife was also Maria. So the first wife Elizabeth was dead by then.

In using the index to the Hebron baptismal register, one must consult both the names Wayland, which is used after 1782, and Weyland, which is generally used before that date. Adam Weyland and his wife Elizabeth were often baptismal sponsors for Christopher Blankenbaker and his wife Christina (Finks). (Christopher had no sisters and Elizabeth had no brothers. They lived on adjacent farms, and sometimes they seem like siblings.) It was probably through Christina (Finks) Blankenbaker that Adam became acquainted with his second wife. The first appearance of Adam Weyland as a sponsor for Christopher and Christina was in 1754, and he would have been married to Elizabeth by then. Otherwise, he would not have been selected.

None of the children of Adam by his first wife Elizabeth appear in the baptismal records, which probably means that the first child was born before 1750, so none of the family was included in the 1775 rewrite of the baptismal register. The child Adam Weyland (with Mary Finks as its mother) was baptized 18 May 1777, with sponsors John Blankenbaker, Christina Blankenbaker, Adam Fisher, and Barbara Fisher. The easiest one of these to identify is Christina, who was born a Finks, the sister of Mary, the mother of Adam. Barbara Fisher was the cousin of Christopher, and the sister of Adam's first wife Elizabeth. (Barbara was usually called Anna Barbara, but not always.) Adam Fisher was the son of Barbara Fisher. John Blankenbaker may have been Christopher's brother, but this is not certain, as there were other John Blankenbakers, and Christopher's brother does not appear in the church records very often, if at all.

Adam Weyland and Elizabeth Weyland were sponsors for Heinrich Miller and his wife Susanna, and the interpretation of the appearances (four times for Adam) is a bit of a mystery. The Millers were newcomers to the community and lacked relatives to act as sponsors. Adam, as a church officer, may have been standing in to fulfill the need for sponsors. Then there may be a hidden relationship that we do not know. (29 Mar 02)

Nr. 1391: Adam Wayland, who married, first, Elizabeth Blankenbaker, is said to have had six children with her, who were:

Elizabeth (* c1749), who married Morton Christopher; John (* c1751), who married Rosina Wilhoit; Mary (* c1754), who married Godfrey Yager; Joshua (* c1759), who married Rachel Utz; Lewis (* c1762), who married Elizabeth Link; and Anne (* ca 1768), who married Nicholas Yager.

  • iv. JOHN WAYLAND, b. Abt. 1729, prob. Culpeper County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1793; m. CATHERINE BROYLES, Abt. 1751; b. Abt. 1730, Virginia; d. 22 Jun 1831, Madison County, Virginia.

Notes for JOHN WAYLAND: From "Germanna History", Notes: Nr. 1447

John Wayland married Catherine Broyles, a daughter of Jacob Broyles and a granddaughter of John Broyles, the original emigrant. They had a large family and the children married mostly other Germanna people.

From post:

From: a c goodwin <> Subject: John Wayland,Sr. heirs Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 19:31:10 -0600

In going over notes made by and shared by my cousin Rita Souther, I found this abstract [below] of the John Wayland will.

Can anyone identify the Wayland women who married the men listed below as John Wayland's heirs?

[Index to] Madison County, VA will books, p. 57 Will of John Wayland, Sr. of Culpeper Co., 2 Feb 1793. Wife Catherine Wayland. Daughter Margaret McDonald (elsewhere McDaniel) other children not named. Memorandum of articles given my heirs with the prices hereafter mentioned... to Joshua Yager, to Jacob Souther, to Andrew Carpenter, to Henry Wayland, to Cornelius Wayland, to David Cristler, to Matthew Weaver, to Joshua Wayland, to my daughter Margaret McDaniel. Witness my seal 19 July 1800. ... know all men... we, Catherine Wayland, Matthias Weaver, Cornelius Wayland, & Jacob Souther ... are bound in the sum of $10,000 22 March 1804.

Thanks for any help. A C Goodwin <>

From: John Wayland <longjohn@WILKES.NET> Subject: Re: John Wayland,Sr. heirs Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 23:52:42 -0400

Angie, here are the spouses mentioned:

John WAYLAND Born: Abt 1729 Catherine BROYLES Born: Abt 1740


----- ----- ---

Catherine Abt 1753 1821 Jacob SOUTHER Henry Abt 1755 1812 Hannah FINKS John Abt 1761 Abt 1807 Elizabeth Abt 1762 David CRISLER Cornelius Abt 1764 1843 Julia & Nancy McDANIEL Mary Abt 1765 Joshua YAGER Margaret Abt 1767 Bef 1831 George MacDONALD Anna Magdalene Abt 1770 1848 Andrew CARPENTER Jr. Joshua Abt 1771 Aft 1838 Ann WARD Eleanor "Ellen" Abt 1772 2 May 1855 Mathias WEAVER Sarah "Sallie" Abt 1773 Abt 1809 William ROEBUCK

If anyone can add to what few dates I have, I would appreciate it.

John Wayland

>Can anyone identify the Wayland women who married the men listed below >as John Wayland's heirs?

>A C Goodwin ><>

Notes for CATHERINE BROYLES: From "Thomas Wieland (Wayland) and related lines": (

Catherine BROYLES [Parents] 1 was born about 1730 in , , Virginia. She died on 22 Jun 1831 in , Madison Co., Virginia. Catherine married John WAYLAND about 1751 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

See "The Broyles Family", by Dr. Arthur Leslie Keith. This is a 800 page unpublished manuscript, the original of which is in the Newberry Library, 90 Walter St., Chicago, IL. Dr. Keith died suddenly in 1942 at the age of 68 before he could publish his work.

Keith says that she married John Wayland as early as 1750. She apparently lived to be nearly 100. She appears in the land tax books of Madison Co., VA in 1830, but died there 1831.

In 1814, Catherine Wayland is described as holding 212 acres four miles est of the Madison Court House - evidently part of the Thomas Wayland patent. John Wayland bought 64 acres of Adam Broil on August 19, 1762; on January 22, 1772, he sold 200 acres to Adam Yager; in 1779, he sold 205 acres to George Crigler. In 1751, Catherine Wayland was the sponsor for a child of Nicholas Crigler. John Wayland or Catherine Wayland was sponsor for children of Nicholas Broil from 1757 to 1775. Catherine Wayland appears frequently on the Hebron Church communion rolls from 1775 to 1811. John Wayland's names appears with her name on these rolls occasionally.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine WAYLAND 
  M ii Henry WAYLAND 
  F iii Elizabeth WAYLAND 
  M iv John WAYLAND 1 was born about 1761 in , , Virginia. He died about 1807 in , Madison Co., Virginia. 
  M v Cornelius WAYLAND 
  F vi Mary WAYLAND 
  F vii Margaret WAYLAND 
  F viii Anna Magdalene WAYLAND 
  M ix Joshua WAYLAND 
  F x Sarah WAYLAND 
  F xi Eleanor WAYLAND