Family:Robert Love and Margaret Miller (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? bef. 1704 Prob. Ireland
04 Feb 1704/05 County Antrim, Ireland
Est. 1712-1737 prob. Ireland
Est. 1712-1737 poss. Ireland
Est. 1712-1724 prob. Ireland
Abt. 1718 prob. Ireland
10 November 1804 Knox County,Tennessee
aft 1729 Virginia
bef. 4 March 1781 Montgomery County, Virginia
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Margaret Miller could not have been the mother all of Robert Love's children if she died in 1715. More research is necessary. Please cite sources.

Descendants of Robert Love

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT1 LOVE was born Bef. 1687, and died 1741 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married MARGARET MILLER (some say MARY MONTGOMERY) Bef. 1704. She was born Bef. 1688.

Notes for ROBERT LOVE: From post:

From: "Don & Edith Collins" <> Subject: [LOVE-L] Need Information on Robert Love who d. 1741 in Lancaster Co PA Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 10:18:07 -0600

Thanks to everyone who has been sending information on the Loves of Chester/York Counties in SC. My paper is almost finished and should be available later this week. I have come to a tentative conclusion that the father of all these Loves was quite likely Robert Love who came from Ireland and died in Lancaster Co PA in 1741.

I would appreciate any information anyone may have on Robert Love. Here is some of what I have:

- Robert came to PA sometime after about 1717 - probably lived in Chester Co PA - later moved to Lancaster Co where he died in 1741 - purchased 300 acres of land (NEEDMORE ON THIS) - West Fallowfield Twp., Chester Co is mentioned - Faggs Manor Parish in Chester Co is mentioned.

If anyone has additional details on any of this, please send it to me.

Don Collins From post:

From: "Don & Edith Collins" <> Subject: [LOVE-L] Ready for information on ROBERT LOVE (1713-ca1786) Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:05:09 -0600

Thanks to everyone who has send information on James and John Love. As you know most of what we have is undocumented but at least this will give us more information so we can do additional research in the future.

Here are brief summaries for James and John. I'm not including their descendants here to save space but they will be on the finished chart which I'll make available later.

James2 Love - b ca 1705 County Antrim, Ireland; came to southern Pennsylvania from County Antrim, Ireland by 1737. Moved to York or Chester County, SC at least by 1755; was a weaver; married Martha ______ (some say she was Martha Harvey); wrote his will in 1760. The now famous Lockhart clothing mills began with old James' weaving looms , this trade passed down to his grandchildren who married Lockharts. (another source says his father was John Love).

John2 Love -- b 1706 County Antrim, Ireland; came to America in 1725, settling in West Fallowfield, Twp., Chester Co PA; m 1735 Ann _____ (b 20 Apr 1713; d 20 Apr 1790); d 6 Feb 1790 West Fallowfield, Chester Co PA. (from a paper compiled in 1994-95 by Mary Morris Love Alley).

I would appreciate it if folks could confine their comments to these two brothers and their brother, Robert. I'm ready to work on Robert now and will get to the others shortly.

Please send anything you have on ROBERT LOVE (1713-ca1786) and his wife, VIOLET WILSON.

Thanks again for all the help you're sending my way. In another day or so I'll call for information on Alexander Love (1718-1784).

Don Collins

From: "Don & Edith Collins" <> Subject: [LOVE-L] Toward a comprehensive chart of the descendants of Robert Love of PA Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 16:43:50 -0600

For some time I have been working on a comprehensive chart of the "supposed" seven sons of Robert Love who died in Chester County, PA in 1730. As most of you know these seven sons do not all come from the same mother. I have a lot of information including two or three generations of descendants of most of these seven brothers. However, a lot of it is not documented yet.

Here is what I propose to do. I'll send information on one of the seven brothers and ask anyone on the list with ADDITIONS, CORRECTIONS, etc. to respond, hopefully with facts that are documented.

I will compile everything and then send out the second brother for similar additions and corrections. After we have pooled our information I will produce a chart that we can share with some degree of confidence about our facts being correct. Here is the first of the sons of Robert1 Love of PA (other presumed sons to follow later are JOHN, ROBERT, ALEXANDER, WILLIAM ("English Bill"), JOSEPH & SAMUEL. Please note the generation numbers after given names. (i.e. William, John, James, Thomas and Jean below are chidrenof James2 Love (Robert1).

James2 Love - b ca 1705; ?weaver? married Martha ______; came to southern Pennsylvania from County Antrim, Ireland by 1737. Moved to York or Chester County, SC at least by 1755; wrote his will in 1760. The now famous Lockhart clothing mills began with old James' weaving looms , this trade passed down to his grandchildren who married into the Lockhart family. His children known to me at this point are as follows:

William3 Love - b ca 1730; wrote his will in 1753 which was witnessed by Benjamin and Robert Love. The statement that, ?William Love wrote his will..? is contradicted by the following found in Deed Book D, pp. 223-227, Chester Co., SC. John Love, yeoman and Martha, his wife; James Love, yeoman and Jannet, his wife -- "John Love being the next older brother and heir of William Love who died intestate, sell Wm. Love's land in Chester Co. and Camden District SC." States that at time of grant, some of the land was thought to be in Anson Co., SC and that Turkey Creek was then called Love's Creek. So apparently William died without heirs.)

John3 Love - born 1732; (Tailor); married ca 1752 Martha Drennan; died in 1802. (N.B. this may or may not be correct. I also have a statement that seems to indicate that THIS John Love married Elizabeth Royall and that it was his son, John Love, Jr. who married Martha Drennan. (Can anyone document this one way or the other???)

James3 Love - "yeoman" b 1735, m Jannett Harrison; reported to have had 4 sons & 1 daughter. Thomas3 Love b 1738

Jean3 Love m. Adam McCool; reported to have 1 son & 1 daughter.

I don't want to clutter up the list but it might be best if we send any responses to the whole list in case others have information that is either supporting or contradictory! Please send any additions or corrections on these first three generations only. We'll add more generations after we get these settled.

Don Collins

From: Subject: Re: [LOVE-L] Toward a comprehensive chart of the descendants of Robert Love o... Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:52:05 EDT

Don, I'd like to know more about the Robert LOVE father of the "Seven Sons".

Our family tradition claims 5 brothers with an unknown father. The Boys were said to have been born in and came here from Co. Antrim, No. Ireland.

The following was given to me more than 30 years ago by an uncle who along with another of his cousins, both professional genealogists, researchers and publishers, produced the Love Family Historical and Genealogical Quarterly in which the lineage of the Five brothers was published over time.

At the time there was no known parent and no sisters mentioned, though there must have been some somewhere. Since then I've been led to believe the parent was a James Love and sp. Margaret, or a John Love and sp. was a Marion Barskimming. I've seen NO PROOF of any of these.

I've always felt that many of these LOVE families were related and here's to finding the key to all this mess.

Here is the Family group sheet for MY LOVE Lineage AS I KNOW IT Today. Good Hunting All, Love, Lou



Family Group Record


== Husband: UNKN [James ?] LOVE Sr.

-- Birth: abt 1678 Ardmore, Donagheady Parish, Tyrone, Irel B:


Marriage: abt 1702 IRELAND SS:

Father: of "ULSTER-MEN" LOVE Mother:


== Wife: Margaret [?] MILLER



== Children


== 1 M JAMES LOVE I Birth: abt 1704/5 CO. ANTRIM, NO. IRELAND B:

Death: 1760 E:

Burial: 1760 SP:

Chr: Spouse: Martha 'Mattie', {?} HARVEY (m 1724) SS:


Burial: Feb 1790 WEST FALLOWFIELD, Chester Co., PA. E:

Death: Feb 6 1790 WEST FALLOWFIELD, Chester Co., PA. SP:

Chr: Spouse: Ann, {?} LOVE SS:

-- 3 M WILLIAM "English Bill" LOVE Birth: 1710 IRELAND B:

Death: abt 1780 CHESTER CO., S.C. E:

Chr: SP:


-- 4 M Robert LOVE Birth: abt 1717 IRELAND ? B:

Death: 1787 E:


Spouse: Violet WILSON (m abt 1738) SS:

-- 5 M ALEXANDER LOVE Birth: abt 1718 SCOTLAND B:

Death: Mar 6 1784 Richland County, South Carolina E:

Residence: AFTER 1763 or South Carolina SP:

Chr: Spouse: Margaret MOORE (m Feb 3 1743) SS:


== Prepared Jul 10 2000 by: Dr. Louis E. Love



HUSBAND NOTES: UNKN [James ?] LOVE Sr. Birth(1): General(2,1): Marion Barskiming [posted by Ed Noonan < > was said to be wife of John Love and mother of the 5 Love brothers: James, John, William, Robert & Alexander. There is NO source & NO known documentation of this fact ANYWHERE that I've been able to FIND.


WIFE NOTES: Margaret [?] MILLER General(1):

From: "Don & Edith Collins" <> Subject: [LOVE-L] Love information and documentation Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 16:18:34 -0600

I want to jump into the discussion before it becomes a flame war.

One of the reasons I decided to put together a comprehensive chart of the South Carolina Loves is that I have received a lot of Love information over the last few years and note that VERY little of it is documented. Much of the documentation I have seen has often been to very suspect sources like: World Family Tree disks, the Mormon web site, and other large databases, such as RootsWeb's WorldConnect, where people submit their gedcoms. Some of these gedcoms contain information which is well researched and documented. Others are filled with things that are sloppily thrown together to the point of being laughable.

I suspect that the broad outline we have of the SC Loves may be fairly accurate. But much more careful reseach will have to be done before we can be confident about it. Here are a few of my observations as I try to construct a chart we can all use for further research:

1) Comments in the journal of William Calhoun Love seem to confirm that there were at least five "brothers" who were born in Ireland and came to Pennsylvania (one of them may have been born in PA). WCL says that their father was Robert Love and that he came with the to PA. He also says that Robert Love was married three times and that Samuel and Joseph (my line) were from the third marriage. All of this seems to fit with what we have found. WCL's story about visiting his Indian cousins in Mississippi confirms the connection between Samuel and Joseph and their older half-brothers, especially "English Bill" Love.

2) I also have "guesses" from two people that the father of all these Loves was named either James or John, but, of course, there is no hint of any documentation.

3) Because the SC Loves all seemed to use the same given names (James, John, Robert, Samuel, William and Thomas) the chances of one family's records being confused with those of another family in the same county is great. Good documentation become that much more important.

4) When I have finished my "chart" I will be glad to share it with anyone either in MS Word or Rich Text Format. In it you will see a lot of "another source says..." when there is conflicting information. This will point to the need for additional research.

5) Those who descend from any of these SC Loves (probably a small part of the Love-L) might want to start thinking about the possibility of a number of us each contributing $20 or so to a Love research fund so we can hire a professional to document what can be found in Chester Co Pennsylvania. Farther down the line we might want to consider a professional researcher in York and Chester Counties in South Carolina.

Don Collins


  • i. JOHN2 LOVE, b. 04 Feb 1704/05, County Antrim, Ireland; d. 06 Feb 1790, West Fallowfield, Chester County, Pennsylvania; m. ANN ???, Abt. 1733; b. 20 Apr 1713; d. 20 Apr 1790.

Notes for JOHN LOVE:

  • ii. JAMES LOVE, b. Bet. 1705 - 1708, County Antrim, Ireland; d. Abt. 1760; m. MARTHA ???.

Notes for JAMES LOVE: Some claim James Love's wife's name was Martha Harvey

From post:

From: Subject: Re: [LOVE-L] Toward a comprehensive chart of the descendants of Robert Love o... Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 22:08:43 EDT

Here is the Family Group Sheet for the James Love, weaver, Line. This is my progenitor. This is also from the Love Family Quarterly of Oct. 1957 Vol 4 No 4

Love, Lou


Family Group Record



Birth: 1705 CO. ANTRIM, NO. IRELAND B:

Death: 1760 E:

Burial: 1760 SP:

Chr: Marriage: 1730 SS:

Father: JOHN [?] LOVE (b abt 1680) Mother:


Wife: Martha 'Mattie', {?} LOVE

Birth: B:




1 M WILLIAM LOVE Birth: abt 1730 IRELAND B:

Death: abt 1753 CHESTER CO., S.C. E:


2 M JOHN LOVE , tailor Birth: abt 1732 IRELAND B:

Death: 1802 SO. CAR. E:

Will: Aug 25 1802 Chester, Chester County, South Carolina SP:

Chr: Occupation: TAILOR Spouse: MARTHA "MATT" DRENNAN SS:


Death: 1820 E:

Burial: 1820 SP:

Chr: Spouse: Jennett HARRISON, ? (m 1760) SS:

4 M THOMAS LOVE Birth: abt 1738 B:





6 M Joseph LOVE


7 M Robert LOVE

  • iii. WILLIAM "ENGLISH BILL" LOVE, b. 1710, prob. Ireland; d. Abt. 1780, Chester County, South Carolina.
  • iv. THOMAS LOVE, b. WFT Est. 1712-1724, prob. Ireland.
  • v. JEAN LOVE, b. WFT Est. 1712-1737, prob. Ireland.
  • vi. MARY LOVE, b. WFT Est. 1712-1737, prob. Ireland.
  • vii. ROBERT LOVE, b. Abt. 1717, County Antrim, Ireland; d. 1786, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; m. VIOLET WILSON, Abt. 1738; b. Bef. 1721.

Notes for ROBERT LOVE:

5 August 1740 - Petition of the inhabitants of the Township of Little Britain “necessity of road beginning at N.E. cornerof Caleb Pennels thence to Britains ford over Conawingo Creek thence by James Porters store to a road in Chesterto Miles’s ford on Octoraro.” signed Robert Love, James Ewing, William Gelaspy, William Crawford, John Smith and JamesM’Quisten. (NoteJamesM’Quisten acquired land in West Pennsboro twp. and sold to WilliamGillespiewho had patented “MT. GILLESPIE” next to “DIVIDING” in Octoraro Hundred Cecil Co. then moved to Cumberland County, PA


From post:

Love Family Quarterly and one of the Publisher/Editors Robert Love [a great uncle] who claimed Robert as the progenitor of his line. I have not personally researched his line and simply accepted his research since he was the professional genealogist.

See the following:

The Love Family Historical and Genealogical Quarterly Jan 1958 Vol. V No 1 Loves of Kershaw Robert and Violet (Wilson) Love of Chester County, Pa & Chester Co, South Carolina. Their descendants as far as can be learned at this time. Robert Love, it is thought, came from Ireland about 1737, which is the year given by Albert Cooke Myers in his book on the Scotch Irish in York County, Pa for the date or probably the date of arrival of Alexander of York, PA and later York Co, SC or it may be 1744. The Pennsylvania Archives has an item in Vol 1 5th Series, which gives the arrival, among others from Scotland, at Newcastle, in 1744-1765, of Robert Love a "smooth faced, bold looking fellow". The historian did not say " bold, bad looking", so we conclude that Robert, the smooth faced and bold looking, was all right, but it is impossible from the information we have on hand to identify this Robert as the one who married Violet, the daughter of Robert Wilson, at the Forks of the Brandywine in 1738. The fact has been preserved to us in the family Bible of Hezekiah Love, an applicant for a Revolutionary pension, a page from which Bible is attached to his pension application filed in Washington 24th of July 1832 in Roane Co., Tennessee. Robert and Violet Love had ten children. Seven sons: James b. ca 1740; Robert, John, Hezekiah b. Oct 10 1752, Joel and Samuel b. ca 1755. The daughters were Violet, Margaret (first born dau.) & Mary. Hezekiah stated in his pension application that he was b. in Chester County (supposedly South Carolina, though state not given), and it is likely that the other children were b. in the same county. Samuel, the youngest having been b. about 1755, or just three years after Hezekiah. Robert senior, died in Lancaster County in 1786 but since we know nothing of the date of his birth we are unable to computer his age at death. He had a land grant from His Majesty George III, in the vicinity of the Hanging Rock and Flat Rock. This grant is produced herein for its historical interest but for the ancient spelling of the words which may appear quaint and unusual to some if not acquainted with the old English as it was written and printed in colonial days of our country. The grant, it will be seen, was for 163 acres on Hanging Rock Creek approximately fifteen miles south of Camden, and was dated 23rd of April 1762. it must have been about this time that Robert and Violet moved from Chester to this part of what was then Craven County, a county which was abolished a few years afterwards. Chester Co also lay in Craven Co until the Scotch-Irish from Pennsylvania under the leadership of Alexander Love, were successful in having legislation passed providing for the erection of the counties of Lancaster, Chester, York, and Fairfield out of the territory in the Piedmont section bordering on North Carolina, which had been previously a part of Craven County, and known as "the New Acquisition."


Notes 1 From email dated 9/30/98 from Anna Nettles ( Robert was born in 1718 Antrim Co., Ireland and died 1768. Received land grantfrom King George III of England dated April 24, 1767 (Scots-Irish in York Co., PA - book). Have requested documentation of this information as it conflicts with the information given below.

Volume XV, No. 2, October 1976, Robert is believed to have come from Ireland about 1737. After marrying Violet, they went to Chester Co., SC about 1750. Robert received a land grant on April 23, 1762 of 163 acres on Hanging Rock Creek about 15 miles south of Camden. It was then that Robert and Violet and family moved from Chester Co. to what was then Craven Co., SC, a county that was abolished a few years later. Later the area became part of Lancaster Co. Robert died in Lancaster Co., SC in 1786 .and Violet about 1738.

[*** QUESTION - Did Robert & family actually move ?? or were these boundry changes derived from redrawing county lines??]

Petersburg, FL. Some of these newsletters are available at the Caroliniana Library, USC, Columbia, S.C.

  • viii. ALEXANDER LOVE, b. Abt. 1718, prob. Ireland; d. 06 Mar 1784, Richland County, South Carolina; m. MARGARET MOORE, 03 Feb 1742/43.
  • ix. JOSEPH LOVE, b. 1728, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. 1804, Knox County, Tennessee; m. MARY TEAS, Abt. 1753, Augusta County, Virginia; b. Abt. 1734; d. Jul 1815, Knox County, Tennessee.

Notes for JOSEPH LOVE:

130. Joseph Love, was born about 1728 probably in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married about 1750 probably in Augusta County, Virginia, to Mary Teas (see number 131). Migrated from Augusta County, Virginia through North Carolina to South Carolina and then to Knox County, Tennessee where he died 10 November 1804/6. Served in the Virginia Line during the Revolutionary War.

131. Mary Teas, born October 1734 in Pennsylvania, exact location not determined. Died in July 1815 probably in Knox County, Tennessee. Exact place of death and burial not determined.

The Love DNA Project

Researcher: Gene Love

Joseph LOVE (ca 1728-1804 ) m. Mary TEAS (1734-1815)

Early researchers determined that Joseph Love born 1728 probably in VA. and Samuel Love born after 1729 were brothers. Their father is reported to be Robert Love. The closest indication that Robert is their father comes from a statement found in The Memoir of William Calhoun Love where he describes a small part of his ancestral line:

His father William Love was born and raised in Virginia, Augusta County in 1760, not far from Stanton. His father Joseph Love and his Mother Mary Tays born and raised in Pennsylvania and his grandfather Robert Love of the Scott Irish descent emigrated and settled in Pennsylvania not far from the year 1700, he was married three times and my grandfather was one of the children by his third wife.

No proof has been found to verify Robert is the correct person. Joseph married Mary Teas and Samuel married Dorcas Bell. They were not the only Loves living in Augusta Co. VA., but we have no proof, either on paper or from DNA, that they were related to those other Loves. As far as I know no male from the line of Samuel Love/Dorcas Bell has been DNA tested.

Since we are interested in the Y-Chromosome we will speak of the sons of Joseph Love and Mary Teas:

Robert b. 1754, Samuel b. 1755, William G. b. 1781, David b. 1763, John b.1766.

They also had 4 daughters making a total of 9 children all born in Augusta Co. VA. as far as we can determine.

At least one male descended from Samuel Love b. 1755 (son of Joseph/Mary Teas) have tested. He lists his line as Samuel, Isaac, Lee Meyer, William, Lee Meyer, Richard and William Love. This line seems to be correct since I have followed it back through census records. Kit #8996 appears to match kit's # 8313 and #46834.

Those three kits and any that match them should reach back in time to Joseph Love and Mary Teas through their son Samuel Love and probably his first wife Mary Lane.

My kit # 8299 did not match any other Love who has tested. Yet my paper trail tests out generation by generation back to Joseph Love/Mary Teas through their son John Love b. 1766 in VA., d. 1851 in Monroe Co. TN. John married Orpha Dungan in 1798 in TN. They had 5 sons: John M., Jeremiah Dungan, Robertus, William Byler and David.

My direct line is shown below.I have extended my FTDNA markers to 67 and do not match any Love. I have five 67 marker matches. They indicate that something happened between me and Joseph Love. At 67 markers I have a genetic distance of 1 with a man named Warren Clark Pratt and the same with Myat Johnson.

I have 3 matches with a genetic distance of 2 with men named Clay Mills, Desmond Smith, Gerald Witt and one other on a different DNA Laboratory, Benjamin Harris AMBERS

What does this mean FTDNA says that within 4 to 6 generations there was some mistake in my line. It means an adoption or a male child born out of wedlock to the wife of one of the men named Love who are my direct line. It means if you are a male Love from the line of Joseph Love/ Mary Teas, you know your name is LOVE but you don't know what your Y chromosome would say you are. Are you a Pratt, Johnson , Mills, Smith, Witt or Ambers? Are you really a genetic LOVE?

Joseph Love (ca 1728-1804 ) m. Mary Teas (1734-1815)

John Love (1766-1851) m. Orpha Dungan (1775-1813)

Jeremiah Dungan Love (1801-1866) m. Elizabeth McCray (1804-1888)

John B. Love (1836-1915) m. (1) Catherine Phariss (1840-1866) (2) Permelia Angeline Shipman (1843-1919)

Len Walker Love (1875-1937) m. Minnie Lee Worthington (1884-1971)

John B. Love (1901-1976) m. Ira Belle Davis (1900-1976)

Adrian Claude Love (1920-1991) m. Myrtle May Williamson (1921-)

Raymond Eugene "Gene" Love (1942-) m. Judith Ann Bowden (1942-)

Note: As of now (2008), and despite a strong record of information, I do not match any other LOVE lines with DNA testing. I have exact matches at 37 Markers with PRATT, JOHNSON, SMITH and WITT lines with variations of 1 and 2 Generation Distances at 67 Markers. Also, I have a 1 Generation Distance with MILLS. If anyone can provide information for possible adoption, infidelity or other possible connections to these lines, please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Gene Love.

Direct outline from Joseph LOVE/Mary TEAS to Gene Love [pdf doc]

Direct outline to Gene Love with Joseph's siblings included [pdf doc]

Gene Love is a researcher of this line. His mail address is: 1359 Anchorage Drive, Reno, Nevada 89506. Click here to send Gene e-mail.

Family Group

Husband Joseph Love

Born: 1728          - Pennsylvania
Marr:               -   			
Died: 10 NOV 1804   - Knox County, Tennessee

Father: Robert Love Mother: Other Spouses:


Mary Teas

Born: ABT. 1734     -  
Died: JUL 1815      - Knox County, Tennessee  

Father: Joseph Teas Mother: Jane Henderson Other Spouses:


Charles L. Love

Born:               - 
Died:               - 

Robert Love
Born: 18 OCT 1754   - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr: 1782 - Jane Campbell
Died: 11 SEP 1825   - Knox County, Tennessee

Samuel Love
Born: ABT. 1755     - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr:     (multiple spouses) - Mary Smith
Died: APR 1826      - Knox County, Tennessee

David Love
Born: 25 MAR 1763   - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr: 1784 - Mary Draper
Died: 8 APR 1827    - Maury County, Tennessee

Polly Love
Born: ABT. 1764     - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr:      - Thomas Dillard
Died:               - 

William Love
Born: ABT. 1765     - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr: 1785			 
Died: AUG 1799      - near Dixon, Webster County, Kentucky

John Love
Born: 1766          - 
Marr: 1780(multiple spouses) - Orpha Dungan
Died: 1851          - Monroe County, Tennessee

Esther Love
Born: 11 JAN 1770   - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr: 1788 - William Steele
Died: 18 NOV 1850   - Abbeville Dist. South Carolina

Jane Love
Born: 7 MAY 1772    - Augusta County Virginia
Marr:      - James Noble
Died:               - 

Nancy Love
Born: 11 APR 1775   - Augusta County, Virginia
Marr: 1794 - Abraham Byler
Died: 3 MAY 1842    - Bedford County, Tennessee

From post:

Joseph Love m. Bryan and Teas? Posted by: Steve S Deitz Date: February 13, 1999 at 07:06:28

  of 5532  

I need some help on Joseph Love b. abt 1725, son to Ephraim or Robert Love. I have summarized the records for Joseph Love from Chalkeys and have come to the conclusion that there must be two Joseph Loves that people are confusing together. One died in 1758 the other moved to Montgomery Co. and then eventually to Knox Co. TN. My connection (if there is one) is Dorcas Love b. 1773 who married Thomas Dillard. Can anyone help? Joseph Love information from Chalkeys:

May 30, 1751: Joseph Love, clothier, has leave to build a fulling mill on Roan Oak. Ch. 1: p. 45

Aug. 21, 1752: Joseph Love and others clear and keep a road from Wm. Long's mill to Charles Campbells. Ch. 1, p. 54

Aug 25, 1752: John Wilson to Joseph Tees, 400 A on South River, Shanandore; Beverly Manor line…. Teste: Joseph Love.

June 1757: Hopkins vs. Joseph Love, on a note dated Philadelphia, 30th May, 1745. Ch. 11, p. 317

Jan 1758….Joseph Love at Roanoak, killed; Wm. Love, at Roanoak, killed; servant maid and child, at Roanoak, prisoners…

Nov 16, 1758: Orphan Joseph Love bound to David Bryans. Ch. 11, p. 446

Nov 16, 1758: orphans of Joseph Love, decd, to be bound by Church Wardens. Ch. 1, p. 82

May 16, 1759: Wm. Love, orphan, bound to David Gray. Ch. 11, p. 446

May 17, 1759 (court case): Mitchell vs. Lockhart and Matthews: Agreed case submitted, viz: Joseph Love made power of attorney to his wife Margaret, Dec 22, 1752. Margaret executed mortgage to plaintiff, 1753, of a slave. The debt was paid except 15.10 pounds. Defendants seized the slave upon attachment, but he made his escape. Plaintiff had seized the slaved to satisfy the 15.1 debt. Slave dies in hands of Lockhart and Matthews. Ch. 1, p. 96

Feb 24, 1762: Matthews (Same as above) declares that he saw Joseph Love bite off the left ear of John Noland - Certified. Ch. 1, p. 96

Aug 26, 1766: John Love, orphan of Joseph Love, decd, to be bound to Joseph Love, Fuller. Ch. 1: p. 129

Aug 16, 1762: Jane Teas, relict of Joseph Tees, deceased, to Joseph Love 50 pounds. 400 A on South River, Shanando, line of Beverly Manor. Teste: Samuel Love. Ch. III, p. 385.

May 23rd, 1764: Joseph and Mary Love to Samuel Caldwell. 150 pounds. 400 A on South River, Shanando, Beverly Manor line.;….Teste: Samuel Love Ch. III, p. 410

Oct 11, 1765: William Bryan Sr. to William Bryan Jr. s/o William Sr. 5.5 pounds, 133 acres on Roanoak River adjoining Joseph Love. Delivered 1771. Ch. III, p. 434

May 21st, 1766: Joseph Love and Mary, one of the daughters of Joseph Tees, deceased, and William Tees, eldest son and heir of Joseph Tees, to Samuel Caldwell, late of PA., but now of Augusta Co. Joseph Tees devised to daughter Mary Love, by the name of Mary, the place he bought of John Wilson during her life, if she lived thereon. But she revomed, and the widow thinking the title descended to her, conveyed it to said Joseph Love, her son-in-law, and he to Samuel Caldwell, now then is in doubt whether the widow could convey. To remove that doubt this conveyance is made. 5 pounds to Joseph and 10 pounds to Wm., 400 A in Beverly Manor on Shenandoah River. Delivered Nov. 1767. Ch. III, p. 439

Aug 9, 1777: Joseph Love and Mary, of Montgomery Co., to Richard Payne, conveyed to Joseph by John Clide. Ch. III, p. 551

Jun 16th, 1778: Privy examination of Mary, wife of Joseph Love, of Montgomery Co. VA (deed, Aug 9th, 1777, to Richard Payne). Ch. III, p. 556

  • x. SAMUEL LOVE, b. Aft. 1729, Virginia; d. 1782, Monrtgomery County, Virginia; m. DORCAS BELL, 1759, Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia; b. 1733, Augusta County, Virginia.

Notes for SAMUEL LOVE: Samuel Love has been variously identified as a son of either Ephraim Love or Robert Love of Lancaster County, PA. Based upon the research done by Donald E. Collins, it appears more likely that he is the son of Robert Love. More research may be necessary to conclusively prove his ancestry.