Family:Joseph House and Abigail Studley (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 14 Dec 1732
  1. Dwelley, Jedediah, and John F Simmons. History of the Town of Hanover, Massachusetts, with Family Genealogies. (Plymouth, Mass.: The Town of Hanover, 1911), 229.

    Samuel House m. Sarah Pinson and "probably" lived in what is now Hanover. His son Joseph m. 1731 Abigail Studley, d/o Benoni.
    [There are two Joseph Houses, one who married Lydia Curtis and one who married Abigail Studley. The marriages are overlapping and mutually exclusive and cannot be two marriages of one man. Since Joseph who was married to Lydia, moved to Lancaster (where some of his children married) and died at age 60 in 1756 (as Lydia did in 1768), he probably was the son of Samuel and Sarah who was b. 1696. Meanwhile, Joseph and Abigail House are in Hanover as late as 1757 and in 1761, Joseph appears to remarry, in Hanover, a widow Hannah Randall. Thus, this source has probably misidentified the husband of Abigail. It may be the Joseph House, b. 1706, one of three triplets born to John House in Scituate? ]

  2. Briggs, Lloyd Vernon. History and records of the First Congregational Church, Hanover, Mass., 1727-1865: and inscriptions from the headstones and tombs in the cemetery at Centre Hanover, Mass., 1727-1894. (Boston, Massachusetts: Wallace Sponner, 1895), 88.

    December 14 Joseph House and Abigail Studley both of Hanover.
    [Comparison with other pages makes it clear that headings were placed prior to January, when it was legally 1731, and went through December, which was 1732, so this heading indicates the page what would be now thought of as the year of 1732, not 1731 as reported by the above source.]