Family:John Rockwell and Wilmot Cade (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 22 FEB 1619 Fitzhead, Somerset, England
19 May 1656
chr. 21 Feb 1623/4 Fitzhead, Somerset, England
ABT 1656

The Great Migration profile of John Rockwell [1] release (to Great Migration subscribers) in June 2008 lists only John, Mary, Simon and Hannah as children. Nichols identified Nathaniel and Thomas as their sons as well based on 1656 probate papers for Nathaniel identifying brother Thomas as executor. There is no note in the GM sketch discussing Nichols' work one way or the other.

Hopewell (May 1635)
There were at least three voyages of ships named Hopewell in 1635. The first in April 1635 under William Buddick; the second, this voyage in May from Weymouth under John Driver; and the third in September under Thomas Babb.
Sailed: 8 May 1635 from Weymouth, England under Master John Driver
Arrived: Summer 1635 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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